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HUNGER by Wanja Kavengi

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Debut novel by Kenyan writer, Wanja Kavengi, which intimately and humorously captures the experience of lack and influences of society.


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UGANDA A GREAT NATION” is a brand new book by debutant Ugandan author Timothy Kirenda. The book is an encapsulation of the authors perceptions and reasoning to declare that Uganda is a great nation or maybe one of the greatest nations on earth. A fairly small landlocked country east of the world’s biggest continent, why and what do you know about Uganda is the pendulum that is swung by the author throughout his piece of work. He navigates around the issues of culture or African culture as it is, politics and leadership, the history of the country, the women in the country or what we call Uganda’s beautifying aspects and also Uganda’s position on the globe. All to commemorate the authors grand standing that Uganda is a great nation, this book was written to advance the concern to the reader and to obviously confront impediments the likes of ignorance, doubt and disgruntlement. The authors assessment of Uganda as a nation colonized by the British, attained independence in 1962 and is currently run by one of Africa’s longest serving Presidents Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is an appraisal that entails the good and bad, the highs and lows and the beautiful and not so beautiful aspects.

Lead Outwardly Loud by Nancy A. Loncle

Lead Outwardly Loud is for you, if you operate in High Pressure Ultra Competitive Jobs and have attached your value to performance, keeping you in debilitating anxiety over constant competition. You are in/or aspiring to take up a leadership role. It takes you through a 5-step process called the W.A.F.E.R. Challenge, by the end of which you will be able to clearly define Purpose in your career, Highlight and Refine your People Skills so you can position yourself among the best in your field and serve from a place of ABUNDANCE, without depleting your energy levels.

From Watchdogs to Traitors: The less ...

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In this compelling book, Baker delves into the enigmatic world of Rwanda's media, uncovering the truth that lies beneath its operation. Throughout his short but eventful career, he played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Rwanda's media landscape, championing professional investigative journalism and tirelessly advocating for its existence, even at great personal cost. Within these pages, he recounts the extraordinary transformation of Rwanda's media, shedding light on the preeminent change that has shaped its history. he lay the groundwork for the emergence of professional investigative journalism, highlighting its significance in raising awareness and fostering a genuine connection with the audience. Moreover, he navigates the treacherous waters of persuading those "In Charge" to embrace this new form of journalism, rife with its inherent risks and challenges. However, his passion for the truth and unwavering commitment to journalism exacted a heavy toll. he exposes the harrowing truth about how journalists themselves can betray the very public they are duty-bound to serve, leading to a pervasive erosion of press freedom. He shares the intimate details of his personal journey, recounting the tremendous sacrifices he made, which ultimately propelled him into a relentless pursuit of truth. Despite enduring multiple arrests, extrajudicial actions, and unyielding opposition, he resolutely returned to his craft, refusing to be silenced. Within these pages, he pulls back the curtains on the machinery of misinformation, offering a firsthand account of its inner workings, the puppeteers who pull the strings, and their ulterior motives. By delving into the annals of Rwanda's media history, he provides valuable context both before and after the tragic 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Through a deeply personal lens, he recounts the trials and tribulations of his journalistic career, offering an unfiltered and uncensored account of the events that unfolded before his eyes. He exposes the assault on one of journalism's fundamental principles: telling the truth. The book unravels the complex interplay between his life, his career, the misinformation factory, and the powerful forces that drive the production of the fake news that permeates narratives about Rwanda. Within the pages of "From Watchdogs to Traitors": readers will embark on a gripping journey, uncovering the intricate tapestry of Rwanda's media world. Ultimately, it is a testament to the enduring quest for truth in the face of adversity and the unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of journalism.

Learning Kiswahili Book by Wambui Kam...

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This book is written for everyone, whether you're new to Swahili or already familiar with it. It's written in a clear and straightforward style, perfect for beginners. Whether you are planning to travel to a Swahili-speaking region, work with Swahili speakers, or simply have a love for languages, this book will guide you on your journey to mastering the language.

My Principle Journal by Hezeliya Kariuki

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Introducing "MyPrinciple Journal" – a game-changer crafted by transformational life coach Hezeliya Kariuki. Dive into a monthly adventure exploring powerful principles that shape who you are, guide your choices, and spark a purposeful life. More than just a diary, it's your go-to place for empowerment, rooted in unwavering faith, leading you on a journey of self-discovery and positive change. Elevate every part of your life as you confidently walk in your purpose. Unlock empowerment within these pages and set your course for a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life. My Principle Journal: Your guide to a life well-lived.

Camp In Between by Beatty Sheila Opanga

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Camp in Between is a collection of six exhilarating stories, with various plots, set in various towns in Kenya, woven together by the author’s inventive use of Kenya’s many languages, her humorous wit, and fearless bluntness, majorly to ask one question, what makes a good parent? Love within and without the bounds of morality addressed, and so is history and a little bit of Kenya’s constantly unstable style of government and where that might lead us.

A Body Made For Sin by Alexander Nderitu

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Ten crime stories from the award-winning author of 'Disco Matanga'

With Eyes Wide Closed by Erick B. Gic...

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With intrigue, love, lust, fame, greed, and cruelty, ‘With Eyes Wide Closed’ Novel... The problem is that Willis wants a simple girl for a wife while Amira is out to conquer the world. They are now embroiled in a vengeful tussle. With money and influence, Amira is poised to wipe the floor with him.

Author: Erick B. Gichuru Length: 285Pages

Genre: Drama| Crime | Romance

Maximizing My Divine Destiny

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Maximizing My Divine Destiny is a religious self-help book to motivate and inspire God's people to know and understand what they are destined for.

Ganacsiga Caalamiga Ah: Dhoofinta and...

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Buuggan "Ganacsiga Caalamiga ah" waa kii ugu horreeyey ee ku qoran Af Soomaali inta aan ka war-qabo. Isirka Soomaalida waxaa lagu tiriyaa dadka ugu firfircoon dhanka dhaqdhaqaaqa ganacsiga. Waxaa aad u badan Soomaali ganacsiyo ku saleysan soo-dejin (imports) iyo dhoofin (exports) ku leh ama uga furan yihiin meelo badan oo adduunka ah, sida Afrika, Aasiya iyo Bariga Dhexe. Sidaa darteed, buuggani waa mid loogu talo galay cid kasta oo dadkaa ka mid ah ama danaynaysa in ay ka bilowdo gacansi ku saleysan soo-dejin iyo badeeco. Wuxuu kale oo anfacayaa ardeyda dugsiyada iyo jaamacadaha wax ka barta, gaar ahaan kulliyadaha ganacsiga iyo dhaqaalaha iwm; sarriflayaa-sha iyo bangiyada, kaargooyinka, iyo weliba xawilaadlayaasha, iyo cid kasta oo daneyneysa in ay wax ka fahanto dhoofinta iyo soo-dejinta badeecadaha iyo waxa looga baahan yahay. Macluumaadka buuggan waxaa laga soo ururiyey aqoonta lagu dhigo jaamacadaha iyo maxadyada sare oo lagu darey khibradda iyo aqoonta qoraagu u leeyahay ganacsiyada caalamiga ah

The Mkapa Years: Collected Speeches 3...

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This collection of speeches, in three volumes, by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania’s Third Phase Government, Benjamin William Mkapa (1995–2005), will serve primarily as reference documents to the vision of what he attempted to achieve in his ten years of leadership. His tenure as leader came at a time when Tanzania’s economy was in a dire condition. The legacy of the command economy, which had been in place for much of 1970s and 1980s, was still felt. There was resistance to change to adopt a market economy, evident in the political tensions and debates about privatisation, an approach following Structural Adjustment Programmes, imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, that had led to stagnation of the economy; high inflation, deteriorating health, education, communication and transport sector services; and general gloom in the country especially among the poor. The bold steps he took during the first half of his administration did not immediately endear him to the public. However, in ensuing years, slowly but steadily, positive results were achieved, and the social cost of change that the people had endured was appreciated. Relations with development partners and the multilateral agencies, that before he took office had sunk to the lowest ebb, were restored and Tanzania received the largest debt relief ever and henceforth was no longer unfit to borrow. Tanzania was on its way to new growth potentials and a vibrant private sector led economy. These collected speeches tell this story and tell it well, in great prose laced with wit and quotations from world political and literary sources; evidence of his erudition as a literature student and journalist.

Tippu Tip: Ivory, Slavery and Discove...

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Tippu Tip, notorious to some, intriguing to others, was a Zanzibari Arab trader living in the turbulent and rapidly changing Africa of the late 19th century. This biography transports the reader into his extraordinary world, describing its exotic cast of characters and the principal factors that shaped it. His colorful life culminated in his engagement as governor of a province in the ‘Congo Free State’ of the Belgian King Leopold, and in his involvement in Stanley’s astonishing expedition to relieve Emin Pasha, governor of the Egyptian southern province of Equatoria. This book is the first thorough investigation in English of this significant figure. The lucid narrative unfolds against the political and economic backdrop of European and American commercial aims, while allowing the reader to see the period through African and Arab eyes. The fascinating figures who strutted the 19th-century African stage, and their hardly believable exploits, give this book an appeal reaching beyond the African specialist to the general reader.

Abdilatif Abdalla: Poet in Politics e...

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Abdilatif Abdalla: Poet in Politics ­celebrates the work of Abdilatif Abdalla, one of Kenya’s most well-known poets and a committed political activist. It includes commentary essays on aspects of Abdilatif Abdalla’s work and life, through inter-weaving perspectives on poetry and politics, language and history; with contributions by East African writers and scholars of Swahili literature, including Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Said Khamis, Ken Walibora, Ahmed Rajab, Mohamed Bakari, and Sheikh Abdilahi Nassir, among others. Abdalla became famous in 1973, with the publication of Sauti ya Dhiki (Voice of Agony), a collection of poems written secretly in prison during three years of solitary confinement (1969-72). He was convicted of circulating pamphlets against Jomo Kenyatta’s KANU government, criticizing it as ‘dictatorial’ and calling for political resistance in the pamphlet, 'Kenya: Twendapi?' (Kenya: where are we heading?). His poetry epitomizes the ongoing currency of classic Swahili form and language, while his work overall, including translations and editorships, exemplifies a two-way mediation between ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ perspectives. It makes old and new voices of Swahili poetry and African literature accessible to a wider readership in East Africa, and beyond. Abdalla has lived in exile since 1973, in Tanzania, London, and subsequently, until now, in Germany. Nevertheless, Swahili literature and Kenyan politics have remained central to his life.

KANGA COLLECTION by Chieko Orimoto

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Kanga is a single sheet of cloth which beautifies women's lives in Tanzania and Kenya. With impressive bright and bold designs, this cloth has been worn since the second half of the 19th century as a garment wrapped around the body, and it may be regarded as a symbol of Swahili culture. Even today Kanga is widely used in everyday life and on ceremonial occasions such as weddings and funerals. The most defining characteristic of Kanga is that it has a Swahili phrase known as "jina" (name) printed in the center. The phrase acts as a communication tool in various aspects of social life. This book introduces the reader to a selection of the finest Kanga in the author's collection. It also to touches on an unknown history between Kanga and Japan.

Joan Wicken and Her Lifelong Collabor...

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Many people have wondered about the life-long relationship between Joan Wicken and Julius Nyerere, Tanzania's stalwart and founding president. This book provides the first in-depth window into the life of this British woman, who was in many ways Nyerere's staunchest and most loyal supporter. She was his personal assistant, speechwriter, confidant, sounding board, and friend. Finally in her own words, Wicken tells us about getting to know Nyerere and their decades' long collaboration. Readers will find out how she came to play such a significant role in Nyerere's life and, in essence, the building of Tanzania. She tells us much about the man as a person and how he experienced events in the country after Independence and leading up to his death. In this interview with Aili Mari Tripp, Wicken talks about her early life and how she became Nyerere's personal assistant. Tripp shows us a side of Joan Wicken that very few would have seen. Her wit and dry humour is on display as she discuss the Mwalimu she served for almost 40 years and the country she called home for most of her adult life.

Muziki Wa Dansi Wa Afrika Mashariki (...

This is a captivating exploration into the lives, music, and enduring impact of one of East Africa's most influential musical collectives from where they began in the lively music scene of Tanzania's Tanga.


This is a captivating exploration into the lives, music, and enduring impact of one of East Africa's most influential musical collectives from where they began in the lively music scene of Tanzania's Tanga.

The Sun and Her Rising: Illustrated p...

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In this poetry book, Eshe Benson aka Kangai Benson mixes up illustrated poems of different themes to give you, her reader, a rich and fun-filled reading experience. She hopes you enjoy!

Thorns in Her Flesh: Illustrated poet...

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Thorns in Her Flesh is a revision of Eshe Benson’s first book, The Sun and Her Rising. The book is an illustrated collection of poems by a black woman on love that is often like a rose flower; magnificent in its beauty but burdened with pricking thorns. It is also about the realities of family relationships and the socio-cultural, spiritual, economic, and political complexities of life in the African context.