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THE ENLIGHTENED SPECIES is a book exploring the inter-dynamics that affect dating as an integral part of the human mating game. It delves into human behavioral patterns exhibited by the two genders right from the first stage of seduction. This brings to the limelight the conduct and rebuttal of every seduction attitude/action. The woman is irrefutably the initiator of the first steps of seduction as seen in Briffault's Law. It is the woman who picks the desired male by considering some attributes in him. She then puts herself in a position where he can easily reach her—she is the advertiser in the seduction game while the man is a marketer. He initiates the seduction game by pitching. Herein is a thorough analysis dissecting the cores of family genesis. Without seduction and mating, the family would be deemed obsolete and the human race would become extinct.


Fallon meets Ben the day before her big move to New York. Their attraction is untimely but undeniable. They spend her last day in Los Angeles together and Fallons eventful life becomes the inspiration Ben has sought for the novel hes always wanted... By Colleen Hoover