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Risking it all by Anna-Maria Mwachinga

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Risking it all is a heart warming, contemporary love story between a man and a woman contemplating a life together. It is also a solemn exploration of the ageless love story between God and people. Can the two converge in the unfolding crisis between Abigail and Simon? Set in a Kenyan urban context this upbeat novel explores universal present-day predicaments plaguing romantic relationships in light of the myriad of moral issues that confront young believers in the 21st Century. The author masterfully tackles the foundational themes of salvation, Christian courtship and marriage, wholesome family dynamics, dignified human interaction and more, all flavoured with a positive exposition of the gospel and issues of faith.

Everything Has Wings by J.O Bernard

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‘Everything Has Wings’, is a refreshing collection of poems by J.O. Bernard that dances gracefully through the highs and lows of life. With a blend of wit, and deep introspection, Bernard explores themes of love, religion, and death, creating a tapestry of words that is both poignant and entertaining. Each poem is a little adventure, inviting readers to see the world through Bernard’s inquisitive eyes. His unique perspective transforms everyday experiences into extraordinary moments, making this anthology a delightful companion for those seeking a meaningful conversation and contemplation.

Pleased. by Nabangala B

Pleased (rated R) is a collection of poems & short stories celebrating sex, love & friendship. Enjoy scintillating fantasy erotica like 'Solo Day Out' and epic love tales like 'Forever Bae'. Erotic & romantic literature is taken to a new level and platonic love is celebrated and hailed and honored. Naba's writing is melodious, authoritative, entertaining and inspiring. Happy reading!

Mapenzi Wewe by Arapha Suleiman

Mapenzi Wewe, describes love experiences in ones life as the writer tries to smoothen the whole experiences using story telling and poetry. The events are stories captured from different people, and put down to not discriminate love, but to emphasize on "Love alone not being enough"

The Little Book of Wisdom by Gilda Given

The Litle Book of Wisdom with One On One Recounts carries 101 livable quotes that are grounded to connect with the real self within you. The intention is to reach those who are unreachable, unheard, and those who are yearning to transform their lives for the better but still have undesirable courage, inspiration, or easiness of taking full responsibility to make things happen. The book is really an eye-opener. It’s made simple and it is in both English and Swahili. Don’t miss this opportunity as things are made easy with The Little Book of Wisdom. Start Now!

Crazy, Stupid Love: Falling in Love w...

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Crazy, Stupid Love: Falling in Love with Your Partner All Over Again" is a transformative guide for couples seeking to reignite the spark and deepen their connection. Drawing on Narkisho's extensive experience as a relationship coach, Heprovides practical tools, proven strategies, and heartfelt wisdom to help readers overcome common relationship challenges and build a love that lasts a lifetime. This book is more than just a collection of advice - it's a journey of rediscovery and renewal. Through engaging examples, thought-provoking exercises, and actionable steps, readers will learn how to break through communication barriers, rekindle the passion in their physical intimacy, and cultivate a mindset of gratitude and unwavering support. Whether you've been together for months or decades, "Crazy, Stupid Love" offers a roadmap for navigating the ups and downs of long-term love. From creating shared adventures and experiences to handling conflicts and growing together through tough times, this book covers it all. With its perfect blend of scientific research, real-life anecdotes, and compassionate guidance, "Crazy, Stupid Love" is a must-read for any couple looking to strengthen their bond and fall in love all over again. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of the heart and discover the secrets to a relationship filled with passion, connection, and unbreakable love.

Tomorrow Never Came by Lavin Owende

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It's a love story poetically narrated where lovers have a dream to have a lifetime together. Then life leads them to different places and one of them is stuck between chasing the ways of their glory days and looking at what lies ahead of her. It's a journey of trying to find a different path. Healing from loving and losing. It's recovery and relapsing band hoping to find oneself again

WAVES – by Misky Nur

Dive into 'Waves', a captivating poetry collection by Misky Nur Abdullahi. Through emotive verses, Abdullahi explores universal human experiences and societal themes, from love and pain to identity and resilience. Each poem ignites conversations about our shared societal framework, inviting readers to embark on a thought-provoking journey through expressive and engaging poetry.

A Heart Full of Love by Diana Opiyo

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Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself”. Matthew 22:37 (New International Version In today's world filled with strife, division, and indifferences, can we say that we truly love one another unconditionally? The book 'A Heart Full of Love: Lessons from an Angel's Journey to the Heart of Unconditional Love' is a truly must-read. In a world filled with strife, this book illuminates the extraordinary power of love to bridge divides and transform lives. Through poignant storytelling, drawing inspiration from her late daughter, Hera, the author reveals the profound impact of love on our relationship with God, family, and even those deemed 'unlovable.' Explore the concept of love for all walks of life and gain practical guidance to nurture deeper, harmonious connections. Embrace the truth that love, a force that can reshape individuals and heal societies, is the beacon of hope our world desperately needs.

Over Cultivated Minds: Stories of res...

Rich, relatable and memorable stories. This book delves into the intimate experiences of families grappling with the challenges of mental It unveils the raw realities of sons consumed by addiction, mothers haunted by sleepless nights, fathers grappling with feeling of loss,and siblings forever changed by the impact of mental illness. It is a poignant reminder that amidst the struggles, there is strength, and within the darkness, there is hope. It's a journey of laughter, tears and ultimately resilience -offering a beacon of hope for those navigating various mental health conditions.

My Pregnancy Journal

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Embark on a heartfelt journey from bump to baby with our soulful pregnancy journal. Designed to capture every moment, from the flutter of tiny kicks to the overwhelming joy of first cuddles, this journal is your trusted companion through the miracle of motherhood. With prompts to reflect, space to dream, and pages to cherish, it's more than a journal—it's a soul-to-soul connection between you and your growing little one. Whether you're a first-time mom or seasoned pro, let our pregnancy journal be your guide as you navigate the beautiful adventure of pregnancy. Embrace the magic, capture the memories, and treasure the journey—soul to soul.

Divine Disorder by Bint Aisha

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Divine Disorder is an enthralling compilation of beautifully woven poems. This anthology revolves around the one thing that knits together the fabric of humanity: Love. It is divided into three chapters, namely Of Fondness and Adoration, Renditions of a Hurt Heart, and Amelioration. Of Fondness and Adoration camps on the aspect of falling in love, loving, wanting to be loved and abusive love. Renditions of a Hurt Heart dwells on the pain, tears, and brokenness that comes from love. Amelioration, which is the ending chapter, majors on healing and heartbreak, finding one self in love, and embracing one's flaws and wins. In this collection you will meet the mind and heart of Aisha Mohamed a.k.a Bint Aisha, and it will remind you that we are all human and thus similar in a way.

Love Alive by A.Manoti

Love Alive particularized how the love of God can be alive in us, covering our gaffes, and leading to real love in our lives, families, marriages, ministries, professions, and relationships.


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Kill the Devil by Juvens Nsabimana an...

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"You can run and leave a place behind, but you can't leave behind what is running inside of you." A woman and a man, nearly destroyed by extreme violence, hatred and despair, follow a rare and unexpected path, and discover extreme forgiveness, love and hope. Three fishermen pull a near lifeless woman from the sea; having suffered unimaginable loss, Patricia's life is empty and her only motivation to go on is to bring the one responsible to justice. Always on the verge of running, a man hides from his guilt in Kigali, terrified of his anonymity being compromised and his past uncovered. Shining a light on the remarkable, untold stories of reconciliation in Rwanda since the genocide in 1994, Kill the Devil is a love story between a survivor and a perpetrator of genocide in a lesson for our times and for all time...

Camp In Between by Beatty Sheila Opanga

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Camp in Between is a collection of six exhilarating stories, with various plots, set in various towns in Kenya, woven together by the author’s inventive use of Kenya’s many languages, her humorous wit, and fearless bluntness, majorly to ask one question, what makes a good parent? Love within and without the bounds of morality addressed, and so is history and a little bit of Kenya’s constantly unstable style of government and where that might lead us.

The Husband Hack by DOREEN LYNCH

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The Husband Hack is a single woman's bible. It will give you refreshing insight into taking charge of your love life, empowering you to ask the right questions and finally manifest your ideal partner. The excellent guide also includes a journal which will be instrumental for self-discovery and growth. Start designing your wedding invites NOW.

Damn, Girl! Stop That : How women sho...

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Sometimes the world is conspiring against the woman. Sometimes though, even though she should know better, the woman gets in her own way. This book is about these times.

Everything I Know About Life by Joan ...

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Everything I know about life is a coming-of-age book It begins with a heart-wrenching story. In it, Joan Thatiah candidly explores what life has taught her so far about being a woman, energy, and men. She writes in her usual fearless style with steadfast conviction.

Take Your Power Back by Wanjiru Kaburu

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A search for healing, wholeness, worthiness, honor and love that calls for vulnerability and courage to take our power back is what this book is about. A place we all need to get to! A thought- provoking read with pearls of inspiration to truly take our power back" - Carol Nderi, the Foreword Writer