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Calming the storm by Speaker Francis ...

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Calming the storm by Speaker Francis Ole Kaparo

Beyond The Call of Duty by Omar Abdi ...

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Beyond The Call of Duty by Omar Abdi Shurie

Jane With a Capital J by Jane Gichohi

Sometimes it seems like the only big things in your life are problems and responsibilities! In Jane with a Capital J you’ll find much to laugh at and think about as Jane shares stories from her life and how her life has been refined and redefined by the Capital J in her life, Jesus!

Before The Devil Wakes Up

To you, trying to find your way from a dark corner. I hope this book lights your path to self discovery and grants you the grace to accept the you you meet on that journey.


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A perfect read for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and anyone seeking triumph in a moment of hardship be it in life, work, business, sickness, strife, marriage or career. From the village of Taita to Triumph in the city. Mbele shares his moments of success, failure, and crisis through life, business, career and health crisis. The book paints a powerful story of love and healing emerging out of rejection after being given away at a tender age to be raised by another mother, the author reconnects with his real mother who makes an ultimate selfless show of love as a kidney donor giving him another chance to live again. With unwavering clarity, he candidly recounts not just the narrative of business failure but heart wrenching experience of losing a child at birth. His narrative not only acknowledges the depths of grief but also illuminates the resilient spirit with which they navigated through the shadows of sorrow.

Over Cultivated Minds: Stories of res...

Rich, relatable and memorable stories. This book delves into the intimate experiences of families grappling with the challenges of mental It unveils the raw realities of sons consumed by addiction, mothers haunted by sleepless nights, fathers grappling with feeling of loss,and siblings forever changed by the impact of mental illness. It is a poignant reminder that amidst the struggles, there is strength, and within the darkness, there is hope. It's a journey of laughter, tears and ultimately resilience -offering a beacon of hope for those navigating various mental health conditions.

Epic musings of a farmers daughter by...

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The book describes Jane’s journey from growing up in abject poverty in the 70s to forging a successful career in legal practice and raising a family.

Tea girl to a banker,A journey of Fai...

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MY JOURNEY OF FAITH (FROM CLEANING DISHES TO A BANK MANAGER)Have you ever had a dream or an aspiration in

Our Nine Year Odyssey with the Cancer...

In this book, Dr Machyo invites you, the reader to walk (and many times run) with him through a Nine-year odyssey with cancer in his family. The author narrates the shock, despair, hope and despair again when his wife, Norrie, is diagnosed with cancer. The disease brings emotional pain and financial ruin. It dehumanizes the patient. It killed Norrie and left two little kids under the age of ten. Follow the struggles of the Machyos as they seek for treatment in Kenya, South Africa and India. Follow the story of the devastation caused by Hodgkin's lymphoma and sarcoma on the family of the author. The family still has yet to come to terms with the ravages of this disease, even after it killed the mother of the family in June 2021. A true story.

Hop Skip and Jump by Scholar Akinyi &...

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Hop Skip and Jump is a riveting tale that takes us through the lives of three adolescent neighbours caught up in the 2007/8 Post Elections Violence in Naivasha. The three accounts are a testament of how one major occurrence can be experienced differently. It is also a reminder that children, too, have a say when the history of a country is told.

Hop Skip and Jump by Scholar Akinyi

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Hop Skip and Jump is a riveting tale that takes us through the lives of three adolescent neighbours caught up in the 2007/8 Post Elections Violence in Naivasha. The three accounts are a testament of how one major occurrence can be experienced differently. It is also a reminder that children, too, have a say when the history of a country is told.

Breaking The Silence by Ndaisi Schola...

Breaking the Silence" is a powerful memoir and comprehensive guide to understanding and overcoming domestic violence. It begins with the author's own harrowing journey as a victim, providing a deeply personal perspective on the challenges and triumphs of breaking free from abuse. The book then delves into the various forms, causes, and types of domestic violence, offering insights into who the victims are and how to identify perpetrators. It provides practical strategies for dealing with domestic violence, including the importance of disclosure and seeking help. "Breaking the Silence" also addresses the devastating impact of domestic violence on children and confronts common myths, contrasting them with the harsh realities faced by survivors. The book emphasizes the importance of reporting domestic violence and offers information on helplines and shelters, providing a lifeline for those seeking support and safety. Through compelling narratives and informative insights,this book aims to empower individuals to break free from the cycle of silence and take steps towards healing and safety .

Why (Not) Me: Memoir by John C Gichinga

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Reverend John Gichinga's life mirrors the idiom "Skin of a Rhino l, Heart of a lamb" in a profound ways. Born without a prophet's foresight into a journey sculpted solely by divine hands, his story unfolds with peaks of joyous camaraderie and valleys of solitary questioning Why Not Me is full of lessons gleaned from John Gichinga's experiences, akin to gold in value, beckon others to witness a life lived gracefully.

Restored: My Journey from Scars to Pu...

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Restored: My Journey from Scars to Purpose by Caroline Wairimu Ndungu

CROSSROADS Legends by Mirigo Kinyanjui

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Crossroads Legend is based on real life experiences in a story that captures various cultures from different continents in a love story that involves an African girl with a Muslim billionaire heir.

Diaries of a humanitarian worker, My ...

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This book is a compilation of work experiences in the humanitarian setting in the author's different roles as a field worker. The author goes by the name Wangari and has been in multicultural and multicentric work experiences with Medecins Sans Frontiers. The complexity of the field make it a challenging yet deeply satisfying life and career choice. The book is in gratitude to the Wangari's parents and fellow aid workers around the world.

Breaking the Barriers:Empowered Girlc...

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Breaking the Barriers; Empowered Girl Child is Evelyne Mwakina's remarkable journey from humble beginnings in Taita Taveta County to Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Her story embodies faith, determination, and resilience, inspiring future generations for a better tomorrow. Her steadfast commitment to good governance, integrity, and social progress, alongside her dedication to empowering young minds, serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of education, perseverance, and belief in God and oneself. Evelyne's narrative resonates with individuals from all walks of life, showcasing the profound impact of overcoming challenges and striving for excellence. Through her journey, she not only breaks barriers but also paves the way for others to follow, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of empowerment and progress.

Breaking the illusions: a MEMOIR By H...

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Breaking the illusions: a MEMOIR By Hon. Sicily Kariuki, EGH

THE ODYSSEY @ 40 Years in Journalism ...

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  1. Professional journey at Nation Media Group and African Woman and Child Feature Service (AWC), media NGO, as a journalist for past 50 years, with 8-page photo gallery spanning 98 years. It also includes local and international travel stories and voices of veteran journalists and news sources.