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KNOW KENYA by Martin Wahogo

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The story of Kenya has been told for decades and now finally, Kenya's unique heritage, history and touristic information has been put in one publication.


Our unique family getaways, world renowned parks, museums, archeological heritage, cultural heritage, monuments, unique landscape features, infobits, demographic fastfacts and even some Kenyan little known heroes are all covered in this unique full colour travel guide. KNOW KENYA is here to sell to you Kenya as a holiday destination through your fingers from the comfort of your seat. You finally have a travel companion to help you decide your next unique spots to visit when you visit shags, or even as you travel around the country with your pals and office colleagues. Now you can discover and explore the hidden titbits around the country and go back home with a treasure of experiences.

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Stuarts’ Field Guide to National Parks & Game Reserves of East Africa is an invaluable guide to some 58 of the regions diverse conservation areas —home to the continents most spectacular wildlife. The reserves are grouped by country (Tanzania,... By Chris Stuart

The Beauty of Amboseli

Beloved by Ernest Hemingway and Hollywood’s legendary film makers, the fragile grasslands of Amboseli, with their swamps and springs and seasonal lakes, stand beneath the majesty of 5,896-metre(19,340-foot) Kilimanjaro. Rising into the ethereal... By Jan Hemsing