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Clothed – A book and guided jou...

*About the Book* Dedicated to every young girl and woman who has experienced sexual violation, abuse, or a loss of self-worth, Clothed offers 31 inspiring reflections for healing from the shame and pain of life's challenges. This collection directs readers to the Author and Finisher of our life stories—Jesus Christ. It emphasizes that our negative experiences, whether by choice or circumstance, do not define us entirely. Clothed serves as a reminder that these experiences should not dictate our identity, our present, or our future. This book is a call to embrace God’s boundless love, grace, and mercy, offering evidence that freedom from despair is attainable. Blessings await as you engage with this devotional through reading, reflection, journaling, and prayer.

Faith in Adversity: A Grieving Mother...

A book about the heart-wrenching emotions that a grieving mother suffers after losing her child and finding meaning and hope again in her faith

Input-output by Jo Boddam-Whetham

Jo Boddam-Whetham has written this book to get you into another book - the Bible. She aims to challenge and equip you to develop a regular, individual time of reading God's Word and praying. When you let God in his Word and his wisdom steer you in the right direction and help you to make the right choices. Reading God's Word and praying to him are an essential part of receiving God's input and ensuring the right output from your life. To know that God loves you and that there is nothing more that you can do to make him love you more than he does already - that's great. Reading the Bible and praying is not about making God love you more - it's about feeding and watering your soul so that your love for God grows and spills over, impacting your life and your world.

Mungai Cleans Nairobi River

In Nairobi, Kenya, 12-year-old Mungai takes a stand against the pollution suffocating the Nairobi River. Rallying residents of all ages, Mungai's grassroots movement gains momentum, catching the attention of even the Governor of Nairobi. Together, they lead the charge in cleaning the river, in unity of purpose to protect the environment. In the end, the river shines anew, a testimony of Mungai's unwavering dedication and the power of community action.

What Jesus Does

Have you ever felt disappointed? We’ve all felt the sadness of promises broken and dreams shattered. But here’s the good news: Jesus keeps His promises, and He doesn’t disappoint. He is with us every day. In this book by my friend Dr. Ferguson, you will learn to hope in the God who never disappoints or breaks His promises. This book reminds us that He is a God worthy of our love, and His people will go on loving Him forever.

Food in the Bible

Join Chef Ethan on an exciting journey through the Bible in "Food in the Bible"! Each part of the story is filled with delicious discoveries, just like going on a tasty adventure. While you learn about the different kinds of food and how they can benefit your body, you will also uncover important truths from the Bible to nourish your spirit. So not only do you get to enjoy yummy food facts, but you also gain valuable lessons to help you grow in God. It's a double win! Because you will be feeding both your body and your spirit!

What Jesus Did

In this devotional book for children, Sinclair Ferguson helps our children to know what Jesus has done for them. He traces the life of Jesus from womb to tomb, from cradle to throne. By the end, every child will know what it really means to sing, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” A great source for children, parents, and pastors!

Mdadisi Wants to Know About His Family

Join a curious young fox named Mdadisi as he embarks on a journey through Light Forest to uncover the mysteries of his family's history. Alongside his loyal friend Waida, and the guidance of Ezer, Mdadisi explores the forest, encountering a diverse array of foxes and learning about their different roles in the community. Guided by the teachings of Alpha, the Creator of all foxes, Mdadisi gains a deeper understanding of his heritage and the bonds that connect him to foxes far and wide. Through friendship, courage, and the pursuit of knowledge, Mdadisi discovers the true meaning of family in this heartwarming tale of adventure and identity.

How Jesus Loves

Like the Savior, Sinclair clearly loved the children he pastored and pastored the children he loved. The questions and illustrations and historical anecdotes will pique the interest of parent and child alike. Another great book to help our children spend time thinking about how Jesus loves them.

Meet Jesus

Perhaps you are asking a question many others have asked, "How can I become a follower of Jesus?" Here is the answer: "Put your trust wholeheartedly in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." (Acts 16. The Bible) To acknowledge Jesus as Christ means that you recognise Jesus is the promised Saviour. To trust Him wholeheartedly means you believe that when Jesus died on the cross and came back to life, He made the way to God. To follow Jesus means that you turn away from your own ideas about life and follow His way. Open your heart and talk to God in your own words. He has promised to hear and answer you. To be saved means that God will take you from darkness to light, into His forgiveness and into His family made up of Christians worldwide. Why not find a church where Christians want to read and share the Bible with you?

The Life of a Missionary by Dr. Mutho...

Discover the joy of helping others and spreading kindness wherever you go. With stick illustrations that bring out the message in simplicity and engaging language, "The Life of a Missionary" is the perfect story to introduce little ones to the beauty of empathy, compassion, and the wonderful diversity of our world.

A Soul Book and Study Guide by Alice ...

A Soul goes about seeking for God and his splendour. He finds God, learns that he must receive him to experience God’s attributes and finally share his experiences by mentoring others. He seeks to understand his daily life experiences. In his quest, he desires to know the why, what and who are involved in it. As the Holy spirit nudges him along, stirring his spirit and softening his heart to Christ, he extends his seeking to having a relationship with God almighty. The Seeking Soul learns how to embrace the knowledge and understanding he has gained and the process to receive it and hold onto it. The Holy spirit on request bestows upon him Christ-like attributes to be able to continue in the relationship with God almighty. A Soul in the process to gain knowledge and understanding of Christ-like living, begins to share his testimony and mentoring others who are seeking to have a relationship with God almighty. Seeking, Receiving, Mentoring.


This book is like a mirror that helps us see ourselves in a new light and encourages us to connect more deeply with God. As you dive into its pages, get ready for a journey of discovery. You'll learn how to bounce back from tough times, find your purpose, and strive for greatness not just for yourself but also for others. I hope this book speaks to your heart and inspires you to make positive changes in your life. As you read, may you feel God's power working in you, unlocking all the amazing things you're capable of. Let it help you see challenges as opportunities, live with purpose, and grow into the best version of yourself.

The Promises of God Never Fail by Bea...

Beatrice has given her own testimony on how she held onto God’s promises to her in the areas of her health, employment, marriage, children and God’s provision and experienced victory in the midst of the challenges. This book is relevant to anyone who is trusting God for any kind of breakthrough in life. It contains the promises that God has made available to us through His word; to believe and trust in Him. As you read through this book, allow God to speak and minister to you in your situation. May the Lord help you to build your confidence in Him to a point of entrusting Him with all you are for He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than what you can thin or imagine. He is the only one true God who can do what no man can do. As God has his way in your life, remember to testify of the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living and declare his mighty works among the people of the earth.


Abortion, Sodomy and Lesbianism are the so-called human modernization of the culture universe. This has been necessitated by the pride and arrogance of some rich powerful and famous people who are contented and have nothing to do with their creator, the God Almighty Father. Their bodies might be contented but are their souls contented?

Life Lessons from Missionaries: Hudso...

Meet Hudson Taylor, an adventurous British explorer who journeyed all the way to China to spread kindness and love! With a heart as big as the Great Wall, he shared stories and helped people for 54 amazing years. Join him on his exciting mission to make the world a better place!

Life Lessons from Missionaries: Georg...

George Müller was a devoted Christian evangelist renowned for his compassionate work in the 19th century. He loved helping children who didn't have families to take care of them. He ran a special place called the Ashley Down orphanage in England.   With his big heart and faith ideas, he made sure these kids had a safe home, education, and lots of love.   Even though he lived a long time ago, his amazing deeds still inspire people today to help others and have faith in God.