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Financial Success For Entrepreneurs b...

Financial success for entrepreneurs is a book that has been engineered to help upcoming and existing entrepreneurs understand practical tips on how to effectively monitor business performance and maximize profitability and grow investments. This book is structured to help entrepreneurs become great money managers while at the same time plugging loopholes that would potentially cause loss of cash. This book has five modules tackling different aspects of the business. It gives you the knowledge and practical nuggets for you to turn your business into a financial success. To get best out of this book you must play your part. Your business cannot be successful if you do not practice these tips. You have to make them work through practice.

A Personal Money Nuggets Workbook by ...

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Money Management is the foundation of all wealth building blocks. Get and stay on top of all your personal finances.

Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting...

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This is a comprehensive textbook that is written through the eyes of the learner to prepare them for professional government and not-for-profit accounting practice and the CPA exam.

Unveiling The Secrets To Prosperity B...

unveiling the secrets to prosperity, UNLOCKS, demystifies, reveals and brings true conceptualisation and configuration of the concept of prosperity just as the Bible provides. It takes the reader from the realm of quagmire VIS a VIS PROsperity. It will launch the reader’s expiry date of mediocrity. Biblically speaking, God wishes us to prosper. This SHows CLearly that the prosperity just like sitting for an exam solely DEPENDs on US, but to make it easier for US, God outlined his will pertaining prosperity. This book Births to you the will thereof. Faith comes where The will of God is known, one cannot prosper without FAITH to prosperity.

Who are the Top Billionaires in Afric...

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Brief Summary This book is about making it as an entrepreneur irrespective of where you start. Ibeto started with nothing. Strive Masiyiwa started with $75. What problem do you want to solve? Learn from the great sons and daughters of Africa.
  • Power of Action eliminates PROCRASTINATION.
  • Power of Experience makes one WISER.
  • Power of Tenacity and Integrity creates life- long VALUE.

Managing Your finances God’s way by G...

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Brief Summary Managing Your Finances God’s Way is formulated in 10 easy to follow steps. It is a very easy read addressed to a keen newcomer but also valuable to the seasoned investor. This book will not only give the knowledge of how to handle money but also help you understand the spiritual side of money.

It’s About Time – Your Blueprint For ...

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Brief Summary It’s About Time – Your Blueprint For Successful Time Management
  • Stay organized and focused
  • Get more done
  • Achieve your goals
  • Earn more money
  • Increase your productivity
  • It's About Time - Your Blueprint For Successful Time Management quantity

The Sink: Radical Transformation with...

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Brief Summary Ever met a stranger who changed your view of life forever? Could one sentence change the way you look at relationships? Work? Maybe even your world? There are many days to day interactions that we brush off as unimportant. What if we saw more? What if we left the world better, in each moment, than it was when we arrived? Even if that meant doing hard things. What would that look like? What would that mean for your job, for your family, for your life? Consider what could happen if we took responsibility for not just our mess, but cleaned up found messes, even if it isn't ours. What could this mean for a company? What if you taught your employees to take initiative to leave the world and the things around them better than they found them? The Sink is the story of the small moments that make the biggest impact on our lives and our business, if only we pay attention. All it takes is one moment to transform and shift our perspective. Like the book Who Moved My Cheese, The Sink will ignite individuals, employees, leaders, and CEOs in organizations across the world to give more, pay attention to the details, and achieve results by leaving everything better than the way they found it.

Another Fabulous Year by Joyce Wakini

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BOOK SUMMARY: TITLE: ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR ; AUTHOR: WAKINI JOYCE This book focuses on how to build and develop your TALENTS. It was written detailing out a journey of best practises supporting individual's personal goals. A pillar for your next level of greater self leadership. It is also best practice for those who seek to start working on some new things such as; now harnessing their talents profitably with or without unemployment. Some have a new business idea or want to heed their life calling into ministry, philanthropic work etc. The topics discussed herein are pillars towards your next level of work and career time. Last but not least, ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR is a manual that helps individuals map a way out of any kind of personal struggle. A pillar for setting up a new level of order from where they're right now. Don't be surprised to find some activities for you to do in every chapter. Look out for them right at the start, for that's the beginning of the change. CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS: The writer has systematically elaborated 8 pillars which you can use to start working on your next level. The following are the HIGHLIGHTS of each chapter;- √ WHY you need to draft your wish list √ Mental CLARITY and decision making √ How to plan and why you need to conduct RESEARCH about your dreams √ Ways to become a DOER and finally.. √ Make a commitment to SERVE globally with your gifts and talents. This book ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR will foster behaviour changes necessary for next level kind of performance. It shapes the character of its' readers way before they arrive on stage. RECOMMENDATION: What's behind the title ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR? Time! It sets readers of the book to work from a schedule. That is, tie a time target to the change you want to see. While a one year challenge is sufficient for some kind of work or is even too much, for other scopes of work more time could be needed. CONCLUSION: Best practice for our next level, leaving no one behind. BLURB (Inside): "Stepping into the present of who you have decided to be this year in order to appreciate your life even more and build a legacy." Joyce Wakini | Author | Best Practices > ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR

Business Accounting by Frank Wood Vol...

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Brief summary The Frank Wood books have taught generations of accounting students how to think and act as accountants. Now in its 14th edition, Business Accounting Volume 1 continues to offer an indispensable guide for any accounting student. Financial accounting, financial reporting, financial analysis, and management accounting concepts are all covered in this accessible, practical text. The 14th edition is updated to be fully compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and with current IFRS terminology.