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The Little Book of Wisdom by Gilda Given

The Litle Book of Wisdom with One On One Recounts carries 101 livable quotes that are grounded to connect with the real self within you. The intention is to reach those who are unreachable, unheard, and those who are yearning to transform their lives for the better but still have undesirable courage, inspiration, or easiness of taking full responsibility to make things happen. The book is really an eye-opener. It’s made simple and it is in both English and Swahili. Don’t miss this opportunity as things are made easy with The Little Book of Wisdom. Start Now!

Grief Journal

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Our grief journal is a compassionate and introspective journal crafted to guide individuals through the stages of grief. With thoughtful prompts and therapeutic exercises, this journal provides a nurturing space for reflection, emotional exploration, and healing. Readers can navigate their grief journey, honor cherished memories, and discover moments of solace amidst the pain. Structured to promote self-care and resilience, "Embracing Healing" offers tools for coping with loss, fostering self-compassion, and nurturing emotional well-being. Whether used individually or within a support network, this journal is a companion for those seeking understanding, comfort, and a pathway to healing during times of profound loss. Through writing and self-discovery, readers are encouraged to embrace their grief with courage and find hope for the future.

My Pregnancy Journal

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Embark on a heartfelt journey from bump to baby with our soulful pregnancy journal. Designed to capture every moment, from the flutter of tiny kicks to the overwhelming joy of first cuddles, this journal is your trusted companion through the miracle of motherhood. With prompts to reflect, space to dream, and pages to cherish, it's more than a journal—it's a soul-to-soul connection between you and your growing little one. Whether you're a first-time mom or seasoned pro, let our pregnancy journal be your guide as you navigate the beautiful adventure of pregnancy. Embrace the magic, capture the memories, and treasure the journey—soul to soul.

Dear Darling Daughter by Doris Makori

Dear Darling Daughter seeks to equip teen girls with what they need to know about common teenage issues such as body changes, sex, peer pressure, personal hygiene, relationship with God, and much more. It's also a great Christian resource for parents and guardians who seek to guide, and strengthen their bond with preteen and teenage girls in their lives.

Do You Know That You Run the World? Y...

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Life can either happen to you or happen from you. As you are within, so are you without. This book starts you on that journey within so that you connect to your power and your inner light so that your aura radiates through and you become a being of light, just as you are at your core. In this light, everything is possible and here, you begin to see just how possible these words are. You run the world!


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Unlock the healing power within 'Survivor's Lemonade- a transformative self help book crafted by a clinical psychologist. Discover a powerful blend of therapeutic strategies to overcome Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Loss & Grief. This book is not just a read; it's a journey towards renewed strength and being the best version of yourself. You will learn how to squeeze the most out of life's challenges with empowering insights and practical tools for personal growth and healing. Grab your copy now and embark on the empowering lessons within!

Kids Gratitude Journal by Heena Tatiana

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This Kids Gratitude Journal will help remind your kid about all the amazing things around them and how amazing they are.


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As a 21st century African masculinity I was at a crossroads. Coming from strong time tested African cultural values, encouraged to turn right into the path of the perfect Christian man. Finding dissatisfaction I staggered back to the cross road where the yet unexplored paths of red pill and conformity to left liberal type of masculinity awaited to tempt me. Those men who are ahead of the other men are encouraged to never speak of their failures. To cry with their tears rolling inside. Walk with me as I share what I have learnt as I walked away from paralyzed masculinity. Can one test the bible? Why should I care what God says about Red Pill? Is African culture repugnant to God? Did God, Jesus, Adonai, Hashem invent polygamy and is he truly pro-polygamy?

STAND OUT OR FIT IN by Bonface Wahome

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Stand out or Fit in is a book talking about the challenges young people and especially teenagers go through and how to overcome them. Issues like teenage crisis, peer pressure, relationships are handled in this book. The author is a high school teacher, and he has done a research about teenagers and also shares his personal life stories on how he overcame challenges that come at this stage. I hope this book becomes a blessing to you too.

Write and Publish Your Book: Authors ...

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Do you you know one good person? Are you a good person yourself? Goodness is a trait that is desirable in every society. Good people are honoured and respected. Goodness is encouraged and supported. One of the ways that the message of goodness has been taught is through stories. Just like the ones Anthony shares here. In our African setting, goodness was taught from the earliest age and practiced by everyone. We grew hearing good stories that taught us lessons on being good. This book contains some of the stories that emphasize this trait. It also contains experiences too that Anthony has gone through in his life which have taught him lessons. If being good and remaining good is your desire, read these stories and apply the lessons in your daily life. Enjoy your reading.

Sacked so what workbook

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In the wake of a loss of income, Sacked so what? The power of Hope and Action- a workbook becomes your trusted companion. This interactive workbook is more than just pages, it's a life-line to reclaim your confidence and seize new opportunities. Through thought provoking exercises and guidance, it empowers you to redefine your path, reignite your passion, and re-imagine your future. Discover the strength within you, cultivate resilience and take actionable steps towards a brighter tomorrow. This book is your bridge from despair to determination, reminding you that your journey is far from over. embrace hope, embrace action, and craft a triumphant narrative of resilience and success.

Calm Down, It’s Just a Business...

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In These Pages..... Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management Science and CPA, some experience across Africa, a dream and a whooping one million Kenyan shillings, the Author takes a leap of faith out of secure, but unfulfilling employment into the deep waters of business. In his professionally-designed business plan, the Author is confident that within six months, he will have turned his start-up into a thriving profit-making conglomerate that will meet all his financial responsibilities. As six months turn into several years with no profits but mounting debts, his once bright vision begins to dim and depression swiftly takes up residence in his mind. Never one to give up, the Author diligently scours the Internet, follows his mentor’s guidance, reads a myriad books and reflects on his journey. He sheds the depression that had threatened to engulf him, finds and executes the winning formula for success in business and suddenly, any doors he knocks on, seem to open with little effort on his part. In his generosity of spirit, he now shares these secrets with you so that your journey may be smoother and maybe even shorter.

Baby Parachichi by Heena Tatiana

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Come along with Baby Parachichi. A tiny green avocado fruit, as she discovers big feelings. Colorful, big illustrations that will build your imagination.

Blossom Through Teenage hood by Ivy Akii

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Unlock the key to navigating the crucial and fragile stage of adolescence with the 2nd edition of 'Blossom Through Teenagehood'. Filled with fun activities, real case studies, tips, and illustrations, this book guides personal growth and self-assessment. Not only will it aid in your personal development, but it also aims to decrease teen pregnancies in society.


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If you're one of many Christians who have struggled with challenges that never seem to come to an end: if you are one of the millions of people that just feel like they are sick and tired of being sick and tried, this is the book for you. While life is a journey filled with challenges, there are times when you get to the point of being absolutely desperate. In Conquering the problems of Life, you will learn; - Sources of persistent problems. - Reasons why the problems just won't go. - How to stand firm and trust God through it all. - How to pray right for your individual - How not to let the troubles of life weigh you down. If you're ready to take back control of your life from the grip of the enemy, you need this book. This book will show you the secrets to getting back what the enemy has stolen from you.

ODDBALL by Nzilani Kyale

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Have you been dealing with any challenges in your life? This anthology of poems by Nzilani Kyale covers topics ranging from mental health to nostalgia and lost friendships. Often taking on a sarcastic and somewhat dark tone, it delves into how young people process thoughts and emotions by exploring difficult situations and the various ways in which they might be navigated.

The Ultimate Recipe for Wholesome Stu...

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The Ultimate Recipe for a Wholesome Student is a must-have for every purpose-driven student. In a country where the importance of education cannot be overstated, the resource will also help with insights on how to set goals and achieve optimal grades for better career positioning. The academic, social and emotional needs of students are many and diverse. This book provides tips on learning and living, necessary for students across the board. To do so, the author begins by raising bold questions related to the learner’s thought process. He then presents practical solutions to these frequently asked questions (FAQs) through value-based approaches. The book encourages students to be responsible with their choices and actions in the realization of their dreams. It employs the slogan, “Be Your Best”. It uses the principles, language and attitude for academic and life excellence. Above all, the core of every message in the book emphasizes the divine role of God in the student’s life. “The book touches on fundamental issues in the student lives-well researched, genuine and practical suggestions to problems in the learners’ success process. A must read for every student.” ~ Mr. D. Muthee, Principal, Woodcreek School