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Everything Has Wings by J.O Bernard

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‘Everything Has Wings’, is a refreshing collection of poems by J.O. Bernard that dances gracefully through the highs and lows of life. With a blend of wit, and deep introspection, Bernard explores themes of love, religion, and death, creating a tapestry of words that is both poignant and entertaining. Each poem is a little adventure, inviting readers to see the world through Bernard’s inquisitive eyes. His unique perspective transforms everyday experiences into extraordinary moments, making this anthology a delightful companion for those seeking a meaningful conversation and contemplation.

HONOUR YOUR PARENTS by Sergeant Manas...

Our main purpose as parents and teachers is to help very much our children by guiding the process of developing into Godly, confident and productive members of the family and the society at large.

Where Is My Salt by Wanjiru Gachau

Where is my salt. We all know, salt is a very small component. But as a friend described it, it is bold. Very bold indeed. Bold because when a very small amount of salt finds it's way into a large pot of food, it changes everything! The personality of the food changes as a result the mood, atmosphere & conversations at the table change. It is safe to say that salt brightens. This is what salt does and it does it swiftly & silently. Undebiably, salt is a game changer. Salt in life is equivalent to the uniqueness of every individual. What about the person sitting next to you makes them a game changer? The answer to that question is their salt. "Find your uniquesness" many times we've heard. But what if one wasn't brought up in a home, a system or society that enables this? What if? What we end up with are borrowed personas, a disoriented society, chaotic homes and recycled generational wounds. This is the current CRISIS my generation is living! WIMS looks at the life of a young Kenyan woman Ella, a woman from a middle class background, a woman yet to find her salt and details the chaos she is able to create and thrust herself into. The book goes further to tactfully and in detail bring Ella out of her predicament into a place of finding her salt in Christ. By guiding gently and firmly, the book Where Is My Salt seeks to heal hearts & homes . Get your copy

The Weight of Black Tongues and Other...

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“The Weight of Black Tongues is an anthology of over half a dozen original short stories by an emerging star of new Kenyan literature, Bonface Nyamweya. This debut collection is both startling and gripping – envision it as a ride on the tail of a shooting star, zooming through Kenya’s night skies, each twinkle representing a unique story. As a dynamic figure in post-COVID-19 literary circles, whom I have had the honour of mentoring, Nyamweya showcases the depth and scope of storytelling in Kenya, transitioning from unusual novels and sartorial poetry to making his mark in short story fiction. From the enigmatic Whose Title Died to the riveting Waiting for Mama, each title in this new book invites readers into a world of mystery and profound reflection, solidifying Nyamweya as a rising force in African literature in the wake of the fin de siècle.

Ties of Destiny by Marjory Kimani

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Ties of Destiny is the story of two men who are born together, brought up together, and bound together for life by incidence, coincidence and fate. The two are sworn enemies from their childhood and both are achievers, born fighters and dyed in the wool go-getters. However, their methods of achieving success are a lesson in differing world views and an insight into the complexities of the human psyche. At the heart of the story is the love of mothers who will do everything possible, even keeping deadly secrets, to protect their children. Things come to a head when an unexpected development occurs and both men are forced to confront the bitter reality and face a common nemesis until a solution is found from the most unexpected source.

Mucii ni Mucii

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Mucii ni Mucii , written in Gikuyu one of Kenya's indigenous languages, is a moving story of a peasant girl who defies odds in her childhood to become one of the most prosperous people in the country. Starting in a background of biting poverty and an abusive father, Wahito drops out of school after her primary education and gets a low paying job after another. Meanwhile, evil clouds are hanging over her horizons. In her youthful naïveté, she lets of the man who truly loves her and falls into the old trap of being lured by a "use and dump" type who has loads of cash to spend. In the most confused phase, her young life takes a downturn after that; and she moves from one crisis to another, including being orphaned while still a single mother. But fate has other plans for her. She ends up with the man who was destined to be her soul mate. Together, they traverse a terrain full of many risks and barriers to realize the dreams of their lives. Through providence or destiny, it seems Wahito's life is forever intertwined with those of her girl friends. The story has a gripping climax with a lot of the unexpected happening. In the end, all (of almost all) the pieces of Wahitos' chequered life fall into place and she seems to lead an exciting, happy prosperous life. But then, one never knows what happens next in Wahito's life.


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This guide book provides comprehensive analysis of the novel 'Fathers of Nations' by Paul B. Vitta. In particular, the book covers: 1. Relevance of the title. 2. Setting 3. Synopsis. 4. Chapter summary and analysis. 5. Themes. 6. Character and characterization 7. Literary styles used in the novel. 8. Sample KCSE essay questions and answers. 9. Sample KCSE excerpt questions and answers.

Philosophy of Teachers’ Epistem...

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Philosophy of Teachers’ Epistemic Beliefs for Changing Pedagogy: A Paradigm Shift to Competency-Based Education offers pedagogical insights into the paradigm shift intended by the 21st Century competency-based education. The authors, informed by both policy and research on education, argue that implementation of competency-based education requires anchoring pedagogical explorations on the epistemology of a competency-based curriculum. Research in personal epistemology reveals that teachers enact espoused epistemic beliefs in classroom pedagogical practice. Teachers must be empowered to change their pedagogical competencies by drawing their attention to their default epistemic beliefs which must be replaced by what is aligned with the epistemology of a competency-based curriculum. The book makes the case that curriculum reforms necessarily imply pedagogical reforms. That is, pedagogy is parasitical on the epistemology of curriculum. The book exposes the underpinning epistemology of competency-based curriculum in Kenya and has gone further to derive epistemic beliefs that teachers should acquire to facilitate their efforts at reforming their pedagogy aligned to Competency-based education. We live in a time of radical revolution where knowledge is a critical factor in all sectors of society. The education sector is charged with the responsibility of empowering learners as creators of knowledge. Learning how to learn is a key competency in adapting, utilizing and experimenting with novel conceptions of knowledge which includes changing teachers’ epistemic beliefs and attitudes. This book is resourceful for policy-makers in teacher education, teacher educators at university and teacher training colleges, educationists, practicing classroom teachers, education researchers, school managers and readers interested in facilitating effective pedagogical change for the implementation of competency-based education. What Others Say “The authors of this book have competently simplified the technical aspects of CBE in such a way that the reader would readily understand the extent to which CBE is the way forward for nurturing 21st Century skills and competencies through formal education.” - Samson Okuro Gunga, Professor of Philosophy of Education, Faculty of Education, The University of Nairobi.

Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara

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Join siblings Sam and Sara on an exhilarating safari adventure through the stunning landscapes of Kenya! In 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara,' young readers will discover the wonders of African wildlife as they journey through lush savannas, majestic national parks, and encounter fascinating animals like elephants, giraffes, and lions. With captivating and vibrant illustrations, this book is not just a thrilling safari tale but also an educational exploration of Kenya's rich biodiversity and the importance of wildlife conservation. Perfect for curious minds and budding nature enthusiasts, 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara' promises an unforgettable safari experience from the comfort of your home.

Epic musings of a farmers daughter by...

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The book describes Jane’s journey from growing up in abject poverty in the 70s to forging a successful career in legal practice and raising a family.

You are Called to Pray and Intercede ...

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This study will stir you up to pray and inspire you with real-life testimonies of prayers answered. You will know how to pray so that you receive answers to your prayers.

Weapons of War by Bishop Fred Akama

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Life is spiritual and the enemy is at work to frustrate, hurt, or even take you out. You're in a battle for what is rightfully yours and like Paul, we cannot fight as though beating the air. We must attack the enemy right where he will loose our possessions, and that is the purpose of this book: to equip you with weapons right from the Word of God, with which you shall win this battle and possess your possessions.

The Covenant Dimension of Wealth by B...

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Financial dominion is integral to fulfilling the divine mandate of dominion bestowed upon humanity by God. While God has granted dominion over the earth, true dominion encompasses financial mastery. Finances bestow a voice and influence, amplifying one's ability to enact change and garner respect. However, many believers fall short of experiencing financial dominion despite the covenant promise extended by God. This book delves into "The Covenant Dimension of Wealth," illuminating the pathway to activating this covenant and unlocking the abundance prepared by our Heavenly Father. Through understanding and embracing this covenant, believers can step into their rightful inheritance of financial dominion and wealth.

Overcoming Evil Altars and Family Fou...

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In recognizing the existence of evil altars or foundations, patterns emerge as undeniable evidence of their presence. These patterns, repeated within a family or across generations, serve as indicators of a deeper, systemic issue at play. However, there is hope in this realization. Despite their seeming permanence, these altars can be dismantled and overcome. This book offers readers insights into the nature of these malevolent structures and, most importantly, provides practical guidance on how to break free from their influence. Through understanding and action, individuals can liberate themselves from the grip of ancestral patterns and forge their destinies.

Transform Your Life by Judy Owiti

Transform Your Life guides readers on a 90-day journey of transformation and spiritual growth, offering inspiration, wisdom and practical guidance on how to navigate life Successfully by: 1. Managing life’s challenges, 2. Finding purpose 3. Overcoming personal struggles 4. Learning about deception in our culture, among others It is a MUST READ for teens and young adults seeking purpose, peace and a closer relationship with God. Also, a helpful resource for parents, uncles & aunties, teachers, lecturers, coaches, mentors and youth pastors. How the book can be applied: 1. Use it as a daily devotional guide for yourself 2. Gift it to your teen or young adult/niece/nephew/friend 3. Use it as a daily devotional guide with your children 4. Gather a few young people and go through the devotional

Totems of Abagusii of Kenya

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Ebimanyererio nigo bire bi'echingencho ao ao ase abanto ao ao. N'enchera eyemo abanto b'ororeria oromo bakomanyana na kwemanyia ase abanto bande. Ase abande n'enchera y'ogwetogia. N'abande begenete buna ebimanyererio n'enchera eyemo y'okobeka okwegena ase chinkoro chi'abanto. Komenta nayio, ebimanyererio nigo bigokonya abanto koinyora ing'ai barwete nechimbwa chiabo. Soma egetabu eke egere omanye igoro y'ebimanyererio bi'Abagusii. ***** Throughout the world, totems are used variously, including linking people with each other and defining the relationships among many people or groups of people. They can represent the connection between people and the spiritual world. Further, totems help people preserve their culture and history. This book presents totems of Abagusii and explains how they came to be, based on oral history passed down generations.

Strange Water: Our Stories Redefined ...

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In this edition, you discover the vibrant mosaic of poetic brilliance in ‘Strange Water’, a mesmerising collection that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Delve into a genius interlocking of artistry and talent as diverse voices unite to explore the myriad hues of African love, culture, and the human experience. With each verse, these gifted poets paint vivid landscapes, echo ancient rhythms, and weave powerful narratives for the African future they wish to see. Let the pages unfold, and your soul be enchanted by this anthology that celebrates the rich tapestry of African storytelling, its profound depth, and its boundless resilience in a fight to reclaim its place.

Breaking the Barriers:Empowered Girlc...

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Breaking the Barriers; Empowered Girl Child is Evelyne Mwakina's remarkable journey from humble beginnings in Taita Taveta County to Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Her story embodies faith, determination, and resilience, inspiring future generations for a better tomorrow. Her steadfast commitment to good governance, integrity, and social progress, alongside her dedication to empowering young minds, serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of education, perseverance, and belief in God and oneself. Evelyne's narrative resonates with individuals from all walks of life, showcasing the profound impact of overcoming challenges and striving for excellence. Through her journey, she not only breaks barriers but also paves the way for others to follow, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of empowerment and progress.

Made for Excellence by Dr. James Karau

How to maximize your potential for Excellence. The 4 Cs of Excellence

From Village to Village by Austin Otieno

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From Village to Village, details the amazing journey of Lay Cannon Justice (rtd) Onyango Otieno from his rural village in Kandaria, Asembo, to the highest echelons of the Legal Profession. This exciting journey tells us of the numerous tests he faced as a Lawyer and a Judge on the corridors of Justice. A true authentic look at the system.