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Kenya Ni Nchi Yetu Pia by Rose Koros

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"Kenya Ni Nchi Yetu Pia" is an activity book for children that can be used as a conversation starter to discuss disability. The book contains fictional stories of children living with disability and provokes children to explore how they can be friends with children with disabilities. The book also contains three real life stories of adults with disabilities who have achieved a great deal in their lives. The book aims at advocating for people with disability not to be treated like second class citizens, but to be included in our communities, because "Kenya Ni Nchi Yetu Pia."

Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards Series 2: Com...

The Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards series offers a fun interactive way to learn the language.

Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards Series 1: Alp...

The Learn Gīkūyū Flashcards series offers a fun interactive way to master the language. Learn the rules and how to pronounce each letter of the alphabet.

Book Sleeves by Lexa

Book sleeves are protective covers designed to keep your books safe from damage. They are typically made from fabric or other soft materials and are used to slip over your books, providing a layer of protection against scratches, spills, and other potential hazards. Book sleeves are especially useful for avid readers who like to carry their books around or for those who want to keep their books in pristine condition on their bookshelves. They come in various sizes and designs, allowing you to express your personal style while keeping your books looking great. So, whether you're a book lover on the go or simply want to keep your books protected, these book sleeves are a practical and stylish accessory to consider! 📚

My Principle Journal by Hezeliya Kariuki

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Introducing "MyPrinciple Journal" – a game-changer crafted by transformational life coach Hezeliya Kariuki. Dive into a monthly adventure exploring powerful principles that shape who you are, guide your choices, and spark a purposeful life. More than just a diary, it's your go-to place for empowerment, rooted in unwavering faith, leading you on a journey of self-discovery and positive change. Elevate every part of your life as you confidently walk in your purpose. Unlock empowerment within these pages and set your course for a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life. My Principle Journal: Your guide to a life well-lived.


KENYA GAME PARKS MAP-COMPREHENSIVE: This is a detailed and up-to-date wall map at the scale of 1 : 1 000 000. It is printed on PVC(CANVAS). The map shows many tourism features, game parks and game reserves.


KENYA COUNTIES MAP - EXECUTIVE: This is Kenya's premier devolution map. It is a detailed wall map published at the promulgamation of the new constitution in 2010.The map is at the scale of 1 : 1 000 000 printed on PVC(CANVAS). It shows all the 47 Counties of Kenya.


KENYA ADMINISTRATIVE MAP: This is a wall map of Kenya at the scale of 1 : 1 000 000. It is printed on PVC(CANVAS). This map shows the administrative units of Kenya before the 2010 new constitution. It shows the 47 districts and 8 Provinces.

Career Journal: A toolkit for Acceler...

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Career Journal, A toolkit for an Accelerated Career by Career Coach Vumile Msweli. This book is a collection of insights that can aid you in getting a strong foundation in your career. A number of insights are shared to help you in your journey. The greatness of this book is also that you can journal in it and you get to track your progress. Get this book to help Coach you in your Career Step by step!

TalentGurus@254 Note Book

The TalentGurus@254 Notebook is a ruled notebok to help keep you organised and is an essential work tool.

My Intentional Living Journal

My Intentional Living Journal is pre marked to help you document your goals and aspirations. It will assist with weekly planning it will help you build focus, prioritise and acknowledge achievements to help you celebrate your wins.

Gift Card – Sweet Pink Birthday...

Unforgettable Moments Begin with this sweet A6 Birthday Card.

Gift Card – Blue Happy Birthday

Open the joys of simplicity with our A6, well-crafted birthday card, designed to make yours and your loved one's day extra special!

Gift Birthday Card – Glorious B...

Unwrap Smiles, The Perfect Birthday Card for Your Special Day! Art and simplicity in this well crafted birthday card. Perfect for sending sweet wishes to a Dear One.

Gift Card – Flying Balloons

Hey you! There's a 🥳 party in your envelope! A fun and unique Birthday Card. A6 size filled with fun and love!

Gift Birthday Card – Blessed Bi...

Be a blessing with this unique Birthday Card to brighten yours or someone else's day! This A6 Birthday card, crafted with love, had you in mind. Our simple yet stylish birthday card will make your moments memorable!

To Be True To Oneself by Morningflowe...

A brief life story of the writer's inner world with God and the outworking of that relationship in her life which encourages and lifts you up.

Feather Mugs

Standard size ceramic mugs perfect for your morning/evening coffee/tea.