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UNPLUGGED 2 – Forging Prosperou...

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A Slice of Darkness for Breakfast ...

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This anthology features some of Kenya’s freshest writing talents. It is a collection of stories that explore the dark corners of the human mind. Some of the stories find something in those dark corners, grab it and drag it out as it thrashes like fish on a hook. Others find something unfathomable lurking in the dark and come out screaming. Yet some tales shine the light on the dark crevices and what we behold knocks us back or takes our breath away. Whichever way you slice it, these stories will have a lasting impact on you, er, your breakfast.

Here I stand by Noah Roy

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Life is like a body of water. The calm season comes and we are able to see our reflections. When wind or a storm comes, we lose clarity and a sense of self.W then should we do and enjoy our existence in this dimension? Here, I stand simply tells us to live. To jump with the tides, or saddle through them. To maintain calm and peace, or to share the joy with the people around us. It is about being and finding satisfaction while at it, whatever life brings, wherever it leads, however it goes. That nothing is etched on stones, and all we have now, and for as long as we exist, is to just live. Be you. They’ll adjust

Woman Beneath her Feet & Other S...

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This anthology is an amalgamation of contemporary and some universal well packaged in fictional narratives told by a group of Kenyan writers. The herein are educative, entertaining, and thought- provoking, and intend to preserve the lived realities of this generation into posterity. The compelling themes ranging from love, family, identity, and life pre- and post-pandemic among others are well thought out ideologies. They are stories of young women and men grappling with their romantic relationships and unrequited love, sex and its outcomes , single parenthood, loss and grief, generational realities, work-life balance, religion, life choices, and the complexities of families among other riveting storylines.

Transference by Jacob Aliet

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TRANSℲꓱRENCE Lupkes is a hard-working young man shooting his shot in a toxic work environment with dim prospects. In the wake of COVID19 travel restrictions, businesses are suffering globally. As the economy tanks and job losses accrue, Lupkes loses his job. He is devastated. As he is despairing, a lady he has been desiring appears at the lowest point in his life. Will things work out between them under his current situation? Desperate for a means of survival, he finds a job opportunity at a pineapple plantation thirty miles away. He packs his belongings and leaves them in Nairobi to explore this new prospect. As he settles in his new job on a far-flung farm, he sees red flags and questions his decision. After a nightmarish first night, he wants to leave, but his peculiar host has a fiendish plan for him. He decides to go back to Nairobi but realizes, rather late, that he is on a very dark farm where diabolical forces are at play, and he is their new target. Will he survive his nemesis? Transference is an anthology of sixteen short stories. Some roar with passion and twist in agony, others are tearjerkers, yet some are dark. Very dark.

Unplugged: Things Our Fathers Did not...

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UNPLUGGED – What Our Fathers Did not Tell Us As children, we learnt from Disney that if you treat her like a queen, she will treat you like a King. We were also taught that a man should go on one knee while proposing to a woman because women are the prize. We were also taught that we should listen to our wives and be gentlemen because women like nice boys they can trust and not bad boys who weren’t faithful. Men have tested these ideas, and thousands of men have lived to share their experiences and results. This book consolidates what men have learnt about intergender dynamics: what works and what does not work. Today, marriage rates are declining. Forty per cent of single black women in the US are single mothers who prioritize getting babies over getting in a stable long-term commitment, aka marriage. Why do many young girls today prefer becoming side chicks to high-value men rather than settling in marriage with an average man? In 2019, the American Psychological Association labelled traditional masculinity as harmful. But if so, why are women striving to be like men? What is the impact of masculine females on relationships? Why are women being told to “act like a lady and think like a man” if masculinity is harmful? What attracts women to men, and how can men maintain that attachment? In the age of social media, where women get free attention and validation from hundreds of men, how do men in long term relationships deal with partners who feel they have so many options? Women file for divorce 70-80% of the time in the western world. How can men navigate marriage with modern women incentivized to divorce by divorce laws? Why did the Greeks equate the feminine with chaos, represented as the goddess Pandora? Why are most oracles in epics female, and why did God tell Adam that his first sin was listening to Eve? On average, men’s handgrip strength, testosterone levels, and overall masculinity is declining, while women’s enrolment rates in universities have outstripped those of men. Among trans adults, the majority are men who say they were born female. Why? Why is masculinity on the decline? In 2021, before a whole school assembly at Brauer College in Victoria, Australia, the male students were all told to stand up, turn to a girl in their class and say sorry. Yet they had done nothing wrong. Based on Census Bureau historical data and Morgan Stanley forecasts, 45% of prime working-age women (ages 25-44) will be single by 2030—the largest share in history—up from 41% in 2018. This book traces the origin of the steady decline of the man’s role in the family. It also seeks to help men understand female nature, revitalize masculinity and build full-stack men who can navigate relationships while providing leadership in an increasingly gynocentric world that has largely silenced men. This book will plug you from comforting lies to cold hard truths.

Strange Encounters by Jacob Aliet

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STRANGE ENCOUNTERS A rapidly evolving creature wants to reproduce. It chances upon five girls who have hired an uber and the girls get into a long, dramatic night once they get into the uber cab, and their lives are changed forever. Through the diabolical acts of an evil neighbor, one night the hand of a dead person slaps a village boy and leaves him deranged. His mother hires the services of a fearsome witchdoctor to save her son. The villagers are shocked at what the witchdoctor disruptively uproots from their quiet midst. In a far-flung village in Kenya called Kamser, locals believe that a snake must cleanse itself by licking the fresh grave of the victim it has killed or be crushed by the weight of the departed soul. One of their kinsmen is fatally bitten by a snake and they decide to put the myth to the test with spellbinding results. A brazen night runner intent on spooking travelers on a moonlit night stumbles upon a savage soldier returning home after an assignment at the battlefield. The night runner’s subject is not the typical lone traveler. What follows is a vigorous reckoning. After a tragic loss of his beloved daughter, a man suffers a crisis of faith and rigorously studies his faith with an inquiring mind. He engages his pastor in revealing and thought-provoking conversations. What insights does he have? These are some of the stories in Strange Encounters.

Magnolia Flower: When Beauty Casts a ...

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Magnolia Flower' Akinyi is a young banker with huge ambitions. Her supervisor develops romantic interest in her and she spurns him after which he engineers her dismissal from the bank. Without a safety net, she ends up in Kayole slum and has to claw her way back through doing odd jobs and hustling until she ends up as an owner of a saloon and spa in upmarket Nairobi. She supplements her income by running a call girl service and one of her clients is an obsessed aging tycoon fighting demons. It is years after losing her bank job when she stumbles upon a links link to her former supervisor. The vengeance locked in her is awakened. Her quest for revenge draws her into a whirlpool of dramatic events as she pushes back against the forces that try to get the best of her. She skillfully deploys her wit and dazzling beauty as the men around her struggle to survive unaware of the scent that draws them to a deadly collision course. What she is carrying changes everything.

The Levant Church: Chronicles of a Da...

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LEVANT CHURCH A young pastor resorts to Old Testament rituals involving the sacrifice of live animals on the altar in a bid to differentiate his new-fangled Church and swell up his congregation. The blood sacrifices open a portal through which spirits flow from another dimension while bringing back the body of a young Maasai woman that was sacrificed at that very spot a century ago by a crazed chieftain. The young woman’s body is possessed by a vengeful, seductive spirit that was violently killed decades earlier. As the loosened spirits cause havoc amongst his congregation, the seductive spirit stalks the pastor in a murderous rampage that leads the pastor far from his chosen path and family. He pulls himself back from the precipice and the spirit follows him, unaware that the path that she treads upon leads to its own perdition. As she is drawn toward her damnation, she leaves a piece of herself behind.

Shoreline: Origins by Jacob Aliet

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SHORELINE ORIGINS. During a desperate moment in a hospital ward, a sick man makes a pact with a dark force to save his life. But he later breaks the pact. A deformed baby girl is later born in the wake of the broken pact. The villagers reject her and demand that she is killed and thrown away because she is a bad omen. Her desperate mother hides her at the shoreline of the lake and secretly nurses her. A creature finds the baby and adopts her. The baby’s genetic defects provide her with adaptations that enable her to live in water. She returns to the village as a young woman but the villagers attack her believing that she is a demon. She narrowly survives the horrific attack and escapes back to the lake. Seeing her injured and bleeding, her vengeful lake mother retaliates with devastating consequences. After the carnage, the villagers assemble fearsome warriors, experienced fishermen and skilled hunters from far and wide to kill the creature. What follows is a series of spell binding events and revelations that lead to the most unexpected finale. In the middle of this conflict, a doctor doggedly struggles to find if any scientific advancements can be achieved from the disturbing occurrences that shake the rural community. Dreams and fears, like the land and the lake, meet at the shoreline.