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Nzi Mlafi by Mucemi Gakuru

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Nzi-Mtoto alizaliwa kwa Nzi-Chifu na akawa mlafi sana, hadi wakamwita Nzi-Mlafi. Alionywa mara nyingi kupunguza ulafi lakini kila mara alitawaliwa na tamaa. Mwishowe, aliuawa na kiasi kikubwa cha chakula alichokula. Kitabu cha Nzi Mlafi kinaeleza zaidi kuhusu tabia nzuri kwa watoto. Kinaonyesha madhara yatakayompata mtu asiyekua na maadili mema. Vilevile kinaelimisha, kinaburudisha na kuadilisha.

Soso and The Kako Leaf by Bella Disu ...

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Follow the life of young Soso as she encounters mysteries and unearths traditions that have existed long before she was born. Be part of her adventures as she gains confidence, self-esteem, and an understanding of her deep cultural heritage.

Kinyonga by Binti Omar

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Kinyonga alishangaa kuona upinde wa mvua ukiwa na rangi za kupendeza. Rafiki yake Mwewe, alikubali kumpeleka kwenye upinde, walipokuwa juu alifurahi sana mpaka akapoteza utulivu. Alishindwa kumshikilia Mwewe, akatumbukia kwenye upinde na kuanguka chini. Kitabu cha Kinyonga kina mafunzo mengi kwa watoto. Aidha kitaboresha usomaji na kumuwezesha msomaji kutambua majina ya baadhi ya wanyama, ndege na wadudu. Pia kinafunza kuhusu rangi za upinde.

Easter Coloring Book by Citrine Topaz

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Hop into a world of colorful Easter fun with our enchanting Easter-themed coloring book! Delight in adorable bunnies, decorated eggs, and cheerful spring scenes waiting to be brought to life with every stroke of your child's imagination. From vibrant Easter baskets to whimsical garden gatherings, each page is bursting with creativity and joy. Perfect for little artists aged 2–5, this charming book promises hours of holiday entertainment and artistic expression. Whether nestled in an Easter basket or enjoyed as a rainy day activity, this coloring book is sure to captivate and inspire. Get ready to add a splash of Easter magic to your child's day—grab your crayons and let the coloring adventures begin!

No Brainer (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book...

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Up until now, middle school hasn’t exactly been a joyride for Greg Heffley. So when the town threatens to close the crumbling building, he’s not too broken up about it. But when Greg realizes this means he’s going to be sent to a different school than his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, he changes his tune. Can Greg and his classmates save their school before it’s shuttered for good? Or is this the start of a whole new chapter for Greg?

Champions of The Earth: An Epic Adven...

“Champions of the Earth: An Epic Adventure in Climate Discovery and Action” follows Kofi, Amina, Malik, and Zuri on a journey to understand climate change. Exploring Africa's landscapes, they uncover its causes, impacts, and solutions. From renewable energy to conservation, their quest educates and empowers. Through advocacy and action, these young heroes inspire others to join the fight for a sustainable future. Aimed at ages 8 -13, the story delivers complex climate concepts in an engaging, relatable way. It's a tale of courage, unity, and the transformative power of knowledge and action, showing how everyone, regardless of age, can make a difference for our planet.

Triplet Tales by Jason, Jeremy and Ju...

Triplet Tales is a delightful collection of three captivating stories told in a way that young readers can relate to. The stories are creatively told and will leave other young readers inspired to write their own stories.

Mama Onyis

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“Mama Onyis” is a tale about a woman who always felt a special connection to her home, Lake Victoria. When the lake’s ecosystem is threatened by Bwana Mafisi, a private developer, her love for the lake gives her the power to save it. If you want to see what form her power took (trust me you do), check it out

Mzee Ndoto’s Chapatis

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Mzee Ndoto is a sixty-year-old cook who, having worked for a Mzungu (White settlers) family for thirty years, got an opportunity to work for the new family in Machakos at the age of 60 years. He was a self-taught cook who learnt the art of cooking by observing what in the latter years her mum would do over the three- stoned fire-place and he learnt how to cook different cuisines. He learnt as well from the “Mzungu” family on how to cook further western cuisine that made him a kitchen darling. A speciality that made mzee Ndoto famous were his Square shaped Chapatis that were the yummiest for the family he was working for and they devoured them due to their liking by all the family members

Ayanna The Makanga

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Too often, little girls have dreams that are crushed by society telling them what they can and cannot do and what is “proper” for a girl to be. “Ayanna the Makanga” is a heart-warming reminder to girls everywhere that their dreams are valid and that the voice they should listen to the most is their own. As a little girl, Ayanna loved the road and public transport but was always told that jobs in transport were for “tough boys”. Our heroine doesn’t pay these naysayers any heed. She grows up to do exactly what she loves and ends up changing the industry as a result.

Kwame the Girrafe

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Kwame is a giraffe who stands tall and is completely sure of himself (as we all are as children). He sees himself as a lion though, brave and magnificent, and though his friends laugh and his enemies look at him with scorn, he stays true to himself and, in the end, helps the whole savannah through the simple fact that his belief never wavered. Beyond having this beautiful message on self-love, Kwame the Giraffe paints a beautiful picture of the savannah and other facets of Kenya that makes it the country and people we know and love.

Itchy Spots

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Dennis feels sick. He will miss school. Grandma takes him to the doctor. He is sad. Will he miss the class trip too? *** Golden stars is a series of fresh readers for lower primary to help learners to develop key values required for harmonious living in our society.

Zuri Jijini

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  1. Zuri jijini ni Kitabu Cha hadithi Cha watoto wa shule za msingi chini ya mtalaa wa Umilisi (CBC) Kina mnato wa aina yake. Kitamfaa sana mwanafunzi wa Gredi ya 4-6.


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Step into the captivating world of African folk tales with "Wild Whispers: Tales of Animals and Humans." Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of timeless stories where people and wild animals coexist, forming an inseparable bond. Drawing inspiration from ancient oral traditions, this collection weaves together imaginative accounts that have been passed down through generations. Discover a realm where animals hold a special place in the hearts of the people, and their adventures mirror our own daily struggles and conflicts. Meet the cunning hyenas, the envious giraffes, and the vengeful cheetahs, each character brimming with life and personality. In "Wild Whispers," you'll embark on a journey of exploration, empathy, and understanding as you delve into the intertwined destinies of humans and animals. These captivating stories transport you to a world where the lines between the natural and supernatural blur, leaving you spellbound until the very last page. Experience the magic of African folklore, beautifully crafted with a contemporary touch, making "Wild Whispers" a must-read for anyone seeking timeless tales that resonate across cultures and generations. Whether you're a seasoned reader of folk tales or venturing into this genre for the first time, this book promises an unforgettable adventure that will leave your heart brimming with wonder and appreciation for the interwoven tapestry of life on Earth.

Don’t let Okapi play basketball

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We should allow people’s character and ability to speak for them, not appearance or their plain words.. For grade 6+ Kids can now read an ebook from a parent’s phone, one of the inspiring ways to avoid trivial videos and games. And enhance reading capabilities.

Grumpy Greg and other stories by Caro...

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Greg is a good leaner who always performs well in class and teachers like him. Greg suddenly changes and becomes a grumpy boy . He starts to pick on his classmates just to get them angry. What made Greg grumpy?

Life Goes Round by Ray Mwihaki- Ideal...

When life gets a little tough, even the little ones need a little motivation, a reminder that they will be okay at the end of the day.

The Special Secret Sauce by Wangari K...

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Life in Doll Cottage is magical and always full of adventure. Doll Lady is dizzy with excitement and has big plans. However, something happens that turns everything upside down. Jabali, Pendo, Fadhili, Jameela, Amani and all the other dolls are not happy. The yarn balls only make matters worse. Can Doll Lady help the dolls discover their Special Secret Sauce? This story embraces and celebrates differences and teaches children that who we are is not based on our physical appearances but on that which lives inside of us. A great read, with beautiful illustrations. This hard cover book is ideal for children ages 5 – 9 years.