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The heart of secondary Biology Form 1...

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About the book: Contains comprehensive notes for f1 and F2. Has practical activities integrated so that all concepts are well grasped. Past KCSE questions for papers 1, 2 and 3 within F1 and F2 with their answers. Guides within the notes on which KCSE question address the concept at hand. Full colour photographs on organelles, cells, tissues and organs in both plants and animals. It is definitely a masterpiece for your journey towards your career in Biology.

Child Focus in Learning by Annkambo N...

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A book to steer parents and teachers towards a worthwhile learning

My African Hut (wǒ fēizhōu de xiǎo fá...

The story of Pendo , relates a Kenyan Samburu culture blended together with Chinese language. The illustrations used will help the students not only learn Chinese but also learn about the Samburu Kenyan culture. Learn about Pendo and her family, as well as improve on your Chinese Language skills. This book is a must have for all Young learners who are preparing for YCT Chinese Language Exams.

My Leaking Roof wǒ de wūdǐng lòu shuǐ...

My leaking roof is a bilingual Chinese storybook suitable for young and adult learners in the beginners level 1-3. The story book will serve to encourage all learners of the language to pursue learning, appreciate different cultures as well as prepare students for Chinese language exams.

THE TURN AROUND by Sebastian Karani

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The Turn Around delves into the critical examination of influential youths' missteps and the profound impact on society. Discovers insightful strategies to rectify these errors, paving the way for a brighter future for both current and forthcoming generations. It is a thought-provoking book that delves into the consequences of influential youths' missteps on future generations. In the first and second chapters, the narrative seems to vividly depict how the future is shaped by the actions of the present. This exploration of cause and effect, especially regarding the impact of youth decisions, promises to offer valuable insights into societal dynamics and intergenerational relationships.

Success Code Students Edition

This is specially designed to help students with the mind mastery knowledge they need to score highly in their exams as well as entire lives. It awakens the high performer inside even the poorest of performers with amazing results. It also has a personal daily journal to help track progress towards the goals set

Achievers Code personal development j...

This is a high velocity personal growth planner for people who have goals they want to achieve quickly and effectively. It's also a 3 month diary as well as journal all in one. It's has golden information on how to set effective goals and upscale your self image to achieve the outstanding results you are potentially capable of.

Achievers Code personal development j...

This is a personal development planner, a daily journal and a diary all in one. It's a goal setting journal especially meant for students who would like to not only get outstanding results in their academics but also win in their entire lives. It has information on effective goal setting and self image adjustment

Umilisi wa FASIHI SIMULIZI by Martin ...

Best Fasihi Simulizi book in teaching kiswahili literature

The Bar Exam and Pupilage: What You A...

Do you aspire to be a lawyer? Might you be wondering how best to choose a suitable university to study law? Or are you already enrolled as a student studying law and need a quick guide on how to understand and remember legal materials? Do you wish to have a road-map on the Advocates Training Program and helpful suggestions on how to pass the Bar Exam? How does one navigate the pupilage period till admission to the Bar? If these questions are of interest to you, then this book will be helpful. The book is meant for aspiring students of law, current law students at the universities and the Kenya School of Law, law lecturers and professors, practitioners of law and any reader who wants to know what law is and the journey from being a law student from the university to the Kenya School of Law to admission to the bar and beyond.

Handy Tips on Cancer by Emily Mukomunene

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When we talk about cancer and the fact that it is a lifestyle disease, then it becomes our collective responsibility to create cancer awareness....

MY CAREER, MY FUTURE With Cluster Poi...

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This is a book which highlights the steps followed when choosing a career. What are the factors to consider? What are the Cluster subjects for specific Careers? Etc

Life on Campus; Transition to and fro...

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Life on Campus book has four sections; Transition from high school to Campus/college. General Life on Campus including identifying your purpose while on Campus. Transition from Campus to the market place. A message to parents on what they need to know about life on Campus.

Campus Babes and other Campus Stories...

Campus Babes and Other Campus Stories is a collection of stories that revolve, entirely, around campus life. The stories range from love and betrayal to the harsh reality in campuses. The stories are brought out in a unique and enticing way thus clearly depicting the challenges that students undergo in their quest for higher education.

My Phone and I by Njeri Wachira

Did you know that only 7% of Parents know their children are being targeted online through their phones? Are you in control of your child's activities on their smartphones?

Learn the alphabet with Shani and Kar...

This is a book whose purpose is to introduce the alphabet as experienced through Shani and Karisa.

Nzi Mlafi by Mucemi Gakuru

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Nzi-Mtoto alizaliwa kwa Nzi-Chifu na akawa mlafi sana, hadi wakamwita Nzi-Mlafi. Alionywa mara nyingi kupunguza ulafi lakini kila mara alitawaliwa na tamaa. Mwishowe, aliuawa na kiasi kikubwa cha chakula alichokula. Kitabu cha Nzi Mlafi kinaeleza zaidi kuhusu tabia nzuri kwa watoto. Kinaonyesha madhara yatakayompata mtu asiyekua na maadili mema. Vilevile kinaelimisha, kinaburudisha na kuadilisha.

Thirteen Reasons Why Youth Are Strand...

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Thirteen Reasons Why Youth Are Stranded Today is a hands-on guide tailored to assist today’s young adults. This practical resource addresses common issues faced during the transition to adulthood, including parental expectations, substance misuse, and mental wellness. In these challenging times, young people require practical solutions to real every day and a source of encouragement to achieve their goals and dreams.


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This guide book provides comprehensive analysis of the novel 'Fathers of Nations' by Paul B. Vitta. In particular, the book covers: 1. Relevance of the title. 2. Setting 3. Synopsis. 4. Chapter summary and analysis. 5. Themes. 6. Character and characterization 7. Literary styles used in the novel. 8. Sample KCSE essay questions and answers. 9. Sample KCSE excerpt questions and answers.


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The book has: 1. Step by step guide on the art of composition writing. 2. Finely refined teaching and learning notes on composition writing. 3. Samples of well written imaginative compositions. 4. Past K. C. S. E. imaginative composition questions. 5. Composition practice questions.