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Envirofit SuperGrill – Black

KShs2,999.00 KShs2,850.00
Key features The Envirofit SuperGrill is a portable grill attachment that can be used to grill for family's favorite food over the Envirofit SuperSaver wood or Envirofit SuperSaver charcoal cook stoves. • It’s made up of three components: • The Grill, Diffuser and • The Grill attachment all in one box. ***Envirofit Super Grill can be used with Envirofit SuperSaver Wood or Envirofit SuperSaver Charcoal. "

SuperSaver Premium Charcoal Stove Jik...

KShs5,999.00 KShs5,799.00
Key features SuperSaver Premium Charcoal Stove The SuperSaver Premium Charcoal stove is the most powerful, fastest boiling charcoal stove on the market. With unparalleled durability, this stove is easy to light, clean, and simmer foods on. Cook traditional foods like rice, ugali, and banku in under 20 minutes. • Pot Retention Safety Grips • Cast Iron Drip Pan • Insulated Body • Ergonomic Heat Resistant Handles • Heavy Duty, Durable Chamber Design • High-Temperature, Anti-Rust Metal Body • Easy-Light Ignition Chamber Door • Cooking Temperature Control Vents • Easy-Clean Removable Ash Drawer • Anti-Slip Rubber Reinforced Steel Feet  

Envirofit SuperSaver Jiko la Kuni

KShs4,799.00 KShs4,560.00
Key features The Super Saver GL is the ultra-durable wood stove that saves time and reduces harmful emissions. Cook in comfort with only a few small sticks and keep your home safe from smoke and soot. 1. Tiered Pot Support 2. Cast Iron Drip Pan 3. Wooden Handles 4. Enviroflame Patented Combustion System 5. Lightweight Heat Reflecting Shield 6. Heat Resistant Patented Alloy Chamber 7. High Firepower Chamber Design 8. Foot Supported Base 9. Product of Envirofit Smarter living " "

Envirofit SmartSaver jiko la kuni

KShs3,099.00 KShs2,945.00
Key features The Smart Saver is the economical wood stove that cooks more for less. Safely supporting a range of pots, this portable stove helps you spend less on fuel and give your family more. 1. Sturdy Pot Retention Ring 2. Heavy Duty Steel Frame 3. Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Chamber 4. High Firepower Chamber Design 5. Wood Support 6. Product of Envirofit Smarter living " "

Tornado Cookware set

KShs8,995.00 KShs8,546.00
Main Features The set is high quality, very heavy to withstand any amount of pressure from denting overheating and is scratch free. The set comprises of 5 cooking pots + 5 glass lids and can work for both cooking and serving. 1. Clear glass Lid 2. Elegance look 3. Heavy duty 4. Sold by Jossy Enterprise