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SheLeads: Lessons from Women Leaders ...

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The inclusion of Women in Leadership has proven to be of immense value in the overall Growth and Development agenda across different sectors. In order to enjoy the benefits of Women’s Leadership, we must acknowledge its Power, Uniqueness, and Contribution. We must also Embrace it, Support it, and put up Strategic Measures to Build it and Use it to Complement and Strengthen the overall Leadership Agenda until we fully realize Holistic and Inclusive Leadership and its Maximum Impact. We must rally behind and support Women Leaders as a strategic move toward stirring development and raising our competitiveness. We must look at women leaders as a strategic resource that can power and contribute to growth across all sectors. Going by the numerous reports on the value of gender inclusivity, it is clear that embracing women’s leadership is not only the right thing to do but a powerful growth and development strategy. This book is a collection of reflections, insights, and lessons from women leaders from diverse backgrounds written to demonstrate the value of the inclusion of women in leadership. The book also serves as a platform to amplify the voices of African Women Leaders as well as showcase their exceptional impact in the different spaces they serve in. The book also captures the experiences and insights of women from other parts of the world who have had an opportunity to exercise leadership in Africa. Through the insights shared herein, the authors seek to highlight the dynamics, power, uniqueness, contribution, opportunities, challenges, and need for active participation of women in a way that can be used to strengthen women’s leadership. The Women Leaders Featured in this Volume include: CHRP Elizabeth N. Chege Eunice Maina Evelyn Kitsao Sharon Cheramboss Katherine Silva Edith Wangare Njage Grace Wangeci Winnie Osulah Kawsar Koodaruth Zippy Chege Marianne Nyangi MaryAnne Karanja Decimar Ogutu Nancy Kemuma Mary Ogola Dr. Njeri Kamere Dr. Edna Orina Edinah Kangwana MBS, MHC.


Reflections on Mentorship is essentially a journey: - looking back at mentorship experiences. This book is targeted at everyone involved in the mentor-mentee safari and seeks to relook what mentorship is and how effectively it should be done. Drawing from his experiences as a Trainee, Clinician, and Surgical Educator, Dr. Mwachiro shares lessons on the things that are toxic to mentorships, the importance of preparing well, and the nurturing power of sponsorships. The mix of stories and discussions is intended to act as a sounding board for reflection. Above all, it is also a clarion call to aspire for excellence in mentorship - and challenge to us all to be different not only in the fast-paced medical world but also in other spheres of life.

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