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Couple’s Will by Wilson Njogu

This book offers an important perspective on various dimension on marriage and family life and how open communication can help enhance relationships. The topics covered include courtship, submission, love and respect, intimacy, finances and children, among others. By reading and learning from this book you can take steps to improve your own marriage.

When Marriage vows are tested By Ruth...

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When Marriage Vows are Tested and Tried is an incredible book that gives real practical solutions to married couples and those looking forward to marriage. This book will help you navigate difficult situations that a marriage union may present as well as make yours better. The tools herein will help you understand what vows mean since it also address different myths surrounding marriage which contribute primarily to marriage shake-ups and how to handle such inevitable tales. When Marriage Vows are Tested and Tried offers you deep wisdom and insights to sustain your marriage and get the most out of it. Marriage is not just about the feelings; the truth is that, even desire and passion in marriage wanes coupled with age or even medical conditions. These factors should not affect marriage negatively or bring it to an end since marriage is not all about sex but life-long companionship. A couple living together in the union of marriage will be tested and tried at one time or another. However, marriages are targeted for a couple living together for a better life that focuses on finishing together. Well, buckle up because, within these very pages, your eyes will be opened to a greater understanding of what the marriage union truly means and what to expect. For those whose marriages have worked and thankfully so, we have responsibility to hold the hands of others incase their marriage has cracks and continue sharing the recipes that contribute to a great marriage. No marriage is perfect and since its a work in progress we ought to work it out for betterment every day


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At a time, when marriages are failing all over the world, even the Christian marriage is not spared from attack of the enemy. Rosemary Carlos provides Bible based remedies to fundamental challenges causing marriages to collapse. Starting from building a love based foundations, to growing in faith as family, she suggests practical Godly solutions to overcoming negative mental strongholds, and benefits of effective communication. This book will inspire you and your family to experience Heaven on Earth in your home.Karibu.


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The book will help you to progress smoothly while dating and more so not to repeat some of the mistakes the previous generations have made. My objective is to show my readers that dating scene is a crucial and a very important critical stage in life. That if we take to do widow shopping and conduct thorough due diligence while purchasing an appliance the same or even more vigor and energy should go while looking for a life partner. I pray that the information herein will prepare you adequately in your dating journey. You may say yes Joel you said this on dating but I can improve my dating life by adding something to what you have proposed, by that we will all be winners. Remember marriage was instituted by God, He’s the author and finisher of marriage so we must relie on Him to guide and to steer us through. Remember that marriage is the only institution where a certificate is issued before sitting for ‘examinations’. So, we all must learn to walk as we chew the gum. May the Almighty God be with you in your dating and courtship journey. May your marriage in future defy every naysayers and prophets of doom to thrive extremely well to your greatest satisfaction and fulfilment. My prayer is your dating will be different, delivering beautiful transcendental mutual and fulfilling relationships in future.

The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Fin...

Hollywood couple and bestselling authors DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good promote abstinence before marriage in order to transform their relationships By DeVon Franklin