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My Phone and I by Njeri Wachira

Did you know that only 7% of Parents know their children are being targeted online through their phones? Are you in control of your child's activities on their smartphones?

Nzi Mlafi by Mucemi Gakuru

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Nzi-Mtoto alizaliwa kwa Nzi-Chifu na akawa mlafi sana, hadi wakamwita Nzi-Mlafi. Alionywa mara nyingi kupunguza ulafi lakini kila mara alitawaliwa na tamaa. Mwishowe, aliuawa na kiasi kikubwa cha chakula alichokula. Kitabu cha Nzi Mlafi kinaeleza zaidi kuhusu tabia nzuri kwa watoto. Kinaonyesha madhara yatakayompata mtu asiyekua na maadili mema. Vilevile kinaelimisha, kinaburudisha na kuadilisha.

Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara

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Join siblings Sam and Sara on an exhilarating safari adventure through the stunning landscapes of Kenya! In 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara,' young readers will discover the wonders of African wildlife as they journey through lush savannas, majestic national parks, and encounter fascinating animals like elephants, giraffes, and lions. With captivating and vibrant illustrations, this book is not just a thrilling safari tale but also an educational exploration of Kenya's rich biodiversity and the importance of wildlife conservation. Perfect for curious minds and budding nature enthusiasts, 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara' promises an unforgettable safari experience from the comfort of your home.

Kinyonga by Binti Omar

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Kinyonga alishangaa kuona upinde wa mvua ukiwa na rangi za kupendeza. Rafiki yake Mwewe, alikubali kumpeleka kwenye upinde, walipokuwa juu alifurahi sana mpaka akapoteza utulivu. Alishindwa kumshikilia Mwewe, akatumbukia kwenye upinde na kuanguka chini. Kitabu cha Kinyonga kina mafunzo mengi kwa watoto. Aidha kitaboresha usomaji na kumuwezesha msomaji kutambua majina ya baadhi ya wanyama, ndege na wadudu. Pia kinafunza kuhusu rangi za upinde.

Dear Darling Daughter by Doris Makori

Dear Darling Daughter seeks to equip teen girls with what they need to know about common teenage issues such as body changes, sex, peer pressure, personal hygiene, relationship with God, and much more. It's also a great Christian resource for parents and guardians who seek to guide, and strengthen their bond with preteen and teenage girls in their lives.

Bringing Out The Best Ouf of Yourself...

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Bringing The Best Out of Yourself in School and Beyond is written with an objective of raising a student who is whole rounded in the sense that he really understands what is happening within and out of him/her. It does not really make sense to graduate an intelligent engineer who can control great and efficient machines to the highest accuracy possible while the same person cannot control her/himself. On the same line, it makes no reason to produce an “A” student who is not of any help to himself, let alone the society he was brought up in or a Business Management student who knows not how to start and run a business despite four years of university education. The topics transcend quite some important aspects of school life and life away from school. This book is designed for anyone who is interested in getting a better self and making an improvement in one or the other part of his life. Though written for high school students, anyone can borrow much from the same text but high school students will find this a really must have book for them.

My Mommy is a Schoolteacher Hardcover...

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Inspired by a true story, and written from the points of view of four siblings as they witness their mother's valiant effort to become a schoolteacher. The journey from motherhood to career is one shared by women around the world. This book is about the determination, empowerment, and love modeled by a mother to her children as she fulfills her dream while remaining endlessly devoted to her children.

The Dreamer by Rose Wangithi

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The Dreamer is a story that gets to change the narrative in the career world. It gives children the freedom to know they can become whoever they dream to be.

My Weekly Adventures

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This journal is designed for children aged 6 to 9 years old, guiding them in exploring and discovering new aspects about themselves each week while setting monthly goals. Equipped with tools for success, the journal empowers young minds to grow into successful individuals capable of making a positive impact on the world. Additionally, delightful reward stickers are included to celebrate their achievements.

Kids Gratitude Journal by Heena Tatiana

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This Kids Gratitude Journal will help remind your kid about all the amazing things around them and how amazing they are.


A Physical Self Awareness Workbook for 9 to 12 years old. Empowers your child to understand, accept and love themselves unconditionally . A child who loves themselves unconditionally is able to Self regulate and make effective choices.

The Art of Being Neurospicy -Understa...

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  1. ✓Funny relatable ADHD Content ✓Understanding Adult ADHD and Its Multifaceted Expression ✓Detailed Self Assessment Tests to know if you might be having ADHD ✓Ways to manage ADHD without prescription drugs ✓Real Stories from other ADHDers ✓The positive side of having ADHD ✓ Things you will hear about ADHD which are simply not true ✓ADHD Life Hacks that actually work

I AM Affirmations Notebook reading an...

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A colorfully illustrated book for kids that combines the power of art and positive messaging in reading and coloring.

Champions of The Earth: An Epic Adven...

“Champions of the Earth: An Epic Adventure in Climate Discovery and Action” follows Kofi, Amina, Malik, and Zuri on a journey to understand climate change. Exploring Africa's landscapes, they uncover its causes, impacts, and solutions. From renewable energy to conservation, their quest educates and empowers. Through advocacy and action, these young heroes inspire others to join the fight for a sustainable future. Aimed at ages 8 -13, the story delivers complex climate concepts in an engaging, relatable way. It's a tale of courage, unity, and the transformative power of knowledge and action, showing how everyone, regardless of age, can make a difference for our planet.

Mama Onyis

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“Mama Onyis” is a tale about a woman who always felt a special connection to her home, Lake Victoria. When the lake’s ecosystem is threatened by Bwana Mafisi, a private developer, her love for the lake gives her the power to save it. If you want to see what form her power took (trust me you do), check it out

Mzee Ndoto’s Chapatis

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Mzee Ndoto is a sixty-year-old cook who, having worked for a Mzungu (White settlers) family for thirty years, got an opportunity to work for the new family in Machakos at the age of 60 years. He was a self-taught cook who learnt the art of cooking by observing what in the latter years her mum would do over the three- stoned fire-place and he learnt how to cook different cuisines. He learnt as well from the “Mzungu” family on how to cook further western cuisine that made him a kitchen darling. A speciality that made mzee Ndoto famous were his Square shaped Chapatis that were the yummiest for the family he was working for and they devoured them due to their liking by all the family members

Jebet the Runner

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Jebet the runner is a book that tells the story of a girl named Jebet who grows up showcasing her talent for running. Jebet from a very young age liked running. She would compete with her dolls and have some imaginary finishing lines and cheers and a commentator voice running in her mind. While growing up the distance from and to school would be a daily run for her where she would run to and from school which is two kilometres away from home. This keeps on for some time until one day while her mum is doing her chores she receives a call from the National Olympics committee who invite Jebet to run for the country during the international forthcoming race. She carried on with practice in the high altitude area of Iten and when she got to the international race, Jebet smashed the existing world record. She is happy to have transcended from a cheering squad that only consisted of his dolls and imaginary commentating to an actual crowd cheers.

Ayanna The Makanga

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Too often, little girls have dreams that are crushed by society telling them what they can and cannot do and what is “proper” for a girl to be. “Ayanna the Makanga” is a heart-warming reminder to girls everywhere that their dreams are valid and that the voice they should listen to the most is their own. As a little girl, Ayanna loved the road and public transport but was always told that jobs in transport were for “tough boys”. Our heroine doesn’t pay these naysayers any heed. She grows up to do exactly what she loves and ends up changing the industry as a result.

Kwame the Girrafe

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Kwame is a giraffe who stands tall and is completely sure of himself (as we all are as children). He sees himself as a lion though, brave and magnificent, and though his friends laugh and his enemies look at him with scorn, he stays true to himself and, in the end, helps the whole savannah through the simple fact that his belief never wavered. Beyond having this beautiful message on self-love, Kwame the Giraffe paints a beautiful picture of the savannah and other facets of Kenya that makes it the country and people we know and love.