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Unfounded societal pressures especially in the African setting have caused a lot of people to derail from their dreams and the very things that bring them happiness. Even more unfortunately, this pressure has dissuaded some people from their purpose, and they've ended up living a life of others. I am also strongly persuading that societal pressure is a key cause of the increasing number of depressed people and subsequent loss of life due to high unrealistic expectations, yet the environment is seldom in favor of these expectations. I have gone through this same pressure, and this pushed me to interrogate the viability of some of the nuances and ultimately, after some consultation with subject matter experts featured in some of the stories herein, I am convinced that these pressures are unnecessary. I hope this book frees you up from the chains of societal redundancy.

What Did God Say – Hearing God,...

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WHAT DID GOD SAY? Is a three in one book. It will not only guide you on how to identify your marriage partner, but also will equip you with knowledge and wisdom you should have before saying ‘‘I DO’’ and answers the FAQs on dating, courtship and engagement. It is a good resource for;  Those who have asked how they can identify their marriage partner  The heartbroken and disappointed from past relationship(s)  Those preparing for marriage and have questions on how to prepare for marriage before they say ‘‘I DO’’  Those having questions on dating, courtship and engagement.  Those who want to know how to hear God and position themselves to Hear Him

MARRIAGE IS A SCAM by Maria Waweru

Marriage is a scam is one of the materials which every person should have before entering the institution of marriage and even those who are still married its a must have book. There are major 12 problems in marriage of which no one knows them before hand . they are discussed and solutions offered in this manual book

Voice of Courage by Erick Onyango Odh...

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Voice of courage book is a stage play dystopia tale of Mambo Leo's constituent liberation struggles and trumps over social evil. The book details how the people charted their path and mastered their fate to realize their power, and dormant potential and achieve a just, empowered and united society.

My Remarkable Mom: This is your story...

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My Remarkable Mom is a guided journal that has been thoughtfully created to help us get to know our mothers better. Every relationship, including that of a mother and child, benefits from deliberate tending and intentionality. The book may be filled by a child on behalf of their mother as they talk, or if a mom is able to, and if it is preferred, she may fill the book herself in addition to the conversations. A mother with young children could start to fill the book for them while memories are still fresh. It will be a precious keepsake in which entries can be made as life unfolds.

Blind Justice by Haron Gori

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A young man is arrested, framed in a robbery with violence case and sentenced to hang. He fights the justice system to the hangman's noose

The Hot Chalice by Hamisi Wawire

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Should we let our children into our marriage squabbles? Does it help or worsen the already worse situation? Does it mould them into responsible parents and patriotic citizens? Must we doubt each other in marriage? In this lovely but tragic story, Injendi’s true love to his family – wife and daughter comes to an abrupt end when his wife’s doubts lead to Nekesa’s killing. A rosy union turns once into a bed of thorns that dates back to Nawusino’s early orientation to love and marriage. Nandako has to step in strongly to make the unimagined happen.

Adventures of Pendo and Jasiri Vol 1:...

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  • An African kids supernatural fictional story aimed at showing children their limitless potential

My Personalized Financial Planner by ...

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Use this exciting resource to create a Personal Money Diary to help you track your savings,  see how you spend and how often you spend on the same items. It is an amazing work book, inspiring, challenging, informative and it keeps you accountable daily.


Here I stand by Noah Roy

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Life is like a body of water. The calm season comes and we are able to see our reflections. When wind or a storm comes, we lose clarity and a sense of self.W then should we do and enjoy our existence in this dimension? Here, I stand simply tells us to live. To jump with the tides, or saddle through them. To maintain calm and peace, or to share the joy with the people around us. It is about being and finding satisfaction while at it, whatever life brings, wherever it leads, however it goes. That nothing is etched on stones, and all we have now, and for as long as we exist, is to just live. Be you. They’ll adjust

Woman Beneath her Feet & Other S...

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This anthology is an amalgamation of contemporary and some universal well packaged in fictional narratives told by a group of Kenyan writers. The herein are educative, entertaining, and thought- provoking, and intend to preserve the lived realities of this generation into posterity. The compelling themes ranging from love, family, identity, and life pre- and post-pandemic among others are well thought out ideologies. They are stories of young women and men grappling with their romantic relationships and unrequited love, sex and its outcomes , single parenthood, loss and grief, generational realities, work-life balance, religion, life choices, and the complexities of families among other riveting storylines.

The Quotist by Muthoni Kirumba

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The Quotist is a motivational book consisting of daily life quotes and anectodes touching on entrepreneurship and the essence of life. The short stories are meant to encourage and push you to go beyond your excellence and achieve more in life while being content in the present.

The Crystal Ball Fell by Muthoni Kirumba

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The Crystal Ball Fell is a Kenyan Fiction story focusing on three main societal issues: emotional abuse, family feud and betrayal. These are issues we face on a daily.

The Battle Within (volume 2) by Mesha...

The Battle Within is a book written by a mental health advocate, counselor and survivor of suicide attempts. The volume 2 is covering issues of teenagers in terms of mental health awareness, drug abuse, hygiene habits in teenagers, social media addiction and pornography. The book is also covering issues of young people struggling with suicide in Kenya and it is a book that is favorable for teenagers and those people handling teenagers like teachers, parents etc.

Maua by Grace Kagema

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MauaTheNovel is an epic story of a young ambitious man who yearns to break the chains that hold him back from achieving a life he had only dreamt of. Amid misfortunes and with nothing to his name, Karani, must step up and feed his hunger for success. But can he do it? How much inner strength will he need to overcome the challenges ahead? What choices will he face? Will he emerge a winner? This story is written in English. The setting is in Africa where the reader travels through a maze of hope, tragedy, traditions, modernity, resilience and love through the protagonist eye.

Heart Whispers by Brenda S. Wanjira

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An explosion of inner thoughts, intimate feelings, and raging desires. Whispers of the heart.

The Real You: Unpacking You By Angie ...

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We spend much of our lives chasing our dreams and busy with the rat race thinking we are living meaningful lives, but in reality, we are not. What we have overlooked is the fact that God created each of us for more than we are experiencing, and we need to align with His original plan for us. The Real You is an eye-opening book, which aims to show you how to align with who God created you to be and His purpose for your life. The real you is made up of and expressed through eight aspects of your life – spirit, soul, body, social, financial, professional, leadership, and geographical. The Real You is a book that will bring strategic alignment to your life by showing you the importance of developing an intimate relationship with God. Learn how to live as the Real You and deliver value to the world in a way that is unique to you.

Redefining A Kenyan Referee by Lorenc...

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Sports officiating is a complex discipline that involves a significant amount of counterintuitive knowledge and emotional intelligence. Through a mixture of mind-blowing thoughts, Redefining a Kenyan Referee takes a deep and knowledgeable dive into how to reshape officiating practices in Kenya. It offers guidelines and recommendations to which sports officiating bodies should adhere. Precisely composed and explored by Lorence Ishuga, a variety of views from literary studies and navel-gazing are fused to shed a light on the rarely valued and frequently criticized persons -who are pivotal to sports. It should be read by all stakeholders in sports to achieve a new perception of match officials. Every sports official and practitioner needs to study this book. Such an act will improve their performance and participants’ experience.

The Ministry Gifts by Kenneth Hagin

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This informative study guide discusses in depth the biblical characteristics of the ministry gifts—apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, helps —and their roles in the Body of Christ.

The Midas Touch – A Biblical ap...

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Kenneth E. Hagin uses the Word of God to answer many of the questions Christians have concerning money and the "prosperity message."