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Troubled Sunsets by Tiwaine Ole Nchoko

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Troubled Sunsets is Tiwaine Ole Nchoko's debut novel. It is set in the Maasai Mara landscape and tells the story of a culture worth telling and preserving.

Equation Explorer Board Game

THE GAME Equation Explorer: A Delightful Equation-Creation Adventure for All Ages Suitable for both younger and older players, Equation Explorer offers a delightful math experience for creating equations. Younger players can create basic equations, while it provides a creative challenge for older children and adults, enabling them to craft complex equations while injecting a sense of fun into mathematical exploration. It can be enjoyed in various settings, whether at school or at home with friends and family.  

Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards Series 2: Com...

The Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards series offers a fun interactive way to learn the language.

Before The Devil Wakes Up

To you, trying to find your way from a dark corner. I hope this book lights your path to self discovery and grants you the grace to accept the you you meet on that journey.

Kenya: A Bleeding Economy by Darren K

A diagnosis of the state of economic doldrums.

Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara

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Join siblings Sam and Sara on an exhilarating safari adventure through the stunning landscapes of Kenya! In 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara,' young readers will discover the wonders of African wildlife as they journey through lush savannas, majestic national parks, and encounter fascinating animals like elephants, giraffes, and lions. With captivating and vibrant illustrations, this book is not just a thrilling safari tale but also an educational exploration of Kenya's rich biodiversity and the importance of wildlife conservation. Perfect for curious minds and budding nature enthusiasts, 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara' promises an unforgettable safari experience from the comfort of your home.

Covenants: Understanding the Principl...

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The subtle influence of the spiritual realm shapes the trajectory of human lives, often unnoticed. As spiritual beings inhabiting mortal bodies, our existence intertwines with the dynamics of the spiritual world—a realm governed by legal principles such as altars and covenants. Throughout history, individuals wielding power have demonstrated a profound grasp of these spiritual contracts. Whether in religious contexts or diverse belief systems, covenants serve as foundational pillars. Discover the transformative power of covenants and learn to align yourself with them for your benefit through this enlightening book.

The Holy Spirit Up Close and Personal...

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The Holy Spirit transcends mere abstraction; He is a person, not just a force or entity. Within this book, we construct a systematic framework to comprehend the Holy Spirit—His persona, gifts, fruits, and omnipotent influence. Delving into the distinction between the Holy Spirit as a person and His anointing, each chapter serves as a stepping stone toward deeper understanding. By embarking on this journey of exploration, readers will cultivate a profound relationship with the Holy Spirit, unlocking the boundless wisdom and empowerment He offers as our steadfast Guide and Confidant, our Best Friend.

The Mystery of the Holy Communion and...

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The Holy Communion stands as a pivotal ordinance for achieving Kingdom dominion, a divine instrument bestowed upon humanity. Its significance in the Church cannot be understated, representing a profound doctrine essential for believers. Rather than a mere ritual, understanding its profound power unlocks its full potential, offering a myriad of benefits. This book delves into the depths of why and how the Holy Communion should be observed, providing comprehensive insights to enrich one's spiritual journey and manifest dominion on earth. By embracing its significance with reverence and comprehension, believers can tap into the boundless blessings and transformative power embedded within the Holy Communion.

Kenya in the 1973-1974 UN Security Co...

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A compendium of rich history and selections from primary source documents detailing the events and resolutions characterising Kenya’s first year as a member of the most powerful world body: the UN Security Council. The book’s role is to shed light on the primacy of Kenya in world affairs as far back as the seventies. The author Donald W. Kaniaru is a lawyer and advocate by training who has served Kenya and the UN in various capacities; more relevant to this book, he was posted to the Permanent Mission to the United Nations in 1970-1974, and in that capacity was involved in many of the direct and indirect deliberations that attended Kenya's first membership in the UN Security Council, and which inform the context and contents of this book.


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Is Baar Sawaahiliga is a Kiswahili language textbook for Somali students. It is written in both English and Somali, and it is designed to teach students the basics of the language, including grammar , vocabulary and pronunciation. Is Bar Sawaahiliga is a comprehensive and well- organised textbook that is easy to follow. It is a valuable resource for Somali students who want to learn Kiswahili.



‘’For those going into university for the first time, these are your formative years; this book provides the basis upon which you can build a formidable foundation which will serve you well through college, but most importantly, when you graduate and embark on your professional life… This book is also of great value to parents of university students; to those counselling students as they prepare for their careers and for those in university administration… It is a book whose time has come, but also one that I wish had been published many years ago because it was greatly needed then, it is much needed now and will serve students well into the future; it is a book that’s timeless in its guidance and wisdom.’’

Foreword by Professor Chacha-Nyaigotti-Chacha.


MUSINGS ON LIFE Poetry Anthology by O...

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Oyamo Richard employs aesthetics and adroitness in language and structure in uniquely woven verses. He has a way of making, through poetry,simpler matters complex and complex ones simpler. This book explored six thematic areas namely; 1.Genesis, 2.Of Dreams and Ambitions, 3.Mental and Physical health, 4.Spirituality, 5.Beauty , Affection and Ties 6.Artistry 7.Sunset

Kids Gratitude Journal by Heena Tatiana

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This Kids Gratitude Journal will help remind your kid about all the amazing things around them and how amazing they are.

With Eyes Wide Closed by Erick B. Gic...

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With intrigue, love, lust, fame, greed, and cruelty, ‘With Eyes Wide Closed’ Novel... The problem is that Willis wants a simple girl for a wife while Amira is out to conquer the world. They are now embroiled in a vengeful tussle. With money and influence, Amira is poised to wipe the floor with him.

Author: Erick B. Gichuru Length: 285Pages

Genre: Drama| Crime | Romance

KNOW KENYA by Martin Wahogo

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The story of Kenya has been told for decades and now finally, Kenya's unique heritage, history and touristic information has been put in one publication.


Our unique family getaways, world renowned parks, museums, archeological heritage, cultural heritage, monuments, unique landscape features, infobits, demographic fastfacts and even some Kenyan little known heroes are all covered in this unique full colour travel guide. KNOW KENYA is here to sell to you Kenya as a holiday destination through your fingers from the comfort of your seat. You finally have a travel companion to help you decide your next unique spots to visit when you visit shags, or even as you travel around the country with your pals and office colleagues. Now you can discover and explore the hidden titbits around the country and go back home with a treasure of experiences.

The Uncharted Words by MURIUKI GITONGA

Imagine poetry as a vibrant dance of words – what rhythm, what emotions come alive in your mind? 'The Uncharted Words' by Muriuki Gitonga will redefine your poetic experience. With lyrical grace and profound insight, Muriuki's poetic verses paint vivid landscapes of emotions and contemplation. His unique style weaves a tapestry of words, blending introspection with a touch of whimsy. Let these poems be your companions through the cozy evenings as you navigate the uncharted territories of faith, love, Purpose, and self-discovery.

To Be True To Oneself by Morningflowe...

A brief life story of the writer's inner world with God and the outworking of that relationship in her life which encourages and lifts you up.

The Art of Being Neurospicy -Understa...

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  1. ✓Funny relatable ADHD Content ✓Understanding Adult ADHD and Its Multifaceted Expression ✓Detailed Self Assessment Tests to know if you might be having ADHD ✓Ways to manage ADHD without prescription drugs ✓Real Stories from other ADHDers ✓The positive side of having ADHD ✓ Things you will hear about ADHD which are simply not true ✓ADHD Life Hacks that actually work

Eastern Butterfly by Sandra Nekh

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The Eti, of little known East African monarchy Kdzigu Ety, are proud to possess a remarkable self-contained culture. They are an independent nation, developed from the split of the 18th Century Kingdom of Kidzigu Eti ―The Butterfly― to become Kdzigu Ety in the East and Mammor in the West. A jaded old-timer American journalist, Aaron ‘Pelle’ Carter, travels to Kdzigu Ety searching for a career-defining story. The region is vibrant and alive, courtesy of the annual harvest festival and a Royal wedding. Mr. Carter relishes the idea of documenting a post-modern monarchical wedding ceremony though his true interests lie in the Butterfly’s aging patriarchal sovereigns ―Ikha Saram of Kdzigu Ety and Aba Naifa of Mammor, and their heirs, the Eastern Princess ―the Sifakh Lateiya Saram― and the Western Prince ―the Bukizo Kasim Naifa. Beyond the Butterfly’s brilliance in propelling the African narrative, there lay secrets, and deviations that could change the fate of the whole region.