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Camp In Between by Beatty Sheila Opanga

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Camp in Between is a collection of six exhilarating stories, with various plots, set in various towns in Kenya, woven together by the author’s inventive use of Kenya’s many languages, her humorous wit, and fearless bluntness, majorly to ask one question, what makes a good parent? Love within and without the bounds of morality addressed, and so is history and a little bit of Kenya’s constantly unstable style of government and where that might lead us.

Nyuolruok Dhoudi Mag Ugenya by Haggai...

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Brief Summary Nyuolruok Dhoudi Mag Ugenya Author: Haggai O Nundu

Thuond Luo

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Brief Summary Buge Moko Mag Dholuo gin ISBN:ThuondLuo001 Author:Thuond Luo

An outline history of Nyanza up to 19...

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Brief Summary An Outline History of Nyanza Up to 1914 ISBN:9780860703396 Author:William Robert Ochieng

A History of the Luo Speaking Peoples...

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A history of the Luo speaking peoples of Eastern Africa. In Africa, the past goes to the very origins of humanity. It continues until just before the scramble for Africa in the late 19th century. Africa and Africans deserve to be known on their own terms, and to achieve this goal, we need to improve our understanding of what took place before colonialism rewrote many of life's rules. We can do this best by studying how Africa was peopled; how different African population varieties developed; how the over 1400 languages spoken in Africa evolved; why occupation has been an important aspect of African perceptions of identity; why certain places were attractive, and how trade routes altered comparative value of places; and how in turn, trade fostered the development of more complex societies.