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SEIZING THE MOMENT: 300 years history...

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300 years history of the Awori family

What is Money – A Money Life Sk...

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A Money Life Skills Work Book for Children from 5 years of age Cultivating positive Money habits, skills and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Dangerous Thirst by Prince Musau

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As a teenager, she was an outgoing young lady. She used to spend some time with her boyfriend. That night, she drowned herself in alcohol as she partied all night with her boyfriend. When she woke up the following morning, her side of the bed was cold and wet. She was stark naked. On the other side of her bed, Kelvin lay there. Naked. “Hey, what happened yesterday? How did the party end?" she asked Kelvin on waking up. She had no recollection of the events of the previous night. She had passed out the previous night after smoking shisha only to wake up the following afternoon in Kelvin’s bed, stark-naked. All this while, Kelvin still lay in the bed , dead asleep and naked. Kelvin wasn’t responsive. Tiffany was in pain…. What really happened ?

Wealth Within You By Brian Odhiambo

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The book affirms that human being is a unique package of divine possibilities, the epitome of God's work, the very best of The Master Architect and Grand Designer of the Universe who purposed to make little versions of Himself complete with a mandate to have dominion on the earth. Unfortunately many people continue to live in their limiting comfort zones despite such precious endowments and inbuilt capabilities chiefly on account of ignorance, fear and Self doubts. The brave minority, who through the right application of knowledge, personal discipline and effort pay the requisite price to unlock their innate potential ultimately enjoy a life of abundance with personal freedom to boot. Being a key person of influence in their various Fields.


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God made man function without limits in life. He does not put a limit on us, instead, there are certain glaring impediments in life that bring wicked deeds upon us. This book will take you through each one of them and you will be able to fully understand the adverse impact they have on an individual's life. But it will also outline the way out of them and into your breakthrough. As Pastor Ben takes you through what these evils have been responsible for in your life, you will realize the next stage will be to 'Break the Limits' and fire dynamic artilleries using the Holy Ghost power-filled Prayer points at the end of the book. It is your turn for a turnaround.


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If you were to make an analysis of your life, career, marriage, family, and finances, could you say it is what you dreamt of? If the answer to this question is no, Benjamin Nebechukwu explains the reasons why you are not living the kind of life God wants you to. In this book, he explains the strategies the enemy uses to frustrate, intimidate and limit God's people. He offers timeless wisdom, practical advice, and fiery prayers that will guarantee your complete deliverance.


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God's desire for your life according to His spoken word in 3 John 2 is that you prosper physically and materially, even as your soul prospers. Kingdom prosperity is God's agenda to enable His children to fulfill their divine mandate here on earth. Unfortunately, many Christians are living in financial bondage. This book will expose you to hidden Biblical principles of kingdom prosperity such as the mystery of the transfer of wealth and the covenant of prosperity, among others. In this book, you will also discover; - That true prosperity is given by God - The different doorways to financial bondage - How to break the backbone of poverty - The keys to financial liberty. The book concludes with Holy Ghost inspired prayer points for wealth creation and poverty destruction.


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Deliverance from Witchcraft exposes a subject that is of serious concern to most people. It unravels the mystery behind witchcraft attacks that are prevalent in many families, communities, and nations. This book provides mature, practical and detailed insight into one of the devil's swiftest instrument for afflicting mankind and the way out of such afflictions. It is written in free conversation style with illustrative facts. This book will teach you how to break the backbone of witchcraft and will also lead you into the pathway to deliverance and victory.


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Many people today are struggling under unexplainable burdens thereby operating below their destined physical, material, or spiritual standards. Unknown to such ones is that they could be operating under hidden curses and or covenants. Until curses and covenants are broken, they will continue their evil operation in one's life, thus blocking the flow of his/ her blessings. This book empowers you to embark on a journey towards unblocking the flow of blessings to you and your next generation by breaking curses and covenants. In this book you will learn; - The mystery of curses and covenants in an in-depth account, highlighting the different types and sources of curses, a discourse on generational curses and cursed objects, also providing a path to breaking and reversing these evils. - That through Jesus Christ, provision has been made for Christians not to be vexed by curses and covenants but to live victoriously each day. - To position yourself into the highest blessings that you and your family are created for and entitled to.


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This book will help you understand what it means to have faulty foundations and the corresponding chain of problems that would come against such a backdrop. They include marital ineligibility, suicidal tendencies, excessive anger, violent deaths, sexual pervasion, bedwetting, strange accidents, depression, cruelty, bitterness and many more. All these are some of the issues many Christians face today. This book has some guiding questions which when answered could reveal to one the source of their problems. Those who read this book, shall appreciate that there are problems such as object poverty, diseases, sickness and so on that we inherit from our parents and that may even further be traceable to their roots. The solution for such are all packaged in this book.


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There are so many captives in the world today. Many people are prisoners in so many ways be it economically, physically, emotionally, or mentally. Some people were born into captivity through their generation line and others led themselves into bondage through their lifestyles. There are so many brilliant university graduates who roam the streets for years without a job in sight or a viable project to their name. There are so many men and women who earn good sums of money but have nothing to show for it. There are also many beautiful women and handsome men struggling to keep a relationship. This book Setting the Captives Free is written for people who want to experience freedom without limit. In this book we shall look at; -The mystery of captivity - Forms of captivity - Understanding deliverance - Liberty without freedom - The ministry of spiritual violence Welcome to your life of freedom.


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If you're one of many Christians who have struggled with challenges that never seem to come to an end: if you are one of the millions of people that just feel like they are sick and tired of being sick and tried, this is the book for you. While life is a journey filled with challenges, there are times when you get to the point of being absolutely desperate. In Conquering the problems of Life, you will learn; - Sources of persistent problems. - Reasons why the problems just won't go. - How to stand firm and trust God through it all. - How to pray right for your individual - How not to let the troubles of life weigh you down. If you're ready to take back control of your life from the grip of the enemy, you need this book. This book will show you the secrets to getting back what the enemy has stolen from you.

Twisted Fate By Trevor Jalango

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After getting involved in some bad businesses and companies, Zach tries to win his soul back, but he is deep in debt, one that he has to pay with blood from his family. His timid nature pushes him to be hands-off, leaving them to clean up his mess, not knowing who, when, how, and why people have to die, and these events slowly lead to a struggle for an inheritance, defending it from the opportunistic vultures and sharing it with the close ones who want to remain together as one.

Daughter of Africa: An Autobiography ...

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Daughter of Africa is the extraordinary story of a girl from Nanyuki, Kenya, who quickly and naturally gathered business, networking, and writing skills in the dusty lanes of her town and beyond…and before long found herself networking at the highest corporate and government levels. The daughter of self-made parents, Gina Din blazed a new trail as a female entrepreneur, a public relations authority, and a dedicated Kenyan with a heart for transforming lives. Gina Din’s outlook is resolutely African, and her personal and career story is a testament to the immense potential that exists for African women in business, politics, and philanthropy. As a mother, a daughter, a sister, a mentor, and a lifelong learner, she is comfortable in all spaces, embracing the humanity in everyone she meets, while always questioning restrictive cultural and religious norms. This book is an intimate and inspiring portrait of an acclaimed daughter of the continent.

I believe in you, Hooyo by Abdurahman...

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It was a story he never expected to hear, but it was the journey he needed. Finding the answer to who he was. The truth about his home and his destiny. Following the whispers of his mother, guided by her love and wisdom. Energetic, genius loner traverses time, and pages of history to save his legacy and home, Somalia.

The Courage to LEAD Young: A Memoir b...

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In a compelling account of her own professional journey at Amref Health Africa – an international health non-governmental organization, Evalin Karijo shares the skills and wisdom she gained in her climb from a voluntary role, to leading multiple teams, directing an international, youth-focused, health initiative, and eventually to a strategic leadership position that paved the way for many young people to take up leadership roles within her organization and beyond. The trail she blazed within a decade is evidence that young people are uniquely qualified and essential in participating fully in leadership. As she proudly exited the powerful demographic called youth, Eve wrote the book she wished for, early in her own professional climb. The Courage to Lead Young: A Memoir, is her hand-up extended to other courageous leaders ready to take up the leadership challenge. ********************** About the author Evalin Karijo is an award-winning leader, global health specialist, a strong advocate of youth leadership in Africa, and a lover of nature. She has received various recognition, including the Management Africa Magazine ‘Top Woman’ feature, and the #Top35Under35 Kenya 2020 award for her leadership role in the health sector. She holds a Masters degree in International Public Health (University of Liverpool), a Global Executive MBA in Health Leadership and Management (United States International University-Africa), and Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health (Kenyatta University).

Wolf of Congo: Prince of Kinshasa by ...

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Arnold has never stepped into a palatial mansion, being waited on hand and foot by maids and butlers of the Kufulula estate. The poor boy knows no etiquette rules and has never mingled with the upper class nor indulged in the privileges and frivolities of high society. All he knows is an impecunious livelihood with his mom - a curious woman sporadically vanishing from him for reasons he knows not. His house is a tiny structure in the inner city, and he has never blown a wish from his birthday cake. But all that changes when mysterious people arrive to take him away and introduce him to a different reality. Thanks to his grandfather, he later discovers his true identity. He also makes lasting friendships, is christened the Wolf of Congo, and travels to India, America, and back to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to manifest The African Dream. The reward of the Bapindi prophecy awaits him, to see if Arnold can accomplish his destiny as the Prince of Kinshasa and take over the throne as the rightful Bapindi king.

Hope Made A Way

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Hope Made A Way by Lucy Wanjiku Njenga is a memoir of a girl who rose from the urban slums to the global stage.

Tuzo za Usafi by Timothy Sumba

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Tuzo za Usafi ni kitabu cha wanafunzi wa gredi za chini katika shule ya msingi. Kazi bunilizi hii inazingatia mahitaji yote ya mfumo mpya wa elimu (mtalaa wa umilisi) kama vile ujenzi wa masuala mtambuko. Utajiri mkubwa wa yaliyomo ni burudani katika lugha sanifu na msamiati teule ambao umeshiba mafunzo kemkemu ya maadili. Visa sisimuzi vimesukwa ili kumpa mtoto ilhamu ya kutaka kujua zaidi na kumjengea uraibu wa kusoma kwa ufasaha. Usafi wa mwili ni mazoea mazuri. Umuhimu wa usafi ni upi? Utaratibu wa usafi wa mwili ni upi? Vifaa gani hutumika kuusafisha mwili? Mwandishi wa kitabu hiki, Timothy Omusikoyo Sumba ni mtaalamu wa saikolojia na fasihi ya watoto. Ameandika vitabu chungu nzima ambavyo vimeidhinishwa na Taasisi ya Kukuza Mitaala ya Kenya (KICD) pamwe na Research Triangle International (RTI).


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Siku za Mwizi ni kitabu cha wanafunzi wa gredi za chini katika shule ya msingi. Kazi bunilizi hii inazingatia mahitaji yote ya mfumo mpya wa elimu (mtalaa wa umilisi) kama vile ujenzi wa masuala mtambuko. Utajiri mkubwa wa yaliyomo ni burudani katika lugha sanifu na msamiati teule ambao umeshiba mafunzo kemkemu ya maadili. Visa sisimuzi vimesukwa ili kumpa mtoto ilhamu ya kutaka kujua zaidi na kumjengea uraibu wa kusoma kwa ufasaha. Mwizi amezoea kuiba. Mwizi ni nani? Aliiba nini? Wapi? Vipi? Je, siku za mwizi zitafika? Mwandishi wa kitabu hiki, Timothy Omusikoyo Sumba ni mtaalamu wa saikolojia na fasihi ya watoto. Ameandika vitabu chungu nzima ambavyo vimeidhinishwa na Taasisi ya Kukuza Mitaala ya Kenya (KICD) pamwe na Research Triangle International (RTI).