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The African in Me by Martin Chiro

This book gives a new approach to African history or famously black history that you will find interesting to read. Throughout the years, the world has known of a poor and unpeaceful Africa but that is just but a fraction of Africa you need to know. Yes, Africa has been impoverished for years through colonialism and slavery but it has proven to be a strong continent. Its people have proven their wisdom, intelligence and resilience in the world. I believe the history of Africa is either hidden, erased, misinterpreted, or whitewashed. This has kept the people of Africa in the dark for a long time. It is what has prevented an awakening; for if someone knows of how great he can be then you cannot keep them under servitude. This book talks of a land that was inhabited by royal and intelligent people. People that gave birth to the world’s greatest civilizations. These are stories that most Africans do not know about, it is because they have never been told to them.

MP’s Diary by Hon Eng Muriuki K...

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An insight into the other side of the job of a people’s representative in a developing country, alongside legislative duties in Parliament.


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The lives of African migrant workers in Europe are a multifaceted narrative marked by challenges, resilience, and aspiration. Departing from their homelands in search of better economic prospects and opportunities, these individuals embark on journeys fraught with uncertainties and hardships. Upon arrival, they often encounter a complex web of legal, social, and economic barriers that shape their experiences in their host countries. For many African migrants, the pursuit of employment is paramount. However, they frequently encounter obstacles in accessing the labor market due to language barriers, lack of recognition for foreign qualifications, and discriminatory hiring practices. Consequently, a significant portion of African migrants find themselves relegated to low-wage, precarious jobs in sectors such as agriculture, construction, hospitality, and domestic work. Moreover, the issue of legal status looms large over the lives of African migrants. Many grapple with the complexities of immigration laws, facing the constant threat of deportation or detention. Those residing in Europe without legal documentation often live in the shadows, vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, and marginalization. Social integration presents another formidable challenge. African migrants often confront xenophobia, racism, and cultural alienation in their host communities. These social barriers hinder their ability to establish meaningful connections, access services, and participate fully in civic life. Additionally, maintaining ties with their home countries and navigating the complexities of transnational identities further shape their sense of belonging and cultural identity. Despite these adversities, African migrant communities demonstrate remarkable resilience and resourcefulness. They forge networks of support within their own communities and engage in grassroots organizing to advocate for their rights and interests. Cultural associations, religious institutions, and migrant-led organizations play crucial roles in providing social solidarity, legal aid, and educational resources. Amidst the challenges, African migrant workers in Europe also embody hope and aspiration. Many strive to build better futures for themselves and their families, sending remittances back home and investing in education and entrepreneurship. Their experiences underscore the interconnectedness of global migration, labor markets, and social justice, highlighting the need for inclusive policies and collective action to address the structural inequalities that shape their lives.

A Reflection on our Cultures by Nicho...

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A Reflection on Our Cultures is a collection of 32 folktales from 12 communities in Kenya. The book aims to help the reader appreciate the beauty, richness and diversity of our African cultures.


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This is a book that portrays the role of mothers in our lives. It's a heartfelt tribute to the love, sacrifices, and wisdom that mothers provide for their families. Through personal reflections and experiences, the author paints a vivid picture of the profound impact mothers have on shaping our lives and nurturing us through every stage. This book serves as a reminder of the invaluable role mothers play as the heart and soul of the family.

T shirts

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Introducing our line of custom-designed T-shirts, meticulously crafted to embody elegance while tailored to your preferences. Experience unrivaled comfort and a flawless fit that exudes professionalism. Elevate your style with our attractive designs, making a statement that seamlessly merges sophistication and individuality.

Kalanak Academy by Edwin Kairu

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Uriak is a normal boy, attending a normal Kenyan high school, with the normal distractions and anxieties every teenager faces. Until, that is, his father drops him off at the Kalanak Academy, a remote school in the mountains north of Nairobi. Uriak is furious and resentful, given no explanation for the abrupt uprooting of his life. Things take a serious turn when Uriak is bitten by the school's principal, and he experiences some terrifying results. Uriak now finds himself with an incredible gift. But with that gift come consequences. When his people, the Iru tribe, are threatened with annihilation, Uriak must step up and use his new gift to defeat a ruthless enemy. Kalanak Academy is a bold African fantasy that pulls the unsuspecting reader into a kaleidoscopic adventure. Interwoven with humour, suspense, secrets and enigmatic plot twists, this is a story that cannot fail to captivate the imagination.


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UGANDA A GREAT NATION” is a brand new book by debutant Ugandan author Timothy Kirenda. The book is an encapsulation of the authors perceptions and reasoning to declare that Uganda is a great nation or maybe one of the greatest nations on earth. A fairly small landlocked country east of the world’s biggest continent, why and what do you know about Uganda is the pendulum that is swung by the author throughout his piece of work. He navigates around the issues of culture or African culture as it is, politics and leadership, the history of the country, the women in the country or what we call Uganda’s beautifying aspects and also Uganda’s position on the globe. All to commemorate the authors grand standing that Uganda is a great nation, this book was written to advance the concern to the reader and to obviously confront impediments the likes of ignorance, doubt and disgruntlement. The authors assessment of Uganda as a nation colonized by the British, attained independence in 1962 and is currently run by one of Africa’s longest serving Presidents Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is an appraisal that entails the good and bad, the highs and lows and the beautiful and not so beautiful aspects.

Before The Devil Wakes Up

To you, trying to find your way from a dark corner. I hope this book lights your path to self discovery and grants you the grace to accept the you you meet on that journey.


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ME, YOU, WE & Diversity: 47 magical ways locals and non-locals meet each other. No politics and no division, finally living and experiencing diversity in everyday professional and social life. We fear what we don't know. No matter what country or culture we come from or what color our skin is, we all have this primal fear of the unknown. This diffuse fear that we share is also the thing that separates us from one another. Hardly any other topic is as charged with such controversy, polarization, doubt and inhibitions as the topic of integration. With her book, 47 magical ways locals and non-locals meet each other, Susan Omondi sets out to overcome the rifts that divide us. Profound, touching and always humorous, the Kenyan-born author tells stories from her everyday life, raises awareness of racism and sheds light on the perspectives of both immigrants or “non-locals” and locals. As an author, keynote speaker, moderator and trainer, Omondi’s main focus is on diversity in the workplace and the great professional and human opportunities that come with overcoming our fears and prejudices. She lives out the motto: "When we engage with one another, magic happens". FOR LOCALS This book is right for you if you deal with the topics of diversity and integrity in your professional and social environment (we all do!) and want to act more confidently or simply want to be more open towards your fellow human beings. Without political polarization, it offers you everyday suggestions and food for thought for approaching the topic of diversity in a human and practical way. After all, racism affects us all. You will find: • Broadening of horizons and openness towards the world • Suggestions for open interaction with non-locals • Understanding for the challenge of integration • Knowledge of enrichment through immigration • Explanations of structural racism and everyday discrimination • Practical examples for everyday life • Foundations for new friendships, partnerships and thus more success in life FOR NON-LOCALS This book is right for you if you interact with integration and everyday racism on a daily basis (we all do!) because of your origin, your name or your skin color and want to be happy and successful in your new country. It provides effective and positive support to help you move from the role of being the victim to taking self-responsibility and becoming strong. In this book you will find: • Positive experiences in dealing with discrimination • Ways to develop your potential • Support for strengthening your self-confidence • Tips for demanding professional recognition and respect • Valuable tips to be yourself in a foreign environment • Understanding for your fear of losing your roots • Ways to fulfill your desire for integration No politics, no division - Susan Omondi captivates with stories from real everyday life, from real people. In 47 Ways, she explains the daily pitfalls of integration for locals and non-locals and how you can overcome them. With this book, you will finally unleash the full magic of diversity for your professional and social environment. Together we can become successful through diversity and integration!

From Watchdogs to Traitors: The less ...

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In this compelling book, Baker delves into the enigmatic world of Rwanda's media, uncovering the truth that lies beneath its operation. Throughout his short but eventful career, he played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Rwanda's media landscape, championing professional investigative journalism and tirelessly advocating for its existence, even at great personal cost. Within these pages, he recounts the extraordinary transformation of Rwanda's media, shedding light on the preeminent change that has shaped its history. he lay the groundwork for the emergence of professional investigative journalism, highlighting its significance in raising awareness and fostering a genuine connection with the audience. Moreover, he navigates the treacherous waters of persuading those "In Charge" to embrace this new form of journalism, rife with its inherent risks and challenges. However, his passion for the truth and unwavering commitment to journalism exacted a heavy toll. he exposes the harrowing truth about how journalists themselves can betray the very public they are duty-bound to serve, leading to a pervasive erosion of press freedom. He shares the intimate details of his personal journey, recounting the tremendous sacrifices he made, which ultimately propelled him into a relentless pursuit of truth. Despite enduring multiple arrests, extrajudicial actions, and unyielding opposition, he resolutely returned to his craft, refusing to be silenced. Within these pages, he pulls back the curtains on the machinery of misinformation, offering a firsthand account of its inner workings, the puppeteers who pull the strings, and their ulterior motives. By delving into the annals of Rwanda's media history, he provides valuable context both before and after the tragic 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Through a deeply personal lens, he recounts the trials and tribulations of his journalistic career, offering an unfiltered and uncensored account of the events that unfolded before his eyes. He exposes the assault on one of journalism's fundamental principles: telling the truth. The book unravels the complex interplay between his life, his career, the misinformation factory, and the powerful forces that drive the production of the fake news that permeates narratives about Rwanda. Within the pages of "From Watchdogs to Traitors": readers will embark on a gripping journey, uncovering the intricate tapestry of Rwanda's media world. Ultimately, it is a testament to the enduring quest for truth in the face of adversity and the unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of journalism.


A Call To The Hurting Man In 2001, God laid a burden in mu heart of reaching out to every hurting man. For many years, i have lived with this in my heart and mind. Over the years, i have come accross men who are hurting and who need a shoulder to cry on. This is the driving force that propelled me into writing this book. What I share with my readers is an experience that I have gone through for many years and it has culminated into a written material. A time has come for all who are like-minded to stop burying our heads in the sand and face these challenges head-on. Unless we face these challenges, we will have ourselves to blame in the near future.

African Woman the Powerful Victim by ...

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Mbaye Birome Diouf is a seasoned Author. The author holds a Doctorate degree in security management. He holds other degrees in Leadership, Diplomacy, and Crisis Management. He strongly believes in and is committed to advancing the cause of women.

The African Powerhouse by Colin Karimi

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A tortoise to start with is a slow steady animal. In the famed story of the hare and the tortoise, the hare ends up losing the race despite the odds being in his favor and him using trickery. With such results, it is evident that with success there is more to wits and sweat. The hare got the speed, the limbs, and of course, the energy to win any marathon the animals of the jungle set up. So how does this heavy slow tortoise win the race against all odds? Well, the simple reason is that the tortoise knows its limitations. It knows what it can do and what it cannot do. A majority of us tend to overlook this part and end up burning out in a race that was never even meant to be theirs in the first place.



‘’For those going into university for the first time, these are your formative years; this book provides the basis upon which you can build a formidable foundation which will serve you well through college, but most importantly, when you graduate and embark on your professional life… This book is also of great value to parents of university students; to those counselling students as they prepare for their careers and for those in university administration… It is a book whose time has come, but also one that I wish had been published many years ago because it was greatly needed then, it is much needed now and will serve students well into the future; it is a book that’s timeless in its guidance and wisdom.’’

Foreword by Professor Chacha-Nyaigotti-Chacha.


One Last Thing: Sparkle Through Every...

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"One Last Thing" invites readers to explore the beauty of their uniqueness and navigate a path where empowerment is found in mutual upliftment. It calls for courage and intention as we perfect the art of supporting one another and unconditionally celebrating women. The book also includes numerous exercises and monthly focus sections that you can utilize for planning.

Till Death Do Us Part by Diana Mosoba

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In the bustling city of Nairobi, amidst the chaos of life, Tara finds herself ensnared in an all-consuming love affair with the enigmatic, good looking, and dangerous Joe. Drawn to his magnetism yet repelled by his volatility, she becomes entangled in a web of passion and fear. As their tumultuous relationship reaches its breaking point, Tara learns deep and dark secrets that threaten to bury her alive, she faces a harrowing choice: to break free or succumb to the perilous allure of a man whose love is as intoxicating as it is destructive. In a gripping tale of love, obsession, and survival, follow Tara's journey as she navigates the perilous depths of her own emotions and the haunting consequences of a fatal decision that changes the course of her life forever. A story of secrets, betrayal, and the ultimate act of self-preservation, "Till Death Do Us Part" explores the boundaries of love and the price one must pay for freedom.

With Eyes Wide Closed by Erick B. Gic...

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With intrigue, love, lust, fame, greed, and cruelty, ‘With Eyes Wide Closed’ Novel... The problem is that Willis wants a simple girl for a wife while Amira is out to conquer the world. They are now embroiled in a vengeful tussle. With money and influence, Amira is poised to wipe the floor with him.

Author: Erick B. Gichuru Length: 285Pages

Genre: Drama| Crime | Romance

Long Walk To Presidency by Issa Isack...

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The book provides a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with pursuing a career in politics.