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A Thousand Suns by Yeayi Kobina

Osei Tutu’s journey continues in “A Thousand Suns”, the thrilling sequel to The Usurper’s Dream. As he rallies the vassal states to join forces against the oppressive reign of Denkyira. A fracture emerges among the very gods who once guided him towards his purpose. A Thousand Suns transports readers back to the colorful world of pre-colonial legends, seamlessly blending adventure, mysticism, and historical intrigue. It unveils a world where the boundaries between mortals and the divine blur, and the delicate balance of power hangs on the brink of utter chaos.


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The Usurper's Dream is a thrilling re-imagining of the formation of the Asante Empire. it weaves historic events with the African belief system of gods and magic to tell the tale of Osei Tutu and Okomfo Anokye, his chief oracle, as they face mighty forces, both mortal and mythical, to create one of the most celebrated empires in modern African history.

Creative Thinking : A Journey through...

Creativity can be defined as the use of imagination or intelligence to create something distinct or inventive. Considering that creativity is based on intelligence, let us look at the definition of intelligence. Intelligence: The ability to acquire, retain and apply knowledge or skill. Therefore based on the two above definitions, the genesis of our journey towards creative thinking begins first of all by understanding the components that constitute intelligence and then adding an additional layer of fun to enable us to come up with new/alternative/novel ways of producing inventive, distinct ideas and products. The 8 facets of intelligence covered in this book are : 1. Emotional Intelligence 2. Visual Intelligence 3. Logical Intelligence 4. Auditory Intelligence 5. Financial Intelligence 6. Linguistical Intelligence 7. Physical Intelligence 8. Spatial Intelligence

Kalanak Academy by Edwin Kairu

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Uriak is a normal boy, attending a normal Kenyan high school, with the normal distractions and anxieties every teenager faces. Until, that is, his father drops him off at the Kalanak Academy, a remote school in the mountains north of Nairobi. Uriak is furious and resentful, given no explanation for the abrupt uprooting of his life. Things take a serious turn when Uriak is bitten by the school's principal, and he experiences some terrifying results. Uriak now finds himself with an incredible gift. But with that gift come consequences. When his people, the Iru tribe, are threatened with annihilation, Uriak must step up and use his new gift to defeat a ruthless enemy. Kalanak Academy is a bold African fantasy that pulls the unsuspecting reader into a kaleidoscopic adventure. Interwoven with humour, suspense, secrets and enigmatic plot twists, this is a story that cannot fail to captivate the imagination.

Promised Land: The Encoding by Katib ...

In a not so distant and very near dystopian future, three friends, Abeni, Ida, and Soweto, unknowingly embark on an Afro-surreal journey over the summer that will change not only their lives, but the lives of all whom they share so much with. What begins as a vacation forces them to become familiar with their past in order to have a direct influence on the future. Under the guidance of an unforeseen force, strange things begin to happen that bring them closer to uncovering truths and taking them to a place that they and others never thought they would see.

The Chosen One: Quest for Power

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An interesting story that provides a unique blend of fantasy and science fiction genre.

The Angeions Series: Book 1 by Inspir...

What thing does man seek that he finds not, For which he has turned the world so upside down?


In a world where human beings never existed, early mammals evolved into an advanced race of fur-growing Simians. Developing highly-advanced technology and a monarchical culture very similar to our own. These advances, however, came at a steep cost to the residents of this different earth. A pampered young prince on vacation from school is confronted by the very horrors that his ruling family wrought on the Planet-Kingdom of Gaea. Thus unfolds a tale of class-warfare and splintering friendships in the face of duty, power, and legacy. All while this hierarchical society wrestles with its preconceived notions of moral responsibility, freedom and equality.

SIMBI- A collection of essays and sho...

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A village’s perverse aspiration for perfection. Abandoning itself to the profligate unkindness its founders devised. Giving way to divine retribution. A man’s war with himself. Foregoing the simple joy of life for power. Attained with the incursion of a terrible debt. An exposition on the nature of man. Is he defined by a singular deed or the sum total of cumulative action? Does this condemn and absolve him simultaneously? Scientific breakthrough unearths a rogue gene that finally places immortality in mankind’s grasp, but at the price of a baby’s life. Splitting the world in two in the face of this ethical dilemma. Is a United States of Africa feasible? What frameworks should be instituted to transform this dream into reality? Are external interests a hindrance or are Africans the enemy of their own progress? A Kenyan couple grapples with modernity, feminism and resultant marital strife. Will they make it through the storm or be consigned as casualties of love and war? An outstanding collection of essays and short stories. By turns dramatic, fanciful, humorous and evocative.

Shadow Walkers Comic Issue # 2

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The origin of the Okuzuni villians in the Shadow Walkers saga.

Chayoma Issue 2 by Elias Nabutete

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An ostracized lone African woman warrior journeys through the harsh unforgiving landscape seeking redemption which inadvertently steers her towards the challenge of her destiny.

Chayoma Issue 1 – Comic Books

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An ostracized lone African woman warrior journeys through the harsh unforgiving landscape seeking redemption which inadvertently steers her towards the challenge of her destiny.

AFRICANUM by Mutendei Writes

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Africanum: In an alternate reality, a quadruple set of super-powered beings emerge, anointed by The Akhamasi, an immortal sect of African sorcerers who awaken to a disheartening state of an Africa fallen from grace. Not accepting the fallacy of this alternate reality, through their use of their ancient magic and acolytes, they work to restore Africa and its descendants as the centre of a new geo-political alignment where Africa exists as the world's leading superpower, under the moniker of AFRICANUM, symbolized by its chief defender of the same name.   

In the Shadow of the Styx by Annemari...

An unknown killer is responsible for the death of newly minted lovers; Phil and Lillian. One minute they're celebrating the possibility of a long life together, the next they're contemplating eternity in the hospital where they die.Shenanigans ensue as they try to fit in with post-death society. What are the norms, who makes the rules and who can they ask about being taken to the leader?It's an adventure with many unexpected twists; but through it all, at least they have each others' backs. Updated with a new outtake.