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Soccer Principles and Ball Techniques...

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The Soccer Principles and Ball Techniques is an ideal book well written to guide the footballers, coaches and Physical Education students on the soccer best modern techniques...

The African in Me by Martin Chiro

This book gives a new approach to African history or famously black history that you will find interesting to read. Throughout the years, the world has known of a poor and unpeaceful Africa but that is just but a fraction of Africa you need to know. Yes, Africa has been impoverished for years through colonialism and slavery but it has proven to be a strong continent. Its people have proven their wisdom, intelligence and resilience in the world. I believe the history of Africa is either hidden, erased, misinterpreted, or whitewashed. This has kept the people of Africa in the dark for a long time. It is what has prevented an awakening; for if someone knows of how great he can be then you cannot keep them under servitude. This book talks of a land that was inhabited by royal and intelligent people. People that gave birth to the world’s greatest civilizations. These are stories that most Africans do not know about, it is because they have never been told to them.

Afrorenaissance Vol. 1 by Sogallo The...

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A book penned by Artists Sogallo and Native Nairobi, Afrorenaissance Vol. 1 delves into the philosophy of changing the African narrative through art, and delves into the African perspective on History, Afrofuturism, Metaphysics and Self awareness.

The University Drop-In: The Life of C...

“It has been a pleasure and great joy reading this autobiography. I often laughed and cried. I heard CJ speaking!”

Unjani Mfwethu ? The story of a migra...

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Unjani Mfwethu? The Story of a migrant in South Africa is a book about the lived experiences of a migrant and indeed all migrants around the world. It tells the story of one individual, as he navigates the issues of racism, xenophobia, friendship, travails and triumphs. It is a story that shines light on our humanity as a people.

Two Hearts One Heartbeat By Wendy K. ...

Get refreshed with biblical insights on singlehood, dating and marriage. Find answers on how to find the mate God created for you. Draw powerful lessons from amazing testimonials.


A 144 pages book in three parts, written in a simple, accessible language and full of practical tips from the author’s experience and beyond. It first dwells on parents' beliefs regarding children. It later analyses the actual child in front of the parent. Lastly, it expands on few tips on how to handle children, adapting to their ever changing needs and development stages.

KISA: An Anthology of African Short S...

Presenting a diverse and dazzling collection from all over the continent—from South Africa to Nigeria, to Uganda, to Kenya, KISA is the voice of younger, new-age African writers who give a fascinating picture of a new and more liberated Africa. These writers are motivated by their engagement with the wider world and the opportunities offered by the end of apartheid, the end of civil wars and dictatorships, and the possibilities of free movement. Their work is inspired by society and the African culture. They are liberated, global, and expansive. As Aminatta Forna wrote, “If you want to know a country, read its writers." These are the stories of a new Africa: punchy, self-confident, and defiant.

AFRICA AURA by Nekoye Ommeh

I spent a lifetime using loudspeakers trying to enlighten a people [Africa], yet I had internal darkness [Aura] that only needed a whisper.


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UGANDA A GREAT NATION” is a brand new book by debutant Ugandan author Timothy Kirenda. The book is an encapsulation of the authors perceptions and reasoning to declare that Uganda is a great nation or maybe one of the greatest nations on earth. A fairly small landlocked country east of the world’s biggest continent, why and what do you know about Uganda is the pendulum that is swung by the author throughout his piece of work. He navigates around the issues of culture or African culture as it is, politics and leadership, the history of the country, the women in the country or what we call Uganda’s beautifying aspects and also Uganda’s position on the globe. All to commemorate the authors grand standing that Uganda is a great nation, this book was written to advance the concern to the reader and to obviously confront impediments the likes of ignorance, doubt and disgruntlement. The authors assessment of Uganda as a nation colonized by the British, attained independence in 1962 and is currently run by one of Africa’s longest serving Presidents Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is an appraisal that entails the good and bad, the highs and lows and the beautiful and not so beautiful aspects.

Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards Series 2: Com...

The Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards series offers a fun interactive way to learn the language.

Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards Series 1: Alp...

The Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards series offers a fun interactive way to master the language. Learn the rules and how to pronounce each letter of the alphabet.

7 Keys To Success by Bishop Peter Ndungu

"Discover the time-tested secrets to unlocking your potential and achieving success with Bishop Peter Ndungu's insightful guide, '7 Keys to Success.' Dive into the mindset of successful individuals and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Don't miss out on this transformative read!"

Before The Devil Wakes Up

To you, trying to find your way from a dark corner. I hope this book lights your path to self discovery and grants you the grace to accept the you you meet on that journey.

Soul Restructuring: Guide To A Life O...

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The human soul, just like the mind and the spirit is a very complex component of our being as it’s the full integration of what makes us humans. Before God released the life-giving breath into man, the created human was not complete. It’s after God releasing His breath upon man that Adam became a living soul. The condition of the soul if therefore not aligned to the source can end up sabotaging our desire towards becoming all that God has in store for us. Soul Restructuring shares in depth insight on the exponential power of the human soul and why a lot of effort needs to be put into transforming it to be aligned to the source if its to perform to capacity. When the soul is left unattended to, its possible to have all manner of viles such as false beliefs, emotional traumas, negative experiences become a stronghold in the soul. Such automatically aligns one to the workings of the flesh and causes the flesh to be in control. God has called us to a life of the spirit with the word of God admonishing us to walk in the spirit so that we don’t submit to the dictates of the flesh. However, that becomes a struggle when the soul is not structured and the inherent adamic nature dealt with. When the soul is aligned to the flesh, the spirit becomes weakened and thus lacks the power to be in control which in turn hinders one from living a victorious life. One’s life instead becomes a rollercoaster of negative experiences, brokenness and such only makes one’s life to stagnate as the patterns of life keeps repeating. As the soul gets restructured, more depth gets cultivated as a person is able to align more to higher thoughts as we learn in the book of Philippians 4:8. Practicing the principles shared in this book will not only free you from the negative strongholds that are ingrained in the soul but it will also release you to ascend in God and in great unity with the Holy Spirit as you see deeper things of God and of life unfold to you. Ultimately, your life will be transformed to a more fulfilling and empowering one as your soul continues to prosper in the knowledge of Him who loves you!

Watch Where You’re Going by Cha...

“Watch Where You’re Going” is an epic family drama with horror and thriller undertones about generational curses as seen through the Rukwaro Family as it is haunted by an evil watch that feeds on their desires.

Thirteen Reasons Why Youth Are Strand...

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Thirteen Reasons Why Youth Are Stranded Today is a hands-on guide tailored to assist today’s young adults. This practical resource addresses common issues faced during the transition to adulthood, including parental expectations, substance misuse, and mental wellness. In these challenging times, young people require practical solutions to real every day and a source of encouragement to achieve their goals and dreams.

Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara

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Join siblings Sam and Sara on an exhilarating safari adventure through the stunning landscapes of Kenya! In 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara,' young readers will discover the wonders of African wildlife as they journey through lush savannas, majestic national parks, and encounter fascinating animals like elephants, giraffes, and lions. With captivating and vibrant illustrations, this book is not just a thrilling safari tale but also an educational exploration of Kenya's rich biodiversity and the importance of wildlife conservation. Perfect for curious minds and budding nature enthusiasts, 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara' promises an unforgettable safari experience from the comfort of your home.

Lead Outwardly Loud by Nancy A. Loncle

Lead Outwardly Loud is for you, if you operate in High Pressure Ultra Competitive Jobs and have attached your value to performance, keeping you in debilitating anxiety over constant competition. You are in/or aspiring to take up a leadership role. It takes you through a 5-step process called the W.A.F.E.R. Challenge, by the end of which you will be able to clearly define Purpose in your career, Highlight and Refine your People Skills so you can position yourself among the best in your field and serve from a place of ABUNDANCE, without depleting your energy levels.

From Watchdogs to Traitors: The less ...

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In this compelling book, Baker delves into the enigmatic world of Rwanda's media, uncovering the truth that lies beneath its operation. Throughout his short but eventful career, he played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Rwanda's media landscape, championing professional investigative journalism and tirelessly advocating for its existence, even at great personal cost. Within these pages, he recounts the extraordinary transformation of Rwanda's media, shedding light on the preeminent change that has shaped its history. he lay the groundwork for the emergence of professional investigative journalism, highlighting its significance in raising awareness and fostering a genuine connection with the audience. Moreover, he navigates the treacherous waters of persuading those "In Charge" to embrace this new form of journalism, rife with its inherent risks and challenges. However, his passion for the truth and unwavering commitment to journalism exacted a heavy toll. he exposes the harrowing truth about how journalists themselves can betray the very public they are duty-bound to serve, leading to a pervasive erosion of press freedom. He shares the intimate details of his personal journey, recounting the tremendous sacrifices he made, which ultimately propelled him into a relentless pursuit of truth. Despite enduring multiple arrests, extrajudicial actions, and unyielding opposition, he resolutely returned to his craft, refusing to be silenced. Within these pages, he pulls back the curtains on the machinery of misinformation, offering a firsthand account of its inner workings, the puppeteers who pull the strings, and their ulterior motives. By delving into the annals of Rwanda's media history, he provides valuable context both before and after the tragic 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Through a deeply personal lens, he recounts the trials and tribulations of his journalistic career, offering an unfiltered and uncensored account of the events that unfolded before his eyes. He exposes the assault on one of journalism's fundamental principles: telling the truth. The book unravels the complex interplay between his life, his career, the misinformation factory, and the powerful forces that drive the production of the fake news that permeates narratives about Rwanda. Within the pages of "From Watchdogs to Traitors": readers will embark on a gripping journey, uncovering the intricate tapestry of Rwanda's media world. Ultimately, it is a testament to the enduring quest for truth in the face of adversity and the unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of journalism.