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Saro by Nike Campbell

On a visit to the coast of Marina, Lagos, Siwoolu and his young family are lured by a traitor to a grand merchant ship where they are captured by slave holders masquerading as traders. On the way to the new world, they are rescued by abolitionists on a British naval ship, and sent to Freetown, a haven for freed slaves. They settle in their new home, grow their family and become successful merchants, trading goods between Freetown and Eko. Dotunu, Siwoolu’s wife, falls in love with another man and is caught in a love triangle. But their lives are upended again when they hear that the kingdom has selected the traitor as king. Siwoolu, content with his new life, yet fearful of a curse that lurks in the shadows, refuses to return, but Dotunu is determined to keep the traitor from the throne. She turns to their son, Oșolu, who is running from his own demons, to seize the throne that is rightfully theirs. SARO is a multigenerational tale of betrayal and restitution, love and war, inspired by true events that will take the reader from the rocky terrain of Abeokuta and burgeoning city of Lagos to the lion mountains of Freetown and Hastings of Sierra Leone from the 1830s to the 1850s.

A Thousand Suns by Yeayi Kobina

Osei Tutu’s journey continues in “A Thousand Suns”, the thrilling sequel to The Usurper’s Dream. As he rallies the vassal states to join forces against the oppressive reign of Denkyira. A fracture emerges among the very gods who once guided him towards his purpose. A Thousand Suns transports readers back to the colorful world of pre-colonial legends, seamlessly blending adventure, mysticism, and historical intrigue. It unveils a world where the boundaries between mortals and the divine blur, and the delicate balance of power hangs on the brink of utter chaos.


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The Usurper's Dream is a thrilling re-imagining of the formation of the Asante Empire. it weaves historic events with the African belief system of gods and magic to tell the tale of Osei Tutu and Okomfo Anokye, his chief oracle, as they face mighty forces, both mortal and mythical, to create one of the most celebrated empires in modern African history.

The Sasabonsam by Peter Wanjohi

its an novel based on African folklore and the beginning of slavery

The Helper’s Son by Ayodeji Olaifa

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"The Helper's Son" is a powerful and evocative tale set against the backdrop of apartheid-era South Africa. Follow the journey of Jongikhaya, a child born black but raised white by his mother's employers. As he grapples with shifting identities, the story delves into the complexities of race, class, and personal belonging. Jongikhaya's experiences reveal the profound impact of social hierarchy and inherited privilege on individuals and families. This poignant narrative highlights the struggle of navigating two worlds and the internal conflict that arises from cultural dissonance. Jongikhaya's search for self-discovery amidst tragedy and loss paints a vivid portrait of the human spirit's resilience. With themes of identity, grief, and reconciliation, "The Helper's Son" is a moving exploration of the search for belonging and the enduring ties that bind us to our roots.

Nuns at the Gate by Ayodeji Olaifa

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In the gritty depths of Europe's sex underworld, Haida, a young peasant girl from rural Nigeria, is thrust into the heart of a harrowing battle for survival. Her dreams of becoming a teacher are shattered as she becomes ensnared in the treacherous web of sex trafficking and financial crime. As Haida fights to navigate the dangerous labyrinth of exploitation and deceit, she must find the strength and resilience to break free from the chains that bind her. With a haunting price tag tattooed onto her neck, she confronts the daunting challenge of reclaiming her freedom and reclaiming her life. But in a world where peril lurks around every corner and trust is a rare commodity, Haida must rely on her wits and determination to unravel the web of men’s unlimited desire for sex that ensnares her. As she seeks allies in unexpected places and confronts the shadowy forces that seek to dehumanise her, Haida embarks on a gripping journey of empowerment and redemption. In this searing tale of resilience and tenacity, Haida's courage shines as a beacon of hope in the face of unfathomable darkness. "Nuns at the Gate" is a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the indomitable human spirit and the ferocious will to overcome impossible odds.

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KISA: An Anthology of African Short S...

Presenting a diverse and dazzling collection from all over the continent—from South Africa to Nigeria, to Uganda, to Kenya, KISA is the voice of younger, new-age African writers who give a fascinating picture of a new and more liberated Africa. These writers are motivated by their engagement with the wider world and the opportunities offered by the end of apartheid, the end of civil wars and dictatorships, and the possibilities of free movement. Their work is inspired by society and the African culture. They are liberated, global, and expansive. As Aminatta Forna wrote, “If you want to know a country, read its writers." These are the stories of a new Africa: punchy, self-confident, and defiant.

Clean Injustice by Ash Jay

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Clean Injustice is a fictional novel that helps the reader unravel the injustices in our society. It has some touch of detective work.

Kalanak Academy by Edwin Kairu

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Uriak is a normal boy, attending a normal Kenyan high school, with the normal distractions and anxieties every teenager faces. Until, that is, his father drops him off at the Kalanak Academy, a remote school in the mountains north of Nairobi. Uriak is furious and resentful, given no explanation for the abrupt uprooting of his life. Things take a serious turn when Uriak is bitten by the school's principal, and he experiences some terrifying results. Uriak now finds himself with an incredible gift. But with that gift come consequences. When his people, the Iru tribe, are threatened with annihilation, Uriak must step up and use his new gift to defeat a ruthless enemy. Kalanak Academy is a bold African fantasy that pulls the unsuspecting reader into a kaleidoscopic adventure. Interwoven with humour, suspense, secrets and enigmatic plot twists, this is a story that cannot fail to captivate the imagination.

Ties of Destiny by Marjory Kimani

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Ties of Destiny is the story of two men who are born together, brought up together, and bound together for life by incidence, coincidence and fate. The two are sworn enemies from their childhood and both are achievers, born fighters and dyed in the wool go-getters. However, their methods of achieving success are a lesson in differing world views and an insight into the complexities of the human psyche. At the heart of the story is the love of mothers who will do everything possible, even keeping deadly secrets, to protect their children. Things come to a head when an unexpected development occurs and both men are forced to confront the bitter reality and face a common nemesis until a solution is found from the most unexpected source.

Bitter Honey by Khisa Matili

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Bitter Honey is an account of love, laughter, pain, and triumph. Nafula is brought up by a caring but overburdened mother. Her father who is a policeman is always absent from home. She encounters Kim, and she is dying for his love. She even tricks him into confessing his love for her. When they join the University, she gets to learn from the world and chooses to get a ‘man’ for herself just like Njeri, her friend. Kim finds out and acts out of anger by jumping down from the third floor of a storey building. He didn’t want to live, only to be humiliated by a man old enough to be his father who was competing with him for love! Kim’s tragic jump leads to the arrest of Nafula and her ‘man’ on suspicion that they were responsible! On the other hand, Nafula’s mother goes on a fact-finding mission and she discovers that her husband, Bwire, has married another wife, Sofia, and impregnated Sofia’s younger sister Halima, who is a schoolgirl. Halima loses her life after Bwire tries to facilitate an abortion, and so he is on the run to avoid arrest and embarrassment. Indeed, love is so powerful that it can flatten a mountain and blood is thicker than water. Nafula later saves her father and becomes a unifying factor in her family. How she does this when she is happily married is what the reader needs to decipher. What about Kim’s family that is totally poor and had invested all it had in his Education?

Beneath the shadows of betrayal and o...

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In our world, there are many tough challenges we deal with every day. Sometimes, these struggles stay hidden, especially from young people. But in this book, we shine a light on them. We talk about the problems we don't always talk about, and we do it in a simple way. We don't just talk about the tough stuff, though. We also talk about love in our society. But we don't just stop there. We also talk about something important: how boys sometimes get left out because people pay more attention to girls. This hurts boys, and we need to talk about it. So, join us on a journey to uncover the hidden struggles, to understand love, and to speak up for the boys who need our help. Let's make our society a better place, one word at a time.

Flowers Have Thorns

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I discovered that doing the right thing pays off. Unfortunately, this does not always prevent bad things from happening; horrible things occur on a daily basis. Life is full of surprises. so be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. Lamech shares insights from his experiences in the flower industry as he contemplates life's unpredictability. Despite his belief in the importance of doing the right thing, he recognizes that unfortunate events continue to occur on a regular basis. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared for adversity while remaining hopeful for a positive outcome. Lamech's narrative invites readers to reflect on the complexities of existence, providing a compelling and relatable perspective on overcoming life's obstacles.

The Nigerian Mafia: Sao Paulo

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Nollywood actor, Uche Mbadiegwu arrives São Paulo from Lomé, the night the carnival kicks off at the Anhembi Sambadrome. On the plane, he meets a Nigerian filmmaker, Obika Nwadi, who just been dismissed from the University of Oxford, and scandaliz hoping to find a new life in Brazil, where he begins to sh pornographic films for male-to-male sex workers. Uche bumps into label, a trans woman, who is helping to res transgender women trafficked into prostitution and falls in love, he must hide the fact that he works with an Ethiopian gang traffick Malawian and Zimbabwean women into Brazil, carrying drugs.A Sierra Leonian diplomat, Ibrahim Kabala, with connections Brazilian politicians, finds a way to move drugs from Brazil to V Africa, without hindrances. The Chinese and the Japanese mobs fi over territories. The Nigerian Mafia: São Paulo, is a gritty tale of drugs, violence, rituals, and human trafficking.

ROAD OF HOPE by Kevin Wanyonyi

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Watch Where You’re Going by Cha...

“Watch Where You’re Going” is an epic family drama with horror and thriller undertones about generational curses as seen through the Rukwaro Family as it is haunted by an evil watch that feeds on their desires.

Oliver Maina A victim of Circumstance...

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Based on true life events, Oliver finds himself on the short end of the stick and he navigates life from being an infant to a burgeoning teenager, meets a stalker, domestic violence, also falls in love a couple times, there must be a drawing of his silhouette on the ground because of all the falling. Oliver battles bullying and surviving what he calls, Kenya Defense Force Camp. When water turns to ice, you have to wonder how it was water in the first place. Oliver, once a sweet mane, becomes a vile person. Was he not a VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE though? The author is finally brave enough to tell his story to the world of the events that shaped his life, but in 3rd person. Buckle up!

Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

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A family prospering until the day father and surgeon Kweku Sai is victim of a grave injustice Ashamed he abandons his beautiful wife Fola and their little boys and girls causing the family to fracture and spiral out into the world New York London New England on uncertain troubled journeys until many years later tragedy unites them