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The Winning Habits: Succeeding Where ...

The Winning Habits contains inspiring tips on how a person can cultivate and nurture good habits that lead to successful living. It is written in simple language and a friendly style. The author uses classic stories and localized examples with the clear intention of ensuring the reader gets the intended message

The Winning Character: Succeeding Whe...

The Winning Character presents key winning strategies and principles of success. The author uses numerous cases and experiences of acclaimed achievers to show how you can succeed in anything you do using the resources within you

Pathway to Academic Excellence

The book will serve as a handbook for seeing career inclination roadmap to educators, parents and young people. One can draw content from it for better transformation in a practical way that will work seamlessly in achieving excellent personality both academically and to the society at large. Pathway to Academic Excellence Shs. 490 Shs. 350 Shs. 490 Shs. 490

Fundamentals of Success

In this great masterpiece, the author takes you through the journey of success, and with great clarity of mind provides you with life-changing nuggets to help you navigate through the challenges along the journey to your destiny

Growing Up – A Boy’s Guide thro...

Puberty is a time of big changes in the body, mind and life of a boy. This handbook equips young boys with the information they need to navigate puberty It is a great guide to questions relating to relationships, bullying, peer pressure, healthy living, and staying safe in a cyber world. The information is presented in a straightforward manner which may be comforting to boys who are finding the road to adulthood a somewhat frightening path.

Growing Up – A Girl’s Guide thr...

For girls, puberty can be an exciting period. It can also be confusing, uncomfortable and even anxiety provoking at times. Some girls dread it, others cannot wait and yet others feel both ways! But nevertheless, all girls go through puberty. This handbook equips young girls with the information they need to navigate puberty. It is based on the questions and concerns young girls have about the physical and emotional changes that are associated with this stage of development.

Dafina ya Ushairi

This is a collection of poems that is technically framed for highlighting content that covers various topics such as values, education, environment and other arising issues. At the beginning of the book, information is provided about the terms used in poetry such as the type of poems and verses.

Chapuo la Insha

This book analyses the best techniques for insha writing for primary school students. It highlights the various challenges facing learners in essay writing and gives a solution to deal with every challenge. The book also has a examples of inshas that will guide the learners as they write their own. It will develop and improve vocabulary, grammar, creativity, fluency in Kiswahili language and various values.