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KShs63,999.00 KShs60,800.00
Main features 1. A high quality affordable turnkey solution for all outdoor lighting needs. 2. Perfect for car parks, compounds, streets and for all outdoor security lighting. 3. Works for 10 hours per day with one full day backup. 4. Comprise of solar street lighting pole with supporting arm, 20W LED headlight, 60W polycrystalline solar panel, 12V/50AH battery, 12V5A charge controller and all the other accessories and cables. 5. Product of Sollatek


KShs3,495.00 KShs3,321.00
Main features 1. Very reliable giving more light from a PL bulb 2. Consumes less power than any other light in the market. 3. High quality finish in a tough housing designed to prevent intrusion by dust and insects. 4. This is the next generation of lights 5. Product of Sollatek

Home 200 X2 (Niwa)

KShs11,595.00 KShs11,016.00
Main features Path breaking modular solar system designed to provide lighting & mobile phone charging for a 2 room home. Includes 2 hanging light points that each provide 100 lumens. The system also offers mobile phone charging & dimming switches for each of the light points. 1. 100% Modular & Upgradable, 200 Lumen Brightness 2. 2x Ceiling Lamps, 3x Light Dimming Modes, 3x High-Power-USB 3. Mobile Phone Charging 4. High-Efficiency Charge-Controller (CC) 5. 5x longer Lifetime 6. Solar & AC/DC charging 7. Easy to Install Plug’n’Play Design 8. Environment Friendly Battery 9. Water & Dust Protected Lamps 10. 14 meter High-Efficiency Cables 11. 5x phone adapters 12. 3 meter Lamp Extension Cable 13. Replaceable Battery 14. 24 Month Limited Warranty 15. Product of Sollatek

DC EcoLite

KShs1,160.00 KShs1,102.00
Main features 1. High quality low cost light. 2. Designed for the no frills lower cost market where reliability is still of critical importance. 3. Efficient light using a low cost linear fluorescent tube. No RFI interference. Short circuit and reverse polarity protection. 4. 12V, 8W or 24V 18W 5. Product of Sollatek