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SINS OF OUR FATHERS by Brendah Nashil...

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Sins of our Fathers is a teenage fiction book depicting the child-deprivation amidst family opulence and wealth.

Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs that Hea...

This book has demonstrated a practical way of preventing and controlling diseases through maximising on the free natural gifts to man - plants and vegetables. The writer based her ideas from wide research on the nutritious components of various types of foods. She also uses the scriptures to show us the plan of God as far as effective feeding is concerned. By reading this book, you have discovered what you could have learned by investing in 17 years of schooling.

MY CAREER, MY FUTURE With Cluster Poi...

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This is a book which highlights the steps followed when choosing a career. What are the factors to consider? What are the Cluster subjects for specific Careers? Etc

Unsettled by Charles M. Mwangi

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Madness comes in many forms. Some people will talk to themselves or walk naked or throw stones. Others will just sit in a corner. But mostly, people will love and the rest will follow… 

A Pilgrimage to Palermo by Edwin Moindi

Dive into this book with ten stories that explore the challenges of finding purpose, peace, and joy. The tales take you to different times and places, showing how our journeys may be different, but we all face similar struggles. From history to today, these stories weave a tapestry of human experiences, inviting everyone to connect with the shared journey of the human spirit.

The Angeions Series: Book 1 by Inspir...

What thing does man seek that he finds not, For which he has turned the world so upside down?


Set in the 22 nd century, mankind’s dependence on technology ushers in a bold new era of evolution. The proliferation of Artificial Intelligence in due time, pits man against machine. Phasing out the middle class and thus widening the gap between the affluent and destitute. Sparking the spectre of insurrection, wars & the volcanic upheaval of revolt. In a bid to resolve the ensuing mayhem, Artificial Intelligence offers a solution to the quandary. By the adoption of Chrysalis; Kenyan society attempts a social experiment that will finally not only provide equality but equity to all its citizens. Some however remain nostalgic for a past in which the status quo reigned supreme. From the spectacle of conflict to the intrigues of the Senate, from the struggles to exert influence in the corridors of power to the betrayals that threaten to tear apart the alliances of convenience forged. Visions of Chrysalis is an intimate portrayal of the quest to change the course of a nation’s history, and the three men whose destinies inevitably clash in a ruthless duel of ambition.


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HUSTLER NATION is a recently published political book of grand status like none ever witnessed in Kenya before. It’s inclusive in every facet painting a terribly nuanced portrait of Kenya’s current political affairs. HUSTLER NATION is a voice of change calling every Kenyan to take to perspective the current political situation  and decide on how he will shape the comming years.

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My Principle Journal by Hezeliya Kariuki

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Introducing "MyPrinciple Journal" – a game-changer crafted by transformational life coach Hezeliya Kariuki. Dive into a monthly adventure exploring powerful principles that shape who you are, guide your choices, and spark a purposeful life. More than just a diary, it's your go-to place for empowerment, rooted in unwavering faith, leading you on a journey of self-discovery and positive change. Elevate every part of your life as you confidently walk in your purpose. Unlock empowerment within these pages and set your course for a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life. My Principle Journal: Your guide to a life well-lived.

The Political Canary Of Kenya by Akec...

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Eng. Ochungo's "The Political Canary of Kenya" offers readers an electrifying journey through three decades of political tumult in Kenya, weaving personal experiences into a compelling narrative that sheds light on the intricate web of political dynamics in the country. Hailing from the Joluo community, Ochungo asserts that his community has disproportionately shouldered the impact of Kenya's political processes, earning them the moniker 'the canary of politics in Kenya.' Eng.Ochungo takes us back to his first foray into the democratic process in 1992, vividly recounting the historic reintroduction of multiparty democracy in Kenya. His firsthand accounts of the election cycles, spanning six in total, provide readers with a ringside seat to the evolution of Kenyan politics. From the clear party divides between KANU and FORD-KENYA to the charismatic figures vying for the presidency, Ochungo's narrative is a rollercoaster of political intrigue. The book delves into the complexities of ethnicity in Kenyan politics, a revelation that dawned on Eng . Ochungo after multiple election cycles. Drawing on the insights of Oyugi and applying Max Weber's discussions on class and status groups, Ochungo posits that Kenya's political landscape is inherently marked by political inequality. Class and status interests often clash, creating a challenging decision-making process for individuals, as vividly illustrated by the hypothetical scenario involving a successful Joluo businessman. One of the highlights of the book is Ochungo's personal encounter with Jaramogi, the charismatic political figure known as 'Double O' in Africa. The author paints a vivid picture of the anticipation and excitement that surrounded Jaramogi's visit to their town during the presidential campaign. The detailed account of the encounter, accompanied by a compelling photograph, adds a human touch to the political narrative, making it relatable to readers. As readers traverse the pages of "The Political Canary of Kenya," they can expect a no-holds-barred exploration of Kenyan politics, peppered with Eng Ochungo's insightful analysis and candid observations. The book promises to unravel the intricacies of political inequality, ethnic dynamics, and the challenges faced by voters in a country with a rich yet tumultuous political history. Indeed,readers cannot afford to miss out on Eng.Ochungo's explosive account of Kenya's political landscape. "The Political Canary of Kenya" is not just a book; it's a captivating journey through the heart of Kenyan politics, offering readers a front-row seat to the drama, challenges, and triumphs that have defined the nation's democratic evolution. Grab your copy now and dive into the political whirlwind that is "The Political Canary of Kenya."

Dare to Grow: A Short Guide for New L...

Dare to Grow is an insightful and practical handbook for building self-confidence in your academic career, while securing your mental health and work-life balance in the demanding world of academia. It is meant for new lecturers who possess expertise in their subject matter but may not have the necessary guidance on how to increase their value and remain relevant in a rapidly changing academic workspace. Based on the author's experience as a lecturer, along with research and insights from older academicians, the book covers essential topics such as career growth, time management, classroom control, building meaningful friendships in academia, and avoiding burnout.

Sincerely The Self Evaluation Journal

Welcome to ‘Sincerely’; an A5 journal for you to write down your thoughts and feelings and ramble and rant until it all makes sense. This is also a space for you to write letters and/or poems to your future or past self as you set off on this journey of self-evaluation, self-reflection and self-discovery. Inside you will find: • Vision Boards • Writing prompts • Lined pages to note down your thoughts or letters • Blank pages to doodle or draw or stick something memorable • Brief self-evaluation questions spread throughout the journal. Past, Present, and Future prompts. • Bonus: Life Reflection Exercises May this journal provide a safe haven for you.

By Their Fruits-A collection of essay...

The portrait of a family coming to grips with the complexities of mental illness. A tale of metaphysical passion in which greed, acceptance, and denial are powerfully juxtaposed. An in-depth exposition into the evolving nature of globalization & the dynamics beckoning it to its deathbed. A young woman emotionally calloused by the trauma of her undistinguished past. Outrunning the sins of her mother. Determined to outwit the stalking shadow on her trail. Dueling with the kind of conflict only drugs can create; a social worker is caught between helping the needy and feeding his own ruthless need. A critique of Africa’s lag in comparison to the developed world. Expounding on a fundamental flaw in her ability to amass and transfer generational wealth; with a bold mindset alteration proposed. A reminiscence of love and loss accompanying the encumbrance of compromise. Crowned by an uncalculated betrayal of trust. Compiled in a unique, appealing, and timeless collection of essays and short stories. A potent intellectual cocktail.


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Finally! A book that offers fresh and insightful science-based and evidence-based research on mental liberation and spiritual mastery. NOT RELIGION, BUT TRUE SPIRITUALITY. This book will enable you to see the mental chains that have been holding you back from the life you desire and give you tried and tested techniques on how to achieve mental liberation and create the life you desire. Remember: The universe always bows to consciousness and YOU ARE NOTHING BUT PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Lwanda Magere: God of Stone #2

Fueled with rage over disloyalty of the Kemetians, the God of the underworld, Osiris sent the Annunakis to steal the coveted Book of the Dead, a priceless artefact that holds the key to power and secrets in the land of upper Kemet. A perilous quest unfolds as Lwanda Magere, a fearless warrior, and God of stone is entrusted with a mission of cosmic significance; to retrieve the coveted book of the dead.

TalentGurus@254 Note Book

The TalentGurus@254 Notebook is a ruled notebok to help keep you organised and is an essential work tool.

My Intentional Living Journal

My Intentional Living Journal is pre marked to help you document your goals and aspirations. It will assist with weekly planning it will help you build focus, prioritise and acknowledge achievements to help you celebrate your wins.

Ophelia by Sandra Nekh

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Explore the enigmatic world of 'Ophelia,' a dark and captivating psychological thriller by Kenyan author Sandra Nekh. Immerse yourself in a chilling experiment set in the shadows of Nairobi, where the boundaries of human ethics are tested. Sandra Nekh's 'Ophelia' masterfully weaves science, psychology, corporate conspiracy, and lust into a narrative that delves into the deepest recesses of the human mind. Uncover the mysteries of manipulation and the blurred lines between reality and hallucination in this gripping adult fiction novel.