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HR Practice: A Rear View with Salome Gitoho is a book that presents you with real experiences that highlight how the discipline of HR is an integral factor of production, even today when IT has revolutionized the workplace. The experiences and lessons in this book will help you navigate the intricacies of Human Resource Management and derive maximum benefits. The book, written in a storytelling genre tells stories of various HR practices, joys, challenges, and lessons learned as an HR practitioner and what Salome would do today, in hindsight. It is a practical case study for managerial and leadership lessons in the workplace.

Talent: How to Identify Energizers, C...

How do you find talent with a creative spark? To what extent can you predict human creativity, or is human creativity something irreducible before our eyes, perhaps to be spotted or glimpsed by intuition, but unique each time it appears? The art... By Tyler Cowan

DK-Essential Managers: Managing People

Managing people is an essential part of any business. Learning how to motivate staff effectively and apply various managing styles to different situations is vital for improving output and creativity - whether your teams are in the office, remote... By DK

DK-Essential Managers: Remote Working...

Introducing DKS Essential Managers- a one-stop guide full of top tips to boost productivity, performance and passion within a business environment. More people are working from home - or remotely in other locations or time zones - than ever... By DK