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Nkaatinin Oo Lmaasai by David Ole Munke

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Ore ena naa embuku oo Nkaatinin oo Lmaasai. Eata esiana oo nkaatinin tomon aare. Ore kuna naa nkaatinin apa nainosakini inkera kutiti pee eikok neitukuj menotito olkuak sidai neitengen sii too mbaa o mpukunot pooki e nkishon.

Dear Darling Daughter by Doris Makori

This book seeks to equip teen girls with what they need to know about common teenage issues such as body changes, sex, peer pressure, personal hygiene, relationship with God, and much more. It's also a great Christian resource for parents and guardians who seek to guide, and strengthen their bond with preteen and teenage girls in their lives.

The Goat Cartel by Jennie Marima (A n...

Sali, a city dweller, is unwillingly shipped off to Kajiado in the countryside for the Christmas holiday. Her cousin, Tiptip, picks her up at the bus station. The matatu trip with Tiptip is the beginning of an adventure as they make sense of strange happenings. In the process, Sali makes a discovery which throws her into a spin.  

The Path by Dr. Muthoni Omukhango

Follow the life of Neo, an African girl who navigates the challenges and obstacles in her path of purpose. This is an autobiographical fiction by Dr. Muthoni Omukhango and we hope that teenagers and young adults will learn great lessons to apply in their life's journey towards becoming.

Take a Good Look Cause It Might Never...

A novel on overcoming tragedy at the deepest personal level


This is an English reader for children over 9 years old. The story is about how a child is born and grows to be one year old. The author James Mwaura Wamuhiu has written other children readers, novels and maps.

The giant lollipop tree

Have you ever heard of a lollipop tree? Who planted a lollipop tree? Find out suitable for grade 1

Martin and the Mantle

An orphaned boy who endures hardship and finds help from unlikely friend. Grade 3 and 4 can read this book. The boy discovers grounding in bible scripturesj

Our generous father God

Creation story book made simple for ages PP1 and PP2

The Dreamer by Rose Wangithi

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The Dreamer is a story that gets to change the narrative in the career world. It gives children the freedom to know they can become whoever they dream to be.

Moraa and Miya the Cat

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Moraa and Miya the Cat is a story about a particular cat named Miya. Miya was a birthday gift for Moraa from Auntie Ngeneke. Moraa loved animals and so she loved the present, but Mr. Bundi, Moraa’s father, was not so thrilled about having a cat in the house. As the story progresses, Miya the cat changes Mr. Bundi’s attitude toward her as she helps the family in many ways. She first alerts them about a theft that was happening in their home and later warns the family about a snake that almost found its way to the house. In the end, we see the father, Mr. Bundi, embracing Miya the cat and welcoming her as part of the family. The story is good as it is interesting and teaches the value of giving people the benefit of the doubt. It encourages young readers to love and take care of pets.

Kids Gratitude Journal by Heena Tatiana

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This Kids Gratitude Journal will help remind your kid about all the amazing things around them and how amazing they are.

The cunning parrot by grade 2 Elishap...

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The cbc story about the cunning parrot who has so many beautiful colours. Get to know why the parrot is cunning. This books is meant for young readers.

Eco Heroes by Janet Ruto

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Eco Heroes: The Waste Warriors is an inspiring tale which highlights the encounters of three friends, Tito, Chebet and Kim, who live in Gomongo Town. As is common for many rapidly growing cities, Gomongo deteriorates from a vibrant and clean town to an unsightly eye-sore. The rise in population leads to shrinking recreational spaces for children, uncontrolled dumping of waste, and pollution of land and water resources. There is hope however, when the three teenage friends, through reading and research, discover that they can bring a change to the waste menace in their town. As quick learners, they become waste warriors by teaching others how to take care of their environment. The adventures of Tito, Chebet and Kim will equip readers of all ages with practical steps to create a cleaner and more sustainable world, and encourage them to become responsible stewards of their environments book highlights how transformational youthful determination and knowledge can be, in addressing the global challenges of waste and waste disposal. Think about your town, school or your home as you read.


A Physical Self Awareness Workbook for 9 to 12 years old. Empowers your child to understand, accept and love themselves unconditionally . A child who loves themselves unconditionally is able to Self regulate and make effective choices.

Hey My life is a Gift by Elizabeth Mu...

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This book will help Preteens and the Teens to make informed decisions and appreciate and Own their life.

STAND OUT OR FIT IN by Bonface Wahome

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Stand out or Fit in is a book talking about the challenges young people and especially teenagers go through and how to overcome them. Issues like teenage crisis, peer pressure, relationships are handled in this book. The author is a high school teacher, and he has done a research about teenagers and also shares his personal life stories on how he overcame challenges that come at this stage. I hope this book becomes a blessing to you too.

Uncovering the Secrets on Teenage Yea...

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This is a self-progression book for Teenagers

Tobiko, The Maasai Room and Leader, T...

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This is a story about Tobiko's adventures at our home in the rural areas near a National Park. We called this home The Fort because at the time there were no other homes near it, only wild animals from the park. It is a story about Tobiko, his friends, and Leader the dog exploring the area, and fishing in the nearby river. There were many happy days with the Maasai Cattle Traders and their stories with lessons. Then, Tobiko discovers Leader the dog's true origin.

Menstrupedia comic: a friendly Guide ...

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Menstrupedia Comic is a friendly guide for healthy periods for girls ages 9 and above which will help you prepare your daughter for her first period. A guide to having a conversation with your child about her menstrual cycle and equipping her for puberty. In this book you'll find answers to questions related to changing body, periods, nutrition, menstrual hygiene management during periods and menstrual health products. This book helps girls and young women learn on their own in a fun and easy way using stories and cartoon characters, it offers practical guidance based on first period real life stories, its engaging visuals help a girl learn about periods and her changing body all by herself, it is well researched and medically accurate. Together we can all educate girls about periods and puberty!