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This the story of Wanja,a young girl who was almost mislead by the social media.After high school she buys a smartphone.She becomes addicted to the social media.She meets and falls in love with Kiumbi Kinene in one of the Social sites.Instead of going to college,she runs away from home and married her Facebook lover.By the time she realises that all which glitters is not gold she already has a child and her marriage is falling apart.For Kiumbi was a womaniser who liked to date old rich women.After alot of soul searching Wanja walks out of the toxic marriage and goes back to school.Eventually she becames a high school teacher.....the story has got an underlying message of hope

Risking it all by Anna-Maria Mwachinga

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Risking it all is a heart warming, contemporary love story between a man and a woman contemplating a life together. It is also a solemn exploration of the ageless love story between God and people. Can the two converge in the unfolding crisis between Abigail and Simon? Set in a Kenyan urban context this upbeat novel explores universal present-day predicaments plaguing romantic relationships in light of the myriad of moral issues that confront young believers in the 21st Century. The author masterfully tackles the foundational themes of salvation, Christian courtship and marriage, wholesome family dynamics, dignified human interaction and more, all flavoured with a positive exposition of the gospel and issues of faith.

Tell me Where You’ve Been

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Arthur Dobrin’s Tell Me Where You Have Been adds to diverse voices in postcolonial migration and identity politics. It offers the reader a chance to reflect on the merits, demerits and consequences, thereof, of such immigration relative to the dynamics in host nations. What is the balance one should maintain between one’s identity and the new networks that are essential for one’s success in the host nation or community? What is the place of lived experiences and how do those shape success for the immigrant? How do these lived experiences intermingle and shape the immigrant’s trajectory in the foreign nation? What others say “I thought [the writing] was somewhat, “genius” at times. It is a style comparable to jazz music, characterized by improvising, syncopated rhythms with a strong emphasis on individual expressions and virtuosity.” — Eric Byas “I was in suspense by the way the author toggled from the present to the past. the blending of historical events and characters, which at times caused me to forget this was fiction. This was a riveting page-turner with plot twists that kept me reading until the end.” — Vasco Figueira “Tell Me Where You’ve Been is a powerful reflection on how people treat music, literature and especially people. I enjoyed it greatly.” — Brian Benavides “The uniqueness of this book lies in Dobrin’s extension of Bhabha’s theory of onward migration and contemporary challenges among minorities living in host nations such as the United States of America.” — Dr. Andrew Nyongesa, Literature Scholar

Tales From The Streets

"In 'Tales from the Streets: Kenya's Gangster Paradise,' the vibrant pulse of Nairobi's underworld beats beneath the surface of every page, immersing readers in a world where danger and desperation coalesce. Through the voices of its protagonists—Frank Zaga, alias 'The Bosman,' Tasha, the 'Gangster girl,' and Nipsey “The sniper” and Sargent David, alias Davy—we are beckoned into the heart of the city's shadows, where alliances are forged and broken, and the pursuit of survival reigns supreme. As we follow Zaga, Tasha, Sargent David, and a host of other compelling characters through the labyrinthine streets of Nairobi, we are confronted with the harsh realities of life on the fringes of society. From daring heists to tender moments of camaraderie, each story offers a poignant reflection on the universal truths of human existence.

Two Hearts One Heartbeat By Wendy K. ...

Get refreshed with biblical insights on singlehood, dating and marriage. Find answers on how to find the mate God created for you. Draw powerful lessons from amazing testimonials.

The horror of Indoctrination by Juliu...

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In the remote village of Kiambutu, Central Kenya, Wanja's peaceful family is torn apart when her husband, Kamau, falls under the spell of the Heavenly Gates Church – a strange group obsessed with 'rebirth' and mysteries of the spiritual realm. But when Sheri, their oldest daughter, becomes possessed by an evil force, their world begins to crumble. Now, Mumbi, Sheri's younger sister, must race against time to save her family from the cult and the terrifying secrets it holds. Facing dangers her teenage mind can barely comprehend, Mumbi embarks on a desperate quest to uncover the truth. In this intense story of family and unseen forces, Mumbi battles to rescue her loved ones before it's too late. Can she figure out the secrets of the Heavenly Gates Church in time to save them all?


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Love in My Veins is a captivating novel that explores the journey of love, depicting its growth and evolution through various stages. At its core, the novel delves deep into the complexities of human emotions and relationships, unraveling the intertwined lives of its characters as they navigate the twists and turns of love. The story follows the lives of two lovers, Priscilla and Carlton whose paths intersected since they were in primary school. As the narrative unfolds, readers witness the blossoming of their love from tentative beginnings to profound depths. Each chapter unfolds a new stage in their relationship, showcasing the myriad emotions and challenges they encounter along the way.

The Sound of Goodbye By Kitui Wakape

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This is a story of Richard Webi, who meets and falls in love with gergeous Vanessa, with roots from Lolgorien, Kajiado County. Theirs is the classic case of the first love story; innocent and inexperienced. However, because both could not express their feelings to each other properly, they soon fall out of love. This is after Richard, with advice from his friend Denis, writes her a letter of goodbye which he was meant to believe would strengthen their relationship. Fortunately, in his dying days in school, Richard and Vanessa finally reconcile and are now better able to express their feelings to each other. But their happy reunion ends several days later, when Vanessa travels out of town without Richard being aware of it. When Richard visits her house to find her gone, he is left to wonder where she might have disappeared to. Will the two of them ever reunite and continue with their blossoming relationship? Kitui Wakape is a gifted writer, with eight novels written and two of them published. His first published novelette is The Last Farewell, which is a sequel of The Sound of Goodbye. It is available on Nuria Bookstore. He has also published thirty reader’s letters both in the Nation and Standard newspapers. Apart from that, he has had an extensive experience as a ghost writer, penning both articles and novels. He owns two blogs where he posts regularly and has an active Facebook and WhatsApp groups where he posts works of fiction. Currently, he is studying creative writing through correspondence, offered by the renown Writer's Bureau College, in Manchester, UK. He is planning to pen his last books; Salma, and a memoir.

Clean Injustice by Ash Jay

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Clean Injustice is a fictional novel that helps the reader unravel the injustices in our society. It has some touch of detective work.

Ties of Destiny by Marjory Kimani

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Ties of Destiny is the story of two men who are born together, brought up together, and bound together for life by incidence, coincidence and fate. The two are sworn enemies from their childhood and both are achievers, born fighters and dyed in the wool go-getters. However, their methods of achieving success are a lesson in differing world views and an insight into the complexities of the human psyche. At the heart of the story is the love of mothers who will do everything possible, even keeping deadly secrets, to protect their children. Things come to a head when an unexpected development occurs and both men are forced to confront the bitter reality and face a common nemesis until a solution is found from the most unexpected source.

Crazy, Stupid Love: Falling in Love w...

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Crazy, Stupid Love: Falling in Love with Your Partner All Over Again" is a transformative guide for couples seeking to reignite the spark and deepen their connection. Drawing on Narkisho's extensive experience as a relationship coach, Heprovides practical tools, proven strategies, and heartfelt wisdom to help readers overcome common relationship challenges and build a love that lasts a lifetime. This book is more than just a collection of advice - it's a journey of rediscovery and renewal. Through engaging examples, thought-provoking exercises, and actionable steps, readers will learn how to break through communication barriers, rekindle the passion in their physical intimacy, and cultivate a mindset of gratitude and unwavering support. Whether you've been together for months or decades, "Crazy, Stupid Love" offers a roadmap for navigating the ups and downs of long-term love. From creating shared adventures and experiences to handling conflicts and growing together through tough times, this book covers it all. With its perfect blend of scientific research, real-life anecdotes, and compassionate guidance, "Crazy, Stupid Love" is a must-read for any couple looking to strengthen their bond and fall in love all over again. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of the heart and discover the secrets to a relationship filled with passion, connection, and unbreakable love.

Bitter Honey by Khisa Matili

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Bitter Honey is an account of love, laughter, pain, and triumph. Nafula is brought up by a caring but overburdened mother. Her father who is a policeman is always absent from home. She encounters Kim, and she is dying for his love. She even tricks him into confessing his love for her. When they join the University, she gets to learn from the world and chooses to get a ‘man’ for herself just like Njeri, her friend. Kim finds out and acts out of anger by jumping down from the third floor of a storey building. He didn’t want to live, only to be humiliated by a man old enough to be his father who was competing with him for love! Kim’s tragic jump leads to the arrest of Nafula and her ‘man’ on suspicion that they were responsible! On the other hand, Nafula’s mother goes on a fact-finding mission and she discovers that her husband, Bwire, has married another wife, Sofia, and impregnated Sofia’s younger sister Halima, who is a schoolgirl. Halima loses her life after Bwire tries to facilitate an abortion, and so he is on the run to avoid arrest and embarrassment. Indeed, love is so powerful that it can flatten a mountain and blood is thicker than water. Nafula later saves her father and becomes a unifying factor in her family. How she does this when she is happily married is what the reader needs to decipher. What about Kim’s family that is totally poor and had invested all it had in his Education?

Campus Babes and other Campus Stories...

Campus Babes and Other Campus Stories is a collection of stories that revolve, entirely, around campus life. The stories range from love and betrayal to the harsh reality in campuses. The stories are brought out in a unique and enticing way thus clearly depicting the challenges that students undergo in their quest for higher education.

Watch Where You’re Going by Cha...

“Watch Where You’re Going” is an epic family drama with horror and thriller undertones about generational curses as seen through the Rukwaro Family as it is haunted by an evil watch that feeds on their desires.

Sweet lovers in the jungle by Nancy W...

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A captivating romantic book for two lovers who met in a jungle after heart break but we're able to move on after falling in love. They had an adventurous live full of drama but were able to live happily ever after.


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Closure is a romance novel with poetic introductions that takes you through the heart wringing process of love, grief and maybe... Just maybe, Closure.

Fiery Love Kerfuffles by Dennis Odhia...

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Fiery Love Kerfuffles, is a romantic drama sequence detailing with vividness a young couple’s early marriage life from the moment they fall head over heels in love. Denvor Gold and Sally Kingsley then go through a roller coaster of misunderstandings ill-peppered with the realization of unfaithfulness that threatens to tear their relationship apart. As the story continues, the two romantics overcome their kerfuffles through a strong love bond and a series of counselling sessions. At the end, they emerge victorious through a beautiful reunion rekindled with their deeper love for each other. This is a ‘can’t-put-down’ novel with every minute clock tick.

Feeding from The Cemetery by David Njiru

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The book is a collection of epitaphs.