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Afrorenaissance Vol. 1 by Sogallo The...

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A book penned by Artists Sogallo and Native Nairobi, Afrorenaissance Vol. 1 delves into the philosophy of changing the African narrative through art, and delves into the African perspective on History, Afrofuturism, Metaphysics and Self awareness.

Creative Thinking : A Journey through...

Creativity can be defined as the use of imagination or intelligence to create something distinct or inventive. Considering that creativity is based on intelligence, let us look at the definition of intelligence. Intelligence: The ability to acquire, retain and apply knowledge or skill. Therefore based on the two above definitions, the genesis of our journey towards creative thinking begins first of all by understanding the components that constitute intelligence and then adding an additional layer of fun to enable us to come up with new/alternative/novel ways of producing inventive, distinct ideas and products. The 8 facets of intelligence covered in this book are : 1. Emotional Intelligence 2. Visual Intelligence 3. Logical Intelligence 4. Auditory Intelligence 5. Financial Intelligence 6. Linguistical Intelligence 7. Physical Intelligence 8. Spatial Intelligence

AFRICA AURA by Nekoye Ommeh

I spent a lifetime using loudspeakers trying to enlighten a people [Africa], yet I had internal darkness [Aura] that only needed a whisper.

Soko Short Stories by Gachery Lydia

Gachery is an author with a passion for art and design. Her inspiration is drawn from the open blue skies, red soil, the vibrant colours of the markets, and the diverse community she grew up in.

History was passed down through storytelling and music in her community. She was inspired to transmute her beautiful childhood memories into stories. During the days before technology and innovation, many communities passed on history and told stories around the fireplace. Now, with the web, stories can be passed from generation to generation, and a broader audience can be reached.

Whether it was the playground, the market, or online, community is the driving force behind storytelling. Both modern and traditional communities have the same intentions, it is only the execution that differs. Her book is dedicated to children around the world, and she hopes that they will find a sense of community in the way they envision it.

My Times And Seasons by Bishop Peter ...

"Dive into the profound journey of Bishop Peter Ndungu as he unravels life's deepest questions and unveils the transformative power of faith in his book, 'My Times and Seasons.' From the shadows of poverty to the heart-wrenching losses and the triumph of birthing a ministry, Bishop Peter shares raw, personal testimonies that illuminate the path from despair to triumph. This book isn't just about survival; it's a testament to the incredible potential within each of us. Discover how pain, injustice, and heartache are woven into the tapestry of our existence, guiding us toward the extraordinary. 'My Times and Seasons' isn't just a book; it's an inspiring journey that beckons you to trust in God's unwavering love and turn every season, no matter how challenging, into a stepping stone toward victory. Your story is still unfolding, and this book is the guide to finding purpose and power in every season of life. Embrace the wisdom within, written by Bishop Peter Ndungu, and let your journey be a testimony of turning pressure into power."

Free Thinker Canvas Painting by Nancy...

KShs3,500.00 KShs3,000.00
We have a lot of ideas in our mind that we can offer to the mass. No human is limited you just don't realize what you can offer if you only thought in a broader perspective.

Labor of love by Nancy W. Wanjohi

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Labor of love when you love πŸ’• some one or you'll do all it takes to get that person close to you. That's the labor of love.

Lion King by Nancy W. Wanjohi

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The confidence of the Lion 🦁 should be emulated even in danger the Lion is ready to defend it's territory.

Strong woman by Nancy W. Wanjohi

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You can also have the same paint printed Be bold enough to Dream and Brave enough to try. She's a go getter

My lady by Nancy W. Wanjohi

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An African lady authentic and true to herself


KShs1,500.00 KShs1,200.00
Experience the indomitable human spirit in Price's inspiring story. Enduring the loss of his mother at a young age, Price persevered and carved out a music career. His story is a testament to the human spirit's resilience and determination. This is a must-read book that will motivate and inspire you.

that orange energy by Gem K.

this is the outpouring of my soul the raw aesthetic energy of my true being ~Gem K.

Si Ni Mi Nakusho by Lenjo Maza

"Si Ni Mi Nakusho" is a collection of poems and visual art that seeks to capture Nairobi life through the raw and authentic language that Kenyans use in daily life - a mix of English, Swahili and Sheng - dialect born from the fusion of cultures and struggles in the city's slums, streets, and daily grind.

A Surreal Journey of Discovery by Eri...

A Surreal Journey of Discovery is a collection of magical short stories obsessed with obsession, lust, death, loss, memory, imagination, and authenticity. Here you meet the most interesting girl in the world, a priest who no longer believes in God, a comedian who is the saddest man in the world, a beautiful ghost, and a charming unknown man with a gun. These characters will become your friends, you will never forget them.


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All descriptions of techniques used to explore colour contrasts, imagery study and potrayal, are the artists own work.

Twisted Fate By Trevor Jalango

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After getting involved in some bad businesses and companies, Zach tries to win his soul back, but he is deep in debt, one that he has to pay with blood from his family. His timid nature pushes him to be hands-off, leaving them to clean up his mess, not knowing who, when, how, and why people have to die, and these events slowly lead to a struggle for an inheritance, defending it from the opportunistic vultures and sharing it with the close ones who want to remain together as one.

Winter Sun and 106 Other Poems by Saa...

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Winter Sun is an anthology of 107 poems. Created over a 3-year period. It covers different aspects of life, from spirituality, purpose, love, romance, virtues and principles of ideal living. The artist, Saadia A. Siyat has an inexplicably immense passion for writing and poetry and each word in Winter Sun echoes in tune with the vibration of love for humanity in her soul. It’s the desire of the poet that the reader encounters at least one word, if not a whole poem, that speaks directly to his/ her heart.

Mwongozo wa Bembea ya Maisha na Vienn...

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Mwongozo huu bambam wa Bembea ya Maisha unadadavua mengi muhimu kuhusu tamthilia iliyoandikwa na Timothy Arege. Kitabu hiki kimeweka paruwanja vigezo muhimu kwa kuzingatia mahitaji ya mwanafunzi hususan mtahiniwa. Lugha sahili na sanifu imetawala ili yaliyomo yaeleweke fika. Wanafunzi wanashauriwa kusoma kitabu chenyewe kwanza kabla ya kuja tu kuthibitisha katika mwongozo hatimaye. Maswali ya dondoo huhitaji uelewa mkubwa wa mtiririko wa mambo. Madhumuni ya mwandishi ni kukidhi mahitaji ya msomaji kwa kumrahisishia mtiriko wa vitushi, dhamira, maudhui, tabia na sifa za wahusika, mandhari, mbinu za kimtindo pamwe na vielelezo vya maswali ambayo aghalabu hutahiniwa katika mijarabu na mtihani. Mwandishi wa mwongozo huu, Vienna Namweyi Wanaswa ni mwalimu mweledi wa fasihi katika shule ya upili ya Newlight Seniors School, Nairobi na anafahamu fika mikondo ya utahini.

Hello: Adventures of Corona the Chame...

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Corona Virus is a new disease in the world today and it looks like the disease is here to stay with us. People will only have to learn to live with it by taking all the necessary measures to protect themselves. 'Hello: Adventures of Corona the Chameleon' is such an educative, entertaining and informative book which is best suited for school going children of grades 1,2,3,and 4. It is written in a very simple language and through it, every child can learn more about the disease: how it mutates to different variants, the symptoms and also what to do in order to protect oneself from infection now and in the future!

Black Coffee and Steamy Nights by Eud...

KShs2,500.00 KShs2,000.00

Black Coffee & Steamy Nights is a poetry collection that is bound to either touch a nerve or take you on a rompy adventure.

The collection is in full colour with beautiful artwork by Thufu B.