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My Life with a Criminal by John Kiria...

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John Kiriamiti's best-selling novel My Life in Crime has become a classic. Here Milly, his girlfriend, tells the poignant story of her life with the bank robber. They were in love, and he was gentle, kind and considerate. But after she moved in with him, she discovered his double life. She remained devoted, but the stress of his life bore its toll, and finally they parted. This sequel novel is also a bestseller in Kenya.

The Sinister Trophy by John Kiriamiti

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Written by the author of the popular Son of Fate, this follow-up story tells of Adams Wamathina, better known as Son of Fate, who is searching for a trophy which other parties will stop at nothing to get. The action takes place in Nairobi and Tanzania and Son of Fate finds himself involved with car chases and murder as he becomes embroiled in the chase.

My Life in Crime by John Kiriamiti

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The late 1960's and early '70s may be remembered as the years of the great bank and other armed robberies in Kenya. This is the true story of one of the participants in some of those robberies, John Kiriamit. In raw and candid language, Kiramiti tells the story of how he dropped out of secondary school when he was only fifteen years old, and for a time became a novice pickpocket, before graduating into crimes like car-breaking and ultimately into violent robbery. This spell-binding story takes the reader into the underworld of crime, and it depicts graphically the criminal's struggle for survival against the forces of law.  

My Life in Prison by John Kiriamiti

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Brief summary This is a thriller novel set in Kenya, Nairobi. It rolls through a forest of crime of a gang led by John Kiriamiti alias Jack Zollo. Their main set is robbery, with violence. Jack the wanted criminal is in love with an innocent girl, Milly- who lives in a fool’s paradise not knowing exactly what her handsome man does for a living. Jack must harbor secrets, nurture his love and yet evade the deadly police at the same time. Will he continue being lucky?