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Uncovering the Secrets on Teenage Yea...

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This is a self-progression book for Teenagers

Maximizing My Divine Destiny

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Maximizing My Divine Destiny is a religious self-help book to motivate and inspire God's people to know and understand what they are destined for.


The Power of Purpose: A Guide to Finding Your Life’s Mission is a transformative book that guides readers towards a purposeful life. Authored by an expert in personal development, this compelling work offers profound insights and practical tools for aligning one’s passions, skills, and values with their life’s mission. More than a book, it’s a personal compass illuminating the path to self-realization and fulfilment. The author’s depth of understanding shines throughout, igniting an internal spark guiding towards self-discovery and the unleashing of dormant potential. This guide promises to steer your life towards joy, meaning, and significant impact.

Amir by Sandra Nekh

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Discover Amir, a gripping African fiction novel by Kenyan author Sandra Nekh. Explore a compelling story of innocence, extremism, and the power of choice in Nairobi, Kenya. Uncover the price of innocence and the impact of belief systems in this heart-rending narrative.

Ophelia by Sandra Nekh

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Explore the enigmatic world of 'Ophelia,' a dark and captivating psychological thriller by Kenyan author Sandra Nekh. Immerse yourself in a chilling experiment set in the shadows of Nairobi, where the boundaries of human ethics are tested. Sandra Nekh's 'Ophelia' masterfully weaves science, psychology, corporate conspiracy, and lust into a narrative that delves into the deepest recesses of the human mind. Uncover the mysteries of manipulation and the blurred lines between reality and hallucination in this gripping adult fiction novel.

Rich Dropouts Poor Graduates by Hunni...

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RICH DROPOUTS POOR GRADUATES is the explorative work by the young man Winston Churchill. H., a.k.a Hunnington Hill, a contemporary of Winston Churchill the great. This is the original copy of the book, with Hunnington’s depiction of how a powerful mind REGARDLESS OF INTELLECT can allow you to see beyond the limiting constructs of reality and gain control over your life. After turning the world into a big classroom and learning from it, Hunnington Hill uncovered the secrets of knowledge and presents the notion that a powerful mind can determine how powerful and successful you become. This book will change your life if you truly internalize the knowledge and understanding within it. It will help you develop a powerful mind that can break beyond any limits and achieve whichever goals you set, all fueled by a power within you.

The Adventures of Amy Animal advocacy

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An animal advocacy exposition through a real life experience with a puppy that transits from posh Kitsuru to Mwiki. In the transit culture shock is experienced from the serene upper market to noisy crowded matatus and tout noise pollution that almost sucks life out of the bewildered puppy through whose eyes in this fleeting Experience, the treatment of other animals both domestic and wild is decried with tips and ideas on how we can live in harmony and sensitivity and consideration with other creations in the ecosystem.

Sinners by Sarah Haluwa

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Scandal, secrets, and sensuality collide in 10 tales of forbidden lust that celebrate the diverse expressions of the Kenyan woman’s sexuality.

A deliciously wicked short story collection.

Junior and Senior School Diary

Most Students in Junior and Senior School are in their adolescence years which range between 12-19 years. During this Human Development Stage, many questions arise and sometimes as parents, we are not always in a position to answer them. In my mentorship sessions with Teenagers over a good number of years, I have managed to put together the Frequently Asked Questions by Teenagers, and in this book, I have answered those questions which are in the broad categories of: Education, Social, Emotional/Mental, Physical, and Religion. I encourage parents to Teenagers to read through the book, to acquire insights on the questions Teenagers ask, and add into their knowledge on how to answer them. Parents, Teenagers, Teachers and Mentors will be great beneficiaries of the content of this book.

Unshackled by JoyHope Kang’ang&...

In Unshackled, you will go on a self- discovery journey by learning how your childhood experiences impact your adulthood, by learning the different stages of Human Growth and Development borrowed from Psychologist’s Erik Erickson’s theory of Pyscho social Development. I walked through the shadows of death as I was going through a depressive phase at a particular point in my life and you will find powerful insights which I learned in my healing journey. This Book is an eye opener to anyone who has had unanswered questions around their perceptions of the world and all those who continue to fight unseen battles. My prayer and strong belief is that you will break free from invisible shackles after reading this book.

Rivers in the Desert by JoyHope Kang&...

Rivers in the desert is based on a true story and it gives beautiful life and marriage insights. You will learn what men expect from women and what women expect from men. You will also read articles on different aspects of life and your perception towards life will change for the better. If you are going through a tough phase in your marriage, this will be a great eye opener as it contains great lessons learnt by a young woman who was married to a fraudster, later got divorced and still managed to rebuild her life and made great positive impact in the world. You will also know the type of husband or wife you have been and make a decision if that is the best you can be or you will be a different and a better version of yourself.

Choose to Forgive by JoyHope KangR...

In choose to forgive you will learn that forgiveness runs the economy of the heart. Once you choose to, you will save the cost of losing friends. You will also save medical bills because maybe the physical illness which you have struggled with for years was caused by unforgiveness. You might be subjecting people around you to stress, paying your hospital bills, yet you have the cure within you. I challenge you to forgive and experience total liberation, gratitude, peace, wholeness and great health.

Salt and Gravity: Illustrated poems b...

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Salt and Gravity is a collection of poems about abuse, pain, and tears and the journey to find healing. The poems are also about love, heartbreak and learning to be confident and comfortable even in aloneness. The book is split into four chapters: Salt Flavor Gravity Grounded

Beyond the Illusion

Beyond the Illusion is a short introductory book on the topic of metaphysics which in extremely simplified terms is the science that deals with the unseen. In this book I tackle the questions of purpose and the meaning of life in a way that’s not just a theoretical framework but which you can practically get involved in. In this book, I’m giving you the tools you need to be able to find the purpose and meaning of your life. There are so many parts of us that are suppressed for various reasons, one of the worst being your gifts make you stand out and you become a target. These suppressed parts of us contain a vast wealth of gems like natural leadership, artistry, unique problem-solving skills, creativity, strength, and passion just to name a few. This book shows you how to practically integrate those parts of you hidden in your subconscious into your conscious mind so that you become a self-actualized and empowered individual able to tap into your full potential. With it, you’ll have the power to see and change your reality and create a life full of meaning and fulfillment. You can get the book on the Nuria app, check the link in the description, and begin your journey of self-discovery.

Career Choice

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Careers continue to evolve every day. Many students in Africa need more guidance regarding career selection. This book is a career guidance resource for students aged 16 to 19 yrs. The Recser Career Formula inside the book is a tool students can use to select and build fulfilling careers.

Having an Eagle Eye by Eben Kinyanjui...

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"Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why." Seeing alone is not enough. You ought to see clearly. You ought to see keenly. It offers an opportunity to question yourself like Newton. Thus, you stand a chance to be called a "father of science." Or rather, make you a fortune. Having an Eagle Eye is an eye-opener. It is a non-fiction Christian self-improvement book. Every sentence of this is pregnant with wisdom. Having an eagle eye is nothing more than an ocean of knowledge. The stories in this book bring a fresh breath of air that captivates the heart, engages the mind, and inspires the reader's spirit. Profound, practical, principle-centered approaches to crucial subjects in one's life have not been left out. Reading it will equal doing yourself a favor, as stated in the Scriptures.

I Am Lovable by Rose Wangithi

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A children's book based on words of affirmation.

Project Evaluation Plan Guide by Benj...

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This book takes you step by step development of Project Evaluation Plan as a professional, sample templates are also include to provide you with practical examples.

ReConfidence: Get Your BOLD BACK by P...

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What happened to that CONFIDENT version of yourself? Where did you leave behind the five-year-old, who believed they could do anything and become everything? In this book, Paps shares with you her life journey combined with seasoned self-coaching tools and strategies to help you GET YOUR BOLD BACK on 3 crucial areas of your life: WONDERING ABOUT LIFE PURPOSE? YOU WILL... Clarify your legacy. Discover your natural strengths. Get pointers towards an aligned career, vocation, and life path. Build a fresh perspective of abundance mindsets and true fulfillment. STUCK IN SELF DOUBT? YOU WILL. Believe in yourself once again. Deal with your heartaches. Declutter and recharge your soul. Heal your inner child and set your soul free. SKEPTICAL ON FAITH MATTERS? YOU WILL... Re-evaluate your God space. Align to life-giving relationships. Build stronger foundations for your life and generations. Paps Wanyugi is a Certified Life Coach, Psychologist, and Millennials Mentor with a mission to inspire individuals and groups to CREATE the EXTRAORDINARY life they DESIRE and DESERVE. She has over 17 years of experience implementing transformational coaching outfits for preteens, teens, women, mentors, and parents inspiring intentionality and confidence. SHe has also authored Leading Generations: A Handbook For Mentoring 21st Century Preteens and Teens in Africa. Paps is wife to James & mum to 4 wonderful kids!

THE CONFEDERATE: A Vanessa Series Boo...

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A cyber attack into Somalian government. A penetration and a leak that threatens and could devastate East Central African regional security. A shootout in the middle of Nairobi. Vanessa, a girl on the run. Inspector Letui, a counter terrorism officer who wants to find the truth. Aisha, a Confidential Informant who has no idea the people she is spying on are far more dangerous than her day job. The book has several Offensive Cyber Operations, written in detail never since before in a Thriller.