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Afrorenaissance Vol. 1 by Sogallo The...

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A book penned by Artists Sogallo and Native Nairobi, Afrorenaissance Vol. 1 delves into the philosophy of changing the African narrative through art, and delves into the African perspective on History, Afrofuturism, Metaphysics and Self awareness.

Tales From The Skies by Dennis Mukolwe

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As you turn the pages of Tales from the Skies, you'll be transported to a world where the skies are alive with magic and wonder. You'll encounter majestic eagles soaring high above the mountains, mystical nightingales singing in the moonlight, and a myriad of other birds that have inspired awe and reverence across generations. This book is more than just a collection of stories; it is an exploration of the profound bond between humans and birds, a journey through the skies that will educate, fascinate, and inspire. Whether you are an avid reader of myths, a lover of folklore, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of birds, this book promises to offer a unique and enriching experience. Welcome to the world of Tales from the Skies—a celebration of the enchanting world of birds and the timeless stories they inspire.

Nothing but the Truth by Peter Keitany

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The main purpose of this book is to equip all the believers (saints) to do the will of God on earth. It is to help believers teach sound doctrine and lead transformed lives ,showing true agape love, practicing true worship in giving in the church, leading fruitful lives, serving as per the grace and calling, using wisdom from above, living and walking by faith as empowered by the Holy Spirit, making disciples for Christ, dying to self, fighting and winning their spiritual warfare and embracing spiritual maturity. It also seeks to revive the sleeping church and inculcate biblical values in church leadership, family and parenting in the lord. These truths may be very controversial in some religious cycles yet it is the bitter truth. These radical teachings have the potential to stir and cause revival in the church and set the standards of the vibrant and spiritually fiery early church which Jesus left.

Kenya’s Swahili Coast: From the...

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The story of the Swahili Coast is full of drama and adventure, unexpected twists and turns and visitors who came

Siaya: A historical Anthropology An A...

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Siaya: A historical Anthropology An African Landscape by David William Cohen and E. S Atieno Othiambo

Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards Series 2: Com...

The Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards series offers a fun interactive way to learn the language.

Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards Series 1: Alp...

The Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards series offers a fun interactive way to master the language. Learn the rules and how to pronounce each letter of the alphabet.


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ME, YOU, WE & Diversity: 47 magical ways locals and non-locals meet each other. No politics and no division, finally living and experiencing diversity in everyday professional and social life. We fear what we don't know. No matter what country or culture we come from or what color our skin is, we all have this primal fear of the unknown. This diffuse fear that we share is also the thing that separates us from one another. Hardly any other topic is as charged with such controversy, polarization, doubt and inhibitions as the topic of integration. With her book, 47 magical ways locals and non-locals meet each other, Susan Omondi sets out to overcome the rifts that divide us. Profound, touching and always humorous, the Kenyan-born author tells stories from her everyday life, raises awareness of racism and sheds light on the perspectives of both immigrants or “non-locals” and locals. As an author, keynote speaker, moderator and trainer, Omondi’s main focus is on diversity in the workplace and the great professional and human opportunities that come with overcoming our fears and prejudices. She lives out the motto: "When we engage with one another, magic happens". FOR LOCALS This book is right for you if you deal with the topics of diversity and integrity in your professional and social environment (we all do!) and want to act more confidently or simply want to be more open towards your fellow human beings. Without political polarization, it offers you everyday suggestions and food for thought for approaching the topic of diversity in a human and practical way. After all, racism affects us all. You will find: • Broadening of horizons and openness towards the world • Suggestions for open interaction with non-locals • Understanding for the challenge of integration • Knowledge of enrichment through immigration • Explanations of structural racism and everyday discrimination • Practical examples for everyday life • Foundations for new friendships, partnerships and thus more success in life FOR NON-LOCALS This book is right for you if you interact with integration and everyday racism on a daily basis (we all do!) because of your origin, your name or your skin color and want to be happy and successful in your new country. It provides effective and positive support to help you move from the role of being the victim to taking self-responsibility and becoming strong. In this book you will find: • Positive experiences in dealing with discrimination • Ways to develop your potential • Support for strengthening your self-confidence • Tips for demanding professional recognition and respect • Valuable tips to be yourself in a foreign environment • Understanding for your fear of losing your roots • Ways to fulfill your desire for integration No politics, no division - Susan Omondi captivates with stories from real everyday life, from real people. In 47 Ways, she explains the daily pitfalls of integration for locals and non-locals and how you can overcome them. With this book, you will finally unleash the full magic of diversity for your professional and social environment. Together we can become successful through diversity and integration!

The Last Raibuni with M’Angaine...

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The Last Raibuni with M'Angaine O M'Ithiria by Engineer Kiruki Mwithimbu

Lead Outwardly Loud by Nancy A. Loncle

Lead Outwardly Loud is for you, if you operate in High Pressure Ultra Competitive Jobs and have attached your value to performance, keeping you in debilitating anxiety over constant competition. You are in/or aspiring to take up a leadership role. It takes you through a 5-step process called the W.A.F.E.R. Challenge, by the end of which you will be able to clearly define Purpose in your career, Highlight and Refine your People Skills so you can position yourself among the best in your field and serve from a place of ABUNDANCE, without depleting your energy levels.

Otongoro neChing’erabanto by Bonface ...

Eamate ya mwanyagetinge korwa Iranda, Keera amo n’Ebate yataborigwe abana babo n’amatongire akageire koba ching’erabanto engaki y’enyakoira. Abamanyi b’echimbaroki korwa egetaseni kia Iranda beindire gochia ase ense y’Obwari y’eching’erabanto ase Eamate y’eching’enang’eni ch’Egetinge Egesiani magega y’Otongoro konyora obobisi gete. Korende, chinkwana chiabo chiabutokire ekero bare obogatagati bw’engoronyongora, barigereretie amatunwa y’ebitare. Inee, Otongoro mbaigete buya? Ninki bakorete gose?

Tenets Of Gold by Aaron W Barasa

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"Tenets of Gold" is a captivating saga set in an ancient village, exploring the extraordinary passage of Namawanga, a dedicated warrior whose courage and love for his people guide him through celebrations and challenges. The narrative beautifully intertwines tradition and innovation, encouraging readers to reflect on the echoes of unity in their own lives.

Ulaf People of Alego: History of Migr...

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Ulaf People of Alego: History of Migration, Settlement and Development by Obonyo Ochieng Digolo

Luo of Kenya: Chronicled Profiled Cla...

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Luo of Kenya: Chronicled Profiled Clans by Stephen Osieyo

Stoning the Devil of War in Sudan: Re...

African Nonfiction sociopolitical book dealing with the recent military conflict in Sudan. The book covers contextual cases from across Africa including Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and South Sudan.

Tobiko, The Maasai Room and Leader, T...

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This is a story about Tobiko's adventures at our home in the rural areas near a National Park. We called this home The Fort because at the time there were no other homes near it, only wild animals from the park. It is a story about Tobiko, his friends, and Leader the dog exploring the area, and fishing in the nearby river. There were many happy days with the Maasai Cattle Traders and their stories with lessons. Then, Tobiko discovers Leader the dog's true origin.


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Have you ever had something so tragic happen in your life that made you question everything? A relentless series of events that tested your faith? In Triumph Over Adversity, Anthony Mbuthia deep dives into the pain of being burned as a child, enduring the scars they left behind and fighting the stigma that came with those marks. He also takes us through his struggles of being separated from his family for over 5 years and the heartbreaking experience of almost losing his mother. Through these trials and tribulations, Anthony narrates his extraordinary path to overcoming adversity, offering a compelling testament of faith's unwavering strength. His story is more than just a narrative; it's a wellspring of inspiration, a beacon of hope, and a catalyst for bolstering your faith. Join him in "Triumph Over Adversity," and let his incredible journey serve as your source of inspiration and a faith rekindler, showing you that even in the darkest of times, triumph is possible.

Si Ni Mi Nakusho by Lenjo Maza

"Si Ni Mi Nakusho" is a collection of poems and visual art that seeks to capture Nairobi life through the raw and authentic language that Kenyans use in daily life - a mix of English, Swahili and Sheng - dialect born from the fusion of cultures and struggles in the city's slums, streets, and daily grind.

Mitha Mugikuyu Na Nyimbo Ciake

A Christian (Catholic) hymn book with more than 247 songs. Hymn based on the Bible and with Gikuyu cultural tunes.