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The Village Pariah by Imali J. Abala

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The Village Pariah, narrated in verse, dramatizes the story of Rosie Kasovo, a beautiful and lonely woman from Ngoroke village. Abandoned by her husband shortly after their marriage when he secures a job in the city, her striking beauty unwittingly becomes her double-edged sword, inviting relentless scrutiny from the people of Ngoroke. Every action she takes falls under their watchful gaze. Despite her sincere efforts to contribute positively to the common good of the community, her deeds are met with skepticism. As the accusations and betrayal against her mount, one question remains: will Rosie be able to emerge from this ordeal unscathed, or will she crumble under the weight of her village’s judgment? What Others Say The Village Pariah is a remarkable book illustrating how beauty was once believed to guarantee happiness and a seamless life, yet for Rosie, a Logooli woman, it has become a barrier, a pariah wall, isolating her from the community. Strangely, the fate of the entire village appears intertwined with hers, their destinies woven into the fabric of their relentless gossip. Into this tangled web steps Eliab, a man lacking noble standing but propelled by the villagers’ whispered truths, determined to confront her. If his impulsive action can mend their afflictions, both tangible and perceived and liberate the unfortunate souls ensnared by her charm, then so be it. - Alfred Nyagaka Nyamwange, English/Literature Teacher and Deputy Principal at Bon’gota Secondary School.

Everything Has Wings by J.O Bernard

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‘Everything Has Wings’, is a refreshing collection of poems by J.O. Bernard that dances gracefully through the highs and lows of life. With a blend of wit, and deep introspection, Bernard explores themes of love, religion, and death, creating a tapestry of words that is both poignant and entertaining. Each poem is a little adventure, inviting readers to see the world through Bernard’s inquisitive eyes. His unique perspective transforms everyday experiences into extraordinary moments, making this anthology a delightful companion for those seeking a meaningful conversation and contemplation.


Breaking The Mold is an anthology of poems inspired by both the author's personal encounters and those of individuals close to her, delving into themes of love, anguish, and the intimate connection with spirituality. These verses resonate with readers at different points in their lives, each poem gently claiming a piece of the reader's heart. Ultimately, it captures the essence of life and the complexities of human emotions. Above all, readers will sense the author's passion as she guides them through this touching expedition of life's trials and triumphs.

Pleased. by Nabangala B

Pleased (rated R) is a collection of poems & short stories celebrating sex, love & friendship. Enjoy scintillating fantasy erotica like 'Solo Day Out' and epic love tales like 'Forever Bae'. Erotic & romantic literature is taken to a new level and platonic love is celebrated and hailed and honored. Naba's writing is melodious, authoritative, entertaining and inspiring. Happy reading!

Alphabets of Kenya and Other Poems by...

The Alphabet of Kenya and Other Poems offers an eclectic mix of Lorot’s poetry on such themes as law, love, death, friendship, Kenya and music. This collection, written since 2010, consists of more than one hundred poems and is a kaleidoscope to the perceptions and contradictions of law, the beauty and ugliness of love, the joy and foolishness of friendships, the celebration and betrayal of nationhood, and the joy of life and the emptiness of death.

Mapenzi Wewe by Arapha Suleiman

Mapenzi Wewe, describes love experiences in ones life as the writer tries to smoothen the whole experiences using story telling and poetry. The events are stories captured from different people, and put down to not discriminate love, but to emphasize on "Love alone not being enough"

The Rustle of Leaves by Sylvester Wauye

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The Rustle of Leaves is a collection of poems composed by Sylvester Wauye, a new poet in the Kenyan poetry scene. The thematic issues tackled in the book cut across love, politics, societal and global issues. A range of stylistic devices are deployed creatively to deliver the issues addressed, sometimes in a witty, sarcastic or perhaps an emotive tone. As you read through the poems a mix of feelings are aroused. You won't be disappointed as you rustle through the book and perhaps you might experience a reawakening love for poetry.

Tomorrow Never Came by Lavin Owende

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It's a love story poetically narrated where lovers have a dream to have a lifetime together. Then life leads them to different places and one of them is stuck between chasing the ways of their glory days and looking at what lies ahead of her. It's a journey of trying to find a different path. Healing from loving and losing. It's recovery and relapsing band hoping to find oneself again

A Dine At Nature’s Death

"A Dine At Nature's Death" is a poetry anthology that advocates for environmental conservation and protection of nature. It's a satirical piece that mocks the greediness of man indulging in environmental destruction to gather fortunes minding less of the doom the planet is facing.

WAVES – by Misky Nur

Dive into 'Waves', a captivating poetry collection by Misky Nur Abdullahi. Through emotive verses, Abdullahi explores universal human experiences and societal themes, from love and pain to identity and resilience. Each poem ignites conversations about our shared societal framework, inviting readers to embark on a thought-provoking journey through expressive and engaging poetry.

Wandering Words by Kabiru Muraya

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Wandering words is a captivating poetry anthology that takes readers on a profound exploration of the human experience. Through evocative verses. The collection navigates the intricate landscapes of emotions, personal growth, and the diverse paths we tread in life

30 Years This March

A book of poetry painting a vivid portrait of life's complexities, weaving themes of love, loss, resilience and self discovery through the author's experience of Womanhood, Life, Walking, Our World, Life and Love and and Defining Myself.

Divine Disorder by Bint Aisha

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Divine Disorder is an enthralling compilation of beautifully woven poems. This anthology revolves around the one thing that knits together the fabric of humanity: Love. It is divided into three chapters, namely Of Fondness and Adoration, Renditions of a Hurt Heart, and Amelioration. Of Fondness and Adoration camps on the aspect of falling in love, loving, wanting to be loved and abusive love. Renditions of a Hurt Heart dwells on the pain, tears, and brokenness that comes from love. Amelioration, which is the ending chapter, majors on healing and heartbreak, finding one self in love, and embracing one's flaws and wins. In this collection you will meet the mind and heart of Aisha Mohamed a.k.a Bint Aisha, and it will remind you that we are all human and thus similar in a way.

Getting Over You by Leslie B

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getting over you was the strangest feeling i ever had to experience it was like my mind knew the answers


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Poems that tell stories vividly, candidly, and of course musically.

Parallel Homesickness by Cecilia Gathoni

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Parallel Homesickness is a collection of poems that seek to grasp the meaning of the word home. The poems look into despair, loss, hope, joy, ecstasy, and the final realization that you only just need to find your own gravity and operate from a point of acceptance. The second part, Sublime Innocence, comprises light, feel-good poems that celebrate the joys of youth.

Love alters the landscape of the hear...

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28 poems (14 celebrating love, 14 bemoaning the loss of love) Need I say the numbering is poetic? It does not matter whether you're indifferent, ambivalent, or excited about Valentine’s Day, the unavoidable tentacles of puppy/true love or infatuation have reeled you in at some point.

Strange Water: Our Stories Redefined ...

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In this edition, you discover the vibrant mosaic of poetic brilliance in ‘Strange Water’, a mesmerising collection that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Delve into a genius interlocking of artistry and talent as diverse voices unite to explore the myriad hues of African love, culture, and the human experience. With each verse, these gifted poets paint vivid landscapes, echo ancient rhythms, and weave powerful narratives for the African future they wish to see. Let the pages unfold, and your soul be enchanted by this anthology that celebrates the rich tapestry of African storytelling, its profound depth, and its boundless resilience in a fight to reclaim its place.

The Pen Of Two Brothers by El_Prins K...

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Take time to notice the stars, to smell flowers, to take a walk. meet a friend and have coffee, or tea, or whatever you are in to. Take time to live, life is for the living, live it! This book is an invite to live, please take time to read. THANK YOU!

EAGER THOUGHTS by Ater Kot Ater Majok

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New Bo These ones you see are thoughts scattered, Not to have anybody encountered; These thoughts to authority are a blunt knife, They’re not intended to cause strife. These thoughts bring to roads those who derail; They strengthen the faith of those in trial; They intend to shape the society we need, So that we treat the sick, and the poor we feed. These thoughts don’t stir anyone to abhor authority, But they tell us everyone ought to have their dignity; These eager thoughts split open minds, So that this country later on has great minds. Eager thoughts, like others, need to be imbibed, They were written when the writer wasn’t bribed; The writer and the writings don’t have ill intention, But both powerful men are calling for attention.