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Saro by Nike Campbell

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On a visit to the coast of Marina, Lagos, Siwoolu and his young family are lured by a traitor to a grand merchant ship where they are captured by slave holders masquerading as traders. On the way to the new world, they are rescued by abolitionists on a British naval ship, and sent to Freetown, a haven for freed slaves. They settle in their new home, grow their family and become successful merchants, trading goods between Freetown and Eko. Dotunu, Siwoolu’s wife, falls in love with another man and is caught in a love triangle. But their lives are upended again when they hear that the kingdom has selected the traitor as king. Siwoolu, content with his new life, yet fearful of a curse that lurks in the shadows, refuses to return, but Dotunu is determined to keep the traitor from the throne. She turns to their son, Oșolu, who is running from his own demons, to seize the throne that is rightfully theirs. SARO is a multigenerational tale of betrayal and restitution, love and war, inspired by true events that will take the reader from the rocky terrain of Abeokuta and burgeoning city of Lagos to the lion mountains of Freetown and Hastings of Sierra Leone from the 1830s to the 1850s.

A Thousand Suns by Yeayi Kobina

Osei Tutu’s journey continues in “A Thousand Suns”, the thrilling sequel to The Usurper’s Dream. As he rallies the vassal states to join forces against the oppressive reign of Denkyira. A fracture emerges among the very gods who once guided him towards his purpose. A Thousand Suns transports readers back to the colorful world of pre-colonial legends, seamlessly blending adventure, mysticism, and historical intrigue. It unveils a world where the boundaries between mortals and the divine blur, and the delicate balance of power hangs on the brink of utter chaos.

Sand Roses by Hamza Koudri

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“…an extraordinarily immersive narrative, and a fascinating story of the little-known Ouled Nail dancers.” The Island Prize Judges "A compelling storyteller, fresh and engaging." Karen Jennings, An Island Tourists know it as the City of Joy. For Ouled Nail dancers, Bousaada is a city of horrors. It is 1931 when two sisters arrive in Bousaada bursting with dreams of becoming successful dancers. But the city, occupied by the ruthless French colonial army, changes their lives forever. When they kill a soldier in self-defence, Fahima and Salima must outsmart the French Colonel who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. The sisters are driven further into a cycle of violence with every attempt to hide their crime. Risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones, the dancers find themselves at the heart of a civilizational clash. SAND ROSES is a tale of resistance, sisterhood and the shameful past of two colliding nations. This extraordinarily immersive narrative thrusts its reader into the Algerian city of Bousaada during the 1930s and the story of the Nailiya dancers.

The Helper’s Son by Ayodeji Olaifa

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"The Helper's Son" is a powerful and evocative tale set against the backdrop of apartheid-era South Africa. Follow the journey of Jongikhaya, a child born black but raised white by his mother's employers. As he grapples with shifting identities, the story delves into the complexities of race, class, and personal belonging. Jongikhaya's experiences reveal the profound impact of social hierarchy and inherited privilege on individuals and families. This poignant narrative highlights the struggle of navigating two worlds and the internal conflict that arises from cultural dissonance. Jongikhaya's search for self-discovery amidst tragedy and loss paints a vivid portrait of the human spirit's resilience. With themes of identity, grief, and reconciliation, "The Helper's Son" is a moving exploration of the search for belonging and the enduring ties that bind us to our roots.


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Love in My Veins is a captivating novel that explores the journey of love, depicting its growth and evolution through various stages. At its core, the novel delves deep into the complexities of human emotions and relationships, unraveling the intertwined lives of its characters as they navigate the twists and turns of love. The story follows the lives of two lovers, Priscilla and Carlton whose paths intersected since they were in primary school. As the narrative unfolds, readers witness the blossoming of their love from tentative beginnings to profound depths. Each chapter unfolds a new stage in their relationship, showcasing the myriad emotions and challenges they encounter along the way.

KISA: An Anthology of African Short S...

Presenting a diverse and dazzling collection from all over the continent—from South Africa to Nigeria, to Uganda, to Kenya, KISA is the voice of younger, new-age African writers who give a fascinating picture of a new and more liberated Africa. These writers are motivated by their engagement with the wider world and the opportunities offered by the end of apartheid, the end of civil wars and dictatorships, and the possibilities of free movement. Their work is inspired by society and the African culture. They are liberated, global, and expansive. As Aminatta Forna wrote, “If you want to know a country, read its writers." These are the stories of a new Africa: punchy, self-confident, and defiant.

The Secret Lives of Booksellers and L...

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To be a bookseller or librarian… You have to play detective. Be a treasure hunter. A matchmaker. An advocate. A visionary. A person who creates “book joy” by pulling a book from a shelf, handing it to someone and saying, “You’ve got to read this. You’re going to love it.” Step inside The Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians and enter a world where you can feed your curiosities, discover new voices, find whatever you want or require. This place has the magic of rainbows and unicorns, but it's also a business. The book business. Meet the smart and talented people who live between the pages—and who can’t wait to help you find your next favorite book.


  1. A compilation of two remarkable fiction novels.
THE DEVIL'S UNDERWEAR This novel is about nothing at all. Only that metaphorically reflects the story of the Devil, protruding fangs, pigheaded, and suffering microcephaly. The moribund curmudgeon and the brainchild of anthropophagy pop into a fashion gallery to only look at the attendant across the face and ask for a pair of cotton balbriggan to adorn his humongous bahookie and not for special occasions but for wearing every day. It was a gigantic woolen balbriggan, and he loved to wear it and swing his pelvic girdle flaunting his humongous breasts and buttocks when something weird happenned—not just today but a couple of times. The Devil shits his pants after emitting fat Malodorous gases. He gets tired of the woolen balbriggan and throws the pair of soiled pants into the laundry baskets— nobody knows if the microcephalic curmudgeon still thinks the underwear is recyclable. A WORLD WITH NO AIR A world with no air" is a compelling story that revolves around the life of an African boy. It is a journey of one man inside himself engulfed with an overwhelming quest for liberation. It is a clear picture of how an average African boy fights to survive in the underprivileged world. It reflects a journey through barricades and dangerous hiccups. It is a pure example of what it means to hit rock bottom. "As I walked along the tiny road that runs from Kenya Clay Works to the other side of the road that connects O.J. and Ruiru town, I tried to figure out what Gmail and email entail. I came up with a genius idea, maybe email means when you send electronic mail, and Gmail means when someone sends a mail using a generator. I did not know. I looked at the piece of paper and ripped it into shreds.”

Kalanak Academy by Edwin Kairu

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Uriak is a normal boy, attending a normal Kenyan high school, with the normal distractions and anxieties every teenager faces. Until, that is, his father drops him off at the Kalanak Academy, a remote school in the mountains north of Nairobi. Uriak is furious and resentful, given no explanation for the abrupt uprooting of his life. Things take a serious turn when Uriak is bitten by the school's principal, and he experiences some terrifying results. Uriak now finds himself with an incredible gift. But with that gift come consequences. When his people, the Iru tribe, are threatened with annihilation, Uriak must step up and use his new gift to defeat a ruthless enemy. Kalanak Academy is a bold African fantasy that pulls the unsuspecting reader into a kaleidoscopic adventure. Interwoven with humour, suspense, secrets and enigmatic plot twists, this is a story that cannot fail to captivate the imagination.

SUNDOWN by Elias Nabutete

A riveting suspense thriller where an emotionally detached Kenyan military serviceman faces a multitude of reckonings as he must face his own demons and that of his recently murdered sister, as he seeks to serve justice outside of and against the system that he had dedicated a substantial part of his life to, unearthing the uneasy truth that the system, rotten with corruption and cartels is responsible for his sister’s death. In his quest for justice, he digs two graves as the hidden faces behind her murder are not the only truths he uncovers and exposes.

Blankets by Craig Thompson

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Blankets is the story of a young man coming of age and finding the confidence to express his creative voice.

Habibi by Craig Thompson

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From the internationally acclaimed author of Blankets comes a love story of astounding resonance: a parable about our relationship to

The Rustle of Leaves by Sylvester Wauye

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The Rustle of Leaves is a collection of poems composed by Sylvester Wauye, a new poet in the Kenyan poetry scene. The thematic issues tackled in the book cut across love, politics, societal and global issues. A range of stylistic devices are deployed creatively to deliver the issues addressed, sometimes in a witty, sarcastic or perhaps an emotive tone. As you read through the poems a mix of feelings are aroused. You won't be disappointed as you rustle through the book and perhaps you might experience a reawakening love for poetry.

Rich People Problems (Crazy Rich Asia...

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Kevin Kwan, bestselling author of Crazy Rich Asians (soon to be a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE starring Constance Wu, Henry Golding,


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The wild blackberry is a story of a strong African girl who goes up and above to achieve her dreams. She finds herself at crossroads when she falls in love with Edmund. She is unknowingly introduced to drug peddling which is owned by Edmunds father mr mwinyi. ''don't be too close to my son,'' mwinyi issued her a warning and she tried to keep her distance but Edmund saw it as an opportunity to take lead of the relationship. '' I will find my son a good gift and i think a beautiful wife will make him happy'' mwinyi said in one of their conversations leaving Dee with a huge lump to swallow. She knew that he wouldn't choose him, who would choose a drug peddler for a daughter-in-law ? What would she choose, her job or the love of her life ?

The Chosen One: Quest for Power

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An interesting story that provides a unique blend of fantasy and science fiction genre.

The ABC Murders: A Hercule Poirot Mys...

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In this official authorized edition from the Queen of Mystery, Hercule Poirot sets out on the trail of a serial

Black Girls Must Have It All: A Novel...

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After a whirlwind year, Tabitha Walker’s carefully organized plan to achieve the life she wanted—perfect job, dream husband, and stylish

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy by Marie ...

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It’s hard to plan your future when the ghosts of the past won’t leave you alone… Stella tries very hard

Awakening by Naima Mohamed

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Awakening is a fictional novel that will assist the readers to care more about women and girls. You'll find through the pages of this book the author has shared the pain,thoughts of a character named Sarah,but with hope that she holds firm...she makes it in life