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BLINDPILOT- Beyond the Boundaries of ...

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Blindpilot is an extraordinary memoir unveiling the awe-inspiring life of Daniel Odongo, a visionary who shattered the limitations, defied expectations, and left an indelible mark on aviation despite his blindness. Embark on unforgettable journey as Daniel Odongo narrates his path to becoming a pilot, triumphing over challenges and societal norms. This captivating memoir immerses you in the exhilarating of flight revealing the extraordinary depth of human potential.

GRIT: Why passion and resilience are ...

UNLOCK THE KEY TO SUCCESS WITH JP MORGAN S BEST SUMMER READ OF In this must read for anyone seeking to succeed pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth takes us on an eye opening journey to discover the true qualities that lead to outstanding... By Angela Duckworth

How to own your own Mind (Random-US)

Locked in a vault since here is Napoleon Hill s definitive lesson on how to organize your thinking to attain success In How to Own Your Mind you receive a one of a kind master class in how to think for success from motivational pioneer and author... By Napoleon Hill

Chicken Soup for the Soul Moms know b...

Go ahead and admit it Mom Knows Best She was right all along She ll get a kick out of these stories that tell her just how you feel By Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Miracl...

The Miracle of Love can happen when you least expect it in new relationships and in old ones at any age and any stage of life By Newmark

Stroke: A 5% Chance of Survival (Moon...

The day after losing his job, Ricky suffered a catastrophic stroke aged just 38. Unconscious, he was wheeled into hospital with girlfriend Beth by his side. This is the story of their love, his recovery and their return home By Ricky Monahan Brown

How to Work without losing your Mind

Filled with humour, wit and supportive words, this book is your essential guide to fixing your relationship with your work. Press it into the hands of every woman who is sinking in a toxic work environment, battling burnout, recovering from... By Cate Sevilla


There is no secret formula for success, especially when tackling a new challenge. But what if there were a pattern you could follow? A way of mapping the route and navigating the obstacles that arise? Michael Barber has spent many years advising... By Michael Barber