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Drive and Doodle -car coloring book

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Gear up for an artistic adventure with “Drive and Doodle”, the ultimate coloring book for car enthusiasts of all ages! Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned colorist, this captivating book invites you to unleash your creativity and design your dream wheels. Features: High-Quality Paper: Thick, bleed-resistant pages ensure your vibrant colors stay put, whether you’re using colored pencils, markers, or gel pens. Hours of Fun: Dive into intricate details, add racing stripes, and envision your ideal vehicle. It’s not just coloring—it’s a creative journey! Race Against Boredom: Whether you’re waiting for an oil change or relaxing at home, “Drive and Doodle” provides endless entertainment.

A fairy coloring adventure

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Embark on a whimsical journey through the magical realms of fairies, where imagination knows no bounds! “A Fairy Coloring Adventure” invites artists of all ages to pick up their favorite coloring tools and bring these enchanting pages to life.

KISA: An Anthology of African Short S...

Presenting a diverse and dazzling collection from all over the continent—from South Africa to Nigeria, to Uganda, to Kenya, KISA is the voice of younger, new-age African writers who give a fascinating picture of a new and more liberated Africa. These writers are motivated by their engagement with the wider world and the opportunities offered by the end of apartheid, the end of civil wars and dictatorships, and the possibilities of free movement. Their work is inspired by society and the African culture. They are liberated, global, and expansive. As Aminatta Forna wrote, “If you want to know a country, read its writers." These are the stories of a new Africa: punchy, self-confident, and defiant.

A Diary of a Called Woman

A diary of a called woman's a memoir of Prophetess Khanyo Ndlela, it is her journey to receive healing and heeding the call of God on her life. In this book Prophetess Ndlela narrates her upbringing and the challenges she faced growing up,which led to her change of character and behavior. She shares how it was to grow up in a home where there was gender-based violence,a home that seemed Christianly with Christian background and principles yet a home of tears and no hope for the future. She opens the doors of her heart and let us in on deep secrets from her past that she could not share with anyone.she also narrates how she was repeatedly raped with no mercy by a tongue speaking,fire spitting man of God in her home with no one to talk to. She further shares how spirits of bondages can binda person from one generation to the next if they are not dealt with properly and broken from our families. 3. Good Resolution Photo 2 for each 4. Social Media Handles Email: Facebook:Khanyo Faith Ndlela Instagram: Khanyo Ndlela 5. JPEG Front Cover 6. PDF Coverspread 7. Other books or programs the author would like to promote on your page Simangaliso God of Miracles Outreach Baal-Perazim Women's Gathering Ministry

Kenya: From Cradle of Humankind to a ...

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This book chronicles Kenya's chaos and is a laugh riot that peels back the layers of political absurdity, vibrant culture, chaotic streets, and indomitable spirit of Kenya's. A roller coaster ride through scandals, hashtags, voter madness and misplaced priorities.

Tales of Wamugumo by Peter Ngibuni Ku...

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Tales of Wamugumo by Peter Ngibuni Kuguru

AI 2041 by Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan

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AI will generate unprecedented wealth, revolutionize medicine and education through human-machine symbiosis, and create brand new forms of communication and


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The Bud from the Rocks is my Auto biography. It is a touching life story detailing my rise through a hard time. Read with this amazing story

Gun Government and other stories By A...

Commando scolded and scoffed at the boys, "Why haven't you stoned him on the spot and given us the report over his dead body? This is why I like Man-Buda, 'chapchap', guy faster. The Son-of-a-Bitch can make a thrilling trigger happy gunner. Gun Government and other stories is an awakening anthology that takes you through the curse of murder, mistrust in the society, denial of the unfortunate, oppresive rules, among other inhumanity.

Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion A...

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Combating the idea of adolescence as a vacation from responsibility, Alex and Brett Harris weave together biblical insights, history, and

The Eternal Ones (Gilded) by Namina F...

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Deka is a goddess-in-waiting with the potential to save her people from the brutal ancient goddesses who terrorize her kingdom of Otera. But first she must find her celestial essence - and if the Gilded Ones find it before she does, they will drain her power and tear Otera apart. Alongside her army of friends, Deka faces the hardest battle of her life - not just with the goddesses but with her own doubts. What if becoming a goddess makes her as evil as the Gilded Ones? And is she ready to leave her earthly life and loves behind? THE ETERNAL ONES is the final thrilling installment of the epic fantasy series in which a young heroine fights against a world that would dare tame her.

Clothed – A book and guided jou...

*About the Book* Dedicated to every young girl and woman who has experienced sexual violation, abuse, or a loss of self-worth, Clothed offers 31 inspiring reflections for healing from the shame and pain of life's challenges. This collection directs readers to the Author and Finisher of our life stories—Jesus Christ. It emphasizes that our negative experiences, whether by choice or circumstance, do not define us entirely. Clothed serves as a reminder that these experiences should not dictate our identity, our present, or our future. This book is a call to embrace God’s boundless love, grace, and mercy, offering evidence that freedom from despair is attainable. Blessings await as you engage with this devotional through reading, reflection, journaling, and prayer.

The Secret Lives of Booksellers and L...

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To be a bookseller or librarian… You have to play detective. Be a treasure hunter. A matchmaker. An advocate. A visionary. A person who creates “book joy” by pulling a book from a shelf, handing it to someone and saying, “You’ve got to read this. You’re going to love it.” Step inside The Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians and enter a world where you can feed your curiosities, discover new voices, find whatever you want or require. This place has the magic of rainbows and unicorns, but it's also a business. The book business. Meet the smart and talented people who live between the pages—and who can’t wait to help you find your next favorite book.


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This a book that encourages all singles in their entire life. To open their eyes that single hood is a blessing and a stage to be utilized well in fulfilling their purpose even before they're married.


Breaking The Mold is an anthology of poems inspired by both the author's personal encounters and those of individuals close to her, delving into themes of love, anguish, and the intimate connection with spirituality. These verses resonate with readers at different points in their lives, each poem gently claiming a piece of the reader's heart. Ultimately, it captures the essence of life and the complexities of human emotions. Above all, readers will sense the author's passion as she guides them through this touching expedition of life's trials and triumphs.

The Empirical Value of a Legacy Estat...

A business Finance and Investment strategy book showcasing alternative strategy on handling bequeathed legacy estates amongst the BAME group.

Shihabuddin Chiraghdin: Life Journey ...

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Shihabuddin Chiraghdin (1934–1976) was a rare scholar whose short life was as inspirational as it was academically scintillating. He was a brilliant student and academic, but the rheumatic fever he had as a young boy left a hole in his heart which increasingly limited him physically. He had a lifelong teaching career, and was also a well-known writer and commentator. Maalim Shihab’s works, particularly his research projects on the history of the Swahili people and the Kiswahili language, have been appreciated worldwide. Latifa Chiraghdin’s intimate portrayal of her father is a depiction that teems with the love and passion Shihabuddin infused in all his endeavours.

Faith in Adversity: A Grieving Mother...

A book about the heart-wrenching emotions that a grieving mother suffers after losing her child and finding meaning and hope again in her faith

Spiritual Combat: Mastering the art o...

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In this book, I highlight actual experiences of some of the spiritual warfare I have gone through, the dimensions of truth that saved me and to demonstrate to you the power of God. Who Should Read mastering the art of warfare in the spirit realm? Those seeking to know the nature and strategies of the Enemy. Those who have been hidden and have been contending for a longtime in spiritual warfare Those individuals who have been waiting for the manifestation of a God-given dream or Vision. Those individuals whom God has called and feel they have been hidden in the womb of the spirit. Individuals seeking to understand the strategies and nature of spiritual warfare. Adults seeking to understand what is holding them back from their true potential. Individuals seeking to understand why warfare occurs. For Faith Based Organisations to reveal the importance and the role of spiritual warfare to their members. For Change Agents who want to arise and impact their generations.