The Neighbour Favor

Months later, Lily seeks a date to her sisters wedding. And the perfect person to help her is Nick Brown, her charming, attractive new neighbor. Little does she know that Nick is an author her favorite fantasy author.Nick soon realizes that the... By Kristina Forest

Girl in the Walls (Moonraker)

Those who live in the walls must adjust, must twist themselves around in their home, stretching themselves until theyre as thin as air. Not everyone can do what they can. But soon enough, they cant help themselves. Signs of their presence remain in... By A.J. Gnuse

Early Morning Riser (Moonraker) Big

Gorgeous. Very, very funny in a knowing wry way but so tender, so beautiful. I loved all the characters. Marian Keyes Warm, witty, touching - and frequently hilarious David Nicholls, author of Sweet Sorrow You put the book down and feel glad to be... By Katherine Heiny

Next in Line

Only someone like Jeffrey Archer . . . could have written a compelling story like this. Every page bristles with suspense and the ending comes at you with the force of a tank round-DAVID BALDACCI THE UNPUTDOWNABLE NEW THRILLER FROM THE MASTER... By Jeffrey Archer