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Rejected and Blessed by Anderea Morara

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Rejected & Blessed is Anderea Morara’s second novel. His first novel, The Sting, has been adopted by many secondary schools as a crucial reader. Rejected & Blessed is set in East Africa, but cast in a global context with the primary purpose of highlighting the human aspects of the continuous cultural transformation from the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial eras as well as the global political economy. The novel tells the dramatic and traumatic love story in which the clash of cultures in the context of rapid social change, makes it awfuly difficult to determine right from wrong. This book gives a glimpse of how this transition affected and is affecting, communities in the region and the resultant coping strategies as well as the effects of the associated coping mechanisms, especially in the realm of love, marriage and child-rearing. On the global scene, the subtle dynamics of economic hegemony, foreign aid, brain drain, racism and cultural dialectics are glossed on.

The Weight of Black Tongues and Other...

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“The Weight of Black Tongues is an anthology of over half a dozen original short stories by an emerging star of new Kenyan literature, Bonface Nyamweya. This debut collection is both startling and gripping – envision it as a ride on the tail of a shooting star, zooming through Kenya’s night skies, each twinkle representing a unique story. As a dynamic figure in post-COVID-19 literary circles, whom I have had the honour of mentoring, Nyamweya showcases the depth and scope of storytelling in Kenya, transitioning from unusual novels and sartorial poetry to making his mark in short story fiction. From the enigmatic Whose Title Died to the riveting Waiting for Mama, each title in this new book invites readers into a world of mystery and profound reflection, solidifying Nyamweya as a rising force in African literature in the wake of the fin de siècle.

Ties of Destiny by Marjory Kimani

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Ties of Destiny is the story of two men who are born together, brought up together, and bound together for life by incidence, coincidence and fate. The two are sworn enemies from their childhood and both are achievers, born fighters and dyed in the wool go-getters. However, their methods of achieving success are a lesson in differing world views and an insight into the complexities of the human psyche. At the heart of the story is the love of mothers who will do everything possible, even keeping deadly secrets, to protect their children. Things come to a head when an unexpected development occurs and both men are forced to confront the bitter reality and face a common nemesis until a solution is found from the most unexpected source.

Mucii ni Mucii

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Mucii ni Mucii , written in Gikuyu one of Kenya's indigenous languages, is a moving story of a peasant girl who defies odds in her childhood to become one of the most prosperous people in the country. Starting in a background of biting poverty and an abusive father, Wahito drops out of school after her primary education and gets a low paying job after another. Meanwhile, evil clouds are hanging over her horizons. In her youthful naïveté, she lets of the man who truly loves her and falls into the old trap of being lured by a "use and dump" type who has loads of cash to spend. In the most confused phase, her young life takes a downturn after that; and she moves from one crisis to another, including being orphaned while still a single mother. But fate has other plans for her. She ends up with the man who was destined to be her soul mate. Together, they traverse a terrain full of many risks and barriers to realize the dreams of their lives. Through providence or destiny, it seems Wahito's life is forever intertwined with those of her girl friends. The story has a gripping climax with a lot of the unexpected happening. In the end, all (of almost all) the pieces of Wahitos' chequered life fall into place and she seems to lead an exciting, happy prosperous life. But then, one never knows what happens next in Wahito's life.

The Pearl on the Horizon

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The Pearl on the Horizon is a moving story about the devastating effects of materialism which sends a rich ethical message in line with religious teachings. Madame Victorine Mahfouz grows up in a materialistic family and looks at everything through these lenses. On the other hand, Eugene and Fresha believe in high achievements in education and consequent roses. Confronted with unemployment and tough socio-economic demands, Madame Victorine mocks the two and even threatens to destroy their engagement. Underlying the plot is a classic romantic love relationship between Eugene and Fresher, on the one hand, and Madame Victorine’s illicit amorous scandals, on the other. In these well-written passages with techniques enriched by letters, songs, poems and narration, the reader will appreciate the author’s juxtaposition of success and survival. The Pearl on the Horizon draws a line between survival and success, crowns the latter prominence and discredits the former. The writer suggests that success is slow but bears enduring results. Survival, on the other hand, is quick but can lead to ruin. What others say “The novel is captivating and factual. It captures social and material conditions in Africa occasioned by poor governance. So what is success in the face of devastating levels of unemployment, stiff competition from the large pool of graduates and the need to survive? Is it unprincipled material acquisition and a ‘good living’ or a good education and ethical living?” – Rose Keya, Book Editor. “The Pearl on the Horizon speaks volumes to young adults who may want to take shortcuts in life and the consequences of such actions.” Harriet Irungu, Student of Literature.

Biblical Wisdom in Proverbs of Abagus...

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Abagusii have a rich oral tradition that, among other things, is captured by the proverbs in their language of Ekegusii. The proverbs speak to a wide range of subjects and situations, and many of them capture their spiritual disposition. Indeed, like all communities across the world, Abagusii had very clear ideas of the world and how it worked, including any phenomena they encountered. This forms the core of Biblical Wisdom in Abagusii Proverbs. By means of illustration, using one hundred proverbs from Ekegusii, the author contrasts the proverbs and their meaning with situations captured in the Christian Bible. While the overlap in spiritual beliefs of Abagusii and the texts in various parts of the Bible may be wider than captured in this work, the author makes the case that Abagusii were deeply religious and likely as much spiritual as the Bible depicts.


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Rock of the first wife (Kit Mikayi) stems from the rocky ridges of Seme.When young Okello and Nyowila meet at a festival organized by the great chief, their united passion leads down a destructive path. Their union brings on them a curse so great that only Nyowila sacrificing herself at the great rock can restrain the Chira. Years later, however, destiny seems to have a similar course for the life of their son, proving what the villagers have always deemed true: a curse never really goes away; it just stays in the blood, waiting to be resuscitated and flow through the generations. Such was the case for the young man, Ngeso, a child born out of a tabooed relationship. Ben Okech is a drama and literally enthusiast. He prides in telling tales of the Luo and giving life to them through novels. His quest is to connect with folklore that is facing danger of extinction. He is a teacher of English and Literature and both a trainer of drama and an adjudicator of the same. He has contributed to the literature world through his contribution to a short anthology story titled The Children of The Rain and the novella The Last Pillar of Ramogi, The Last Known Maidens of Ramogi, The Last Hand of Ramogi and the Omnibus of the Legacy of Ramogi.

Haughty Boys of Ngoroke by Imali J. A...

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Agoyi's afterschool argument with his step-mother sets off an unpredictable series of intriguing misadventures. The subsequent meandering journey is one of the choices between what is morally right and the lure of the 'attractive". Always a balancing act between what could be (success) and potential disaster, Ayoyi's life is a perpetual succession of dilemmas. The moral question of choices is the central theme of this work.

Where we Started: a novel

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“Where We Started brings the past and its inhabitants alive and makes possible a very different understanding of the history of the United States, enslavement, and the struggle for freedom. It is really good.” - Alan Singer, Slavery: Complicity and Resistance (ed)

The Unforgotten

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Imali Abala’s The Unforgotten is a memorial work of fiction that captures the fate of Desi Makhungu in the face of tragedy and cultural gender disparities. When her son Jordan Ūmbisi leaves home in search of greener pastures, following the footsteps of his older brother, it is a moment of hope for better days ahead. He leaves behind his pregnant wife and aging parents who all remain optimistic that he will be successful and help them along! That is never to be! He completely loses ties with his family even when tragedy strikes back home. Now widowed, Desi faces the full gravity of living as a woman with no male figure in the home! What would be her fate in the days to come with neither husband nor son present? Who would build her a home when the old one falls apart? Would cultural practices ‘bend’ enable her to inherit her husband’s land?

Kwamboka’s Inquiry

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Who killed Dr. Sarah Kwamboka? This popular founder of a girls’ school is shot dead in her house and an inspector from Nairobi is sent to Kisii to investigate. While attempting to uncover the motive behind the brutal crime, Sgt. James Dingiria discovers that Kwamboka had been collecting memoirs from the area as a way of preserving the region’s history. This novel weaves a murder mystery around short stories that reveal the history of ordinary people from this part of the country with a look at present-day Kenya. What others say “Dobrin has carefully plotted his novel with style that provides a smooth flow through short stories. It is a carefully thought plot that rouses a reader’s tang!’’- Sally Boyani, Book Editor. “It is a gripping story about murder, corruption, power, church politics, colonisation and chauvinism. The great drift of suspense in the text and the interwoven short stories make it a page turner. It is a well told must read.’’- Verah Omwocha, Book Editor.

A Historical and Cultural Analysis of...

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In most societies in different parts of the world, there are gender inequalities in access to productive resources such as land, and other social, economic, and environmental resources that are critical for people’s sustenance. However, in many instances, not much research has been conducted on those critical gender issues and perceived unfairness in the ownership, access, and utilization of critical societal resources, particularly, in Africa in general, and Kenya in particular. In this regard, the need to improve access to land and strengthen women’s land rights in Africa provided the main rationale for undertaking this research, with specific reference to the Gusii of Western Kenya. In particular, the book examines the changing and/or evolving responses of women over time to land access, ownership, control, and usage. Further, the book analyzes the relationship between indigenous land tenure systems and gendered relations; and the effects of colonial land policies on gendered relations. It also examines gender rights with respect to land access and ownership in the post-colonial period in Kisii. Overall, this study provides pertinent information on the following critical issues. What was the relationship between pre-colonial land tenure systems and gender relations in Kisii? What were the effects of colonial and post-colonial land policies on gender relations in Gusii? How did Gusii women respond to gendered land rights and ownership in the pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial periods?

My Roots

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Set among the Abagusii of Kenya at the onset of independence in Africa, Jeremîré Araka’s My Roots is an extraordinary story of postcolonial migration and the characters’ struggle to negotiate their existence in the disparate cultures that assailed Africa during and after colonization. Otenyo, as Chief Ongoro’s first son, is the entitled heir to his father’s throne. Colonialism and Christianity, however, have infected native customs and traditions, especially among those who have attained formal education such as Otenyo and his sisters who have excelled in modern education undergirded by Christian values. Otenyo acquires outstanding credentials in America where he also meets and marries an American woman, jilting a childhood flame whom he had left – so far unknown to him – pregnant with a daughter. All the successes with education and in the professions, however, further alienate Ongoro’s children from their culture and traditions that have stood the test of time and served their society well. Torn between two worlds and rooted in neither, despite their academic success, their family faces mysterious deaths, countless ailments, baffling mishaps and many incomprehensible happenings whose solutions are deemed only explainable in the traditions of their people. This story gives the reader insights into the accounts of an immediate pre- and post-independent African state and the journey that Otenyo had unseeingly set out into the distant lands and upon his return, but now in search of his roots. Will the search for his roots succeed? How will his people, who have long-awaited his return, receive him? What of his estranged fiancé, Keruboo? Readers will conclude this book with a sense of awe-inspiring amusement. What others say about My Roots “My Roots is a searing memoir painted on a leather that is a vivid, revelatory, thoroughly original and compelling account of postcolonial migration and the characters’ battle to negotiate their existence in the mosaic of cultures that assailed Africa during colonialism and immediate post-colonialism.” – Omwami Prof. Dietrick Kaijanangoma, Author, Analyst, Distinguished communication scholar, St. Augustine University of Tanzania, Mwanza.

My Skinny Cow on an Anthill

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My Skinny Cow, set in rural Seito which slowly urbanizes and brings a new order, is the captivating story of Asiago and Obiri from their youth to old age. The two work hard in school to become heroes and beacons of hope for the future of the community. The reader is taken through a rich cultural heritage, epitomized most vividly by the community’s wedding tradition, which leaves the reader yearning for more. Even with the old striving to preserve the life-long glorious cultural traditions of the people, modernity comes with a price. The emergence of an all-knowing clique of youth threatens the community’s future; what with disputes between the traditional local elite and the youth determined to have their way with the societal changes they desire. Danger lucks either way: the rush to modernize at the expense of tradition and the desire to preserve tradition in the face of modernization. Which way for Seito? You, the reader, tell us! What Others Say “The novel demonstrates imagination and originality in league with the postmodernist canon, which upholds traditional cultures that are misconstrued by modernist views as peripheral and obsolete.” – Dr. Andrew Nyongesa, teacher, author, critic and literary scholar.

A Strange Twist and Other Stories

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When Kangi joins a new school, he has no idea of the roller-coaster ride that awaits him. This chapter is riddled with experiences that are new and exciting. How will Kangi navigate culture shock, travelling, differences in beliefs, celebrations, responsibilities, hospital runs and even teeth decays? Is there a way to find solutions to these ever-developing situations? Let us join Kangi in his adventures and see where it all takes us! In this collection, the author has interwoven the core competencies of the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) into the stories to create circumstances that not only inform but educate on recurrent themes and topics in the curriculum and society. This is a fun way for the learner to engage and enjoy learning. What Others Say “I loved how the children’s issues were well intertwined with fun and exciting stories. It is an easy read for pre-teens and younger children. My daughter carries her copy with her every day.” - Hellen Wakonyo, Parent. “This will supplement teaching a lot of environmental, science and creative content in my class. It is refreshing to see a writer who delves into the societal contemporary issues surrounding our children.” - Teacher Rukia, Thindigua Junior Secondary School.

My Remarkable Mom: This is your story...

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My Remarkable Mom is a guided journal that has been thoughtfully created to help us get to know our mothers better. Every relationship, including that of a mother and child, benefits from deliberate tending and intentionality. The book may be filled by a child on behalf of their mother as they talk, or if a mom is able to, and if it is preferred, she may fill the book herself in addition to the conversations. A mother with young children could start to fill the book for them while memories are still fresh. It will be a precious keepsake in which entries can be made as life unfolds.

Unchartered Mind

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Unchartered Mind: Poems about Life and Living is Imali J. Abala’s most impressive poetry collection to date. The poems are lyrical, imagistic, and thought-provoking. Exploring the complexity of life and living, the poems take the reader on a journey of self-discovery as they probe the very essence of our humanity and existence, a real delight to read. What Readers Say "Imali J. Abala shows a unique and creative brilliance in this volume of poetry collection titled Unchartered Mind: Poems about Life and Living. Quite boldly, Abala challenges her readers to acknowledge the literary sanctity of double engenders in such comparisons as life and liberty, hope and faith, joy and death. Without shame, she brazenly asserts that, perhaps, America’s freedom isn’t what it is cracked up to be. Abala, a life-long learner, possesses a global world view that is seasoned by her academic experience as a veteran professor of English. It is her gift of words, her reflective culture and her passion for life that serve as the impetus for “verse” as discovered in Unchartered Mind: Poems about Life and Living." - Dr. Brooksie Harrington, Professor of English at Fayetteville State University.

Why We Tell Stories

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Storytelling was an intrinsic activity in traditional African communities. Typically told by older people, usually grandmothers and grandfathers, stories were a way of life for the young and old alike, linking the past, present and future of those societies. Set as they were around a fire, the storytelling tradition strengthened communal ties between the old and the young, and as reinforced bonds among the young. Stories emphasized shared culture, cultural values and history that were the foundation of the society’s ties. They underscored important societies’ traditions, beliefs and other norms. From the old, the young learnt lessons about their community that to affirmed their collective identity. They learnt and internalized moral values such as honesty, courage, respect, solidarity and caring for others. Invariably, stories discouraged greed and selfishness. Further, the tales captured the essence of the environment in which the people lived while reinforcing their core values. They contributed to character-building through appreciation of the moral of the stories. In Why We Tell Stories, Dorcas Kiptoo and Arthur Dobrin bring their storytelling experiences and expertise to the fore through a selection of from the African folklore. Even as the two look back to societies of yore to dig up the tales, the inherent lessons remain as relevant in contemporary times as they were ages ago. About the Authors Dorcas Kiptoo was born in Mogotio, Kenya. She attended Kenyatta University where she earned her Bachelor of Education degree. She currently lives in New York.

Chronicles of the Idler

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Chronicles of the Idler, Volume One is a collection of short, satirical pieces on various aspects of life. In simple, straight words, the author takes a quick, but critical, look at people, life, places, situations and events and spices up the stories with imagery and unmatched humour. What Others Say “Many people assume that with the demise of the likes of P. K. Okoth of Drums’ Malimoto and the great Wahome Mutahi of Whispers, humour is as good as buried. Not anymore! Chronicles of the Idler is a satirical collection in a class of its own. It is original, comical and superb!” - Solomon Abayo, Principal, Riambase High School.

Mwendo Wenye Busara

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Baada ya kuchinjwa, matumbo hukaguliwa na iwapo hakuna ishara yoyote ya ugonjwa, sherehe hutangazwa kuwa njema. Iwapo kondoo atapatikana na ishara ya ugonjwa, hii ikiwa nadra kwa kuwa umakinifu uliwekwa unapochaguliwa, mwingine hutakaswa na kuchinjwa tena. Rafiki zake bwana harusi wanapopeana habari njema, wazazi na wale kina mama wa ubatizo hunyunyiza maziwa na pombe… * Riwaya hii ni ya kihistoria ya jamii ya Wanandi. Inamulika masuala ainati ya asili katika utamaduni na mila zao. Namna jamii ya Wanandi ilivyojisuka na kujitawala katika uongozi, imani na matumaini katika maisha yao na majukumu yao katika kujikidhia matakwa ya kimsingi katika maisha. Riwaya hii ni mfano bora wa kazi zinazosimulia utamaduni wa Mwafrika na mfumo wa kujikuza na mielekeo ya maisha.