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The Covenant Dimension of Wealth by B...

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Financial dominion is integral to fulfilling the divine mandate of dominion bestowed upon humanity by God. While God has granted dominion over the earth, true dominion encompasses financial mastery. Finances bestow a voice and influence, amplifying one's ability to enact change and garner respect. However, many believers fall short of experiencing financial dominion despite the covenant promise extended by God. This book delves into "The Covenant Dimension of Wealth," illuminating the pathway to activating this covenant and unlocking the abundance prepared by our Heavenly Father. Through understanding and embracing this covenant, believers can step into their rightful inheritance of financial dominion and wealth.

Do You Know That You Run the World? Y...

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Life can either happen to you or happen from you. As you are within, so are you without. This book starts you on that journey within so that you connect to your power and your inner light so that your aura radiates through and you become a being of light, just as you are at your core. In this light, everything is possible and here, you begin to see just how possible these words are. You run the world!

Mastering your money: a practical fin...

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Mastering Your Money is a timely financial guide that every person needs in the quest to attain personal financial freedom. This manual demystifies the concept of money, helps you to improve the way you relate with money, examines the main causes and possible remedies of your financial problems, provides essential skills on how to cope with disasters like Covid-19 and challenges you on how to budget, save, invest ad protect your assets.

The FABT Framework Your Road To Finan...

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The FABT Framework - Your Road to Financial Freedom is a book with proven doable methods, strategies and processes of building your wealth to financial freedom. It is your holistic approach to financial freedom. Wealth is often associated with a few people, and probably we may think it is meant for a chosen few. The Bible says, it is God who gives us power to get wealth, meaning God has already availed us the power to get wealth for everyone. The author challenges us as Christians to take action regarding our personal and business financials. She explores existing proven methods, strategies, tools and processes that you need to get started and even sustain your financial freedom journey in this framework.

The acronym ‘FABT’ stands for Foundation, Analysis, Building, Testing Framework - FABT Framework™ and Continuous Improvement and Assessment. This framework has been drawn from vast doable strategies, experiences, actions and exposures to different cultures and environments. The readers will understand how these different stages feed into each other for wealth building to achieve financial freedom.

If you are looking for a one-stop centre, this is it. The book is written to help you start, maintain and sustain your financial freedom journey. If you are ready to start your personal and business financial freedom journey, then this book is for you. As you read through this book, you will know how to GET, GROW, GUARD and GIVE your wealth for financial freedom.

A Personal Money Nuggets Workbook by ...

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Money Management is the foundation of all wealth building blocks. Get and stay on top of all your personal finances.

Mastering your money by Chacha Nyaigo...

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Mastering Your Money is a timely financial guide that every person needs in the quest to attain personal financial freedom. This manual demystifies the concept of money, helps you to improve the way you relate with money, examines the main causes and possible remedies of your financial problems, provides essential skills on how to cope with disasters like Covid-19 and challenges you on how to budget, save, invest ad protect your assets.

Another Fabulous Year by Joyce Wakini

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BOOK SUMMARY: TITLE: ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR ; AUTHOR: WAKINI JOYCE This book focuses on how to build and develop your TALENTS. It was written detailing out a journey of best practises supporting individual's personal goals. A pillar for your next level of greater self leadership. It is also best practice for those who seek to start working on some new things such as; now harnessing their talents profitably with or without unemployment. Some have a new business idea or want to heed their life calling into ministry, philanthropic work etc. The topics discussed herein are pillars towards your next level of work and career time. Last but not least, ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR is a manual that helps individuals map a way out of any kind of personal struggle. A pillar for setting up a new level of order from where they're right now. Don't be surprised to find some activities for you to do in every chapter. Look out for them right at the start, for that's the beginning of the change. CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS: The writer has systematically elaborated 8 pillars which you can use to start working on your next level. The following are the HIGHLIGHTS of each chapter;- √ WHY you need to draft your wish list √ Mental CLARITY and decision making √ How to plan and why you need to conduct RESEARCH about your dreams √ Ways to become a DOER and finally.. √ Make a commitment to SERVE globally with your gifts and talents. This book ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR will foster behaviour changes necessary for next level kind of performance. It shapes the character of its' readers way before they arrive on stage. RECOMMENDATION: What's behind the title ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR? Time! It sets readers of the book to work from a schedule. That is, tie a time target to the change you want to see. While a one year challenge is sufficient for some kind of work or is even too much, for other scopes of work more time could be needed. CONCLUSION: Best practice for our next level, leaving no one behind. BLURB (Inside): "Stepping into the present of who you have decided to be this year in order to appreciate your life even more and build a legacy." Joyce Wakini | Author | Best Practices > ANOTHER FABULOUS YEAR

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

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Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness doing well with money isn’t necessarily about what you know. It’s about how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people. How to manage money, invest it, and make business decisions are typically considered to involve a lot of mathematical calculations, where data and formulae tell us exactly what to do. But in the real world, people don’t make financial decisions on a spreadsheet.   They make them at the dinner table, or in a meeting room, where personal history, your unique view of the world, ego, pride, marketing, and odd incentives are scrambled together.   In the psychology of money, the author shares 19 short stories exploring the strange ways people think about money and teaches you how to make better sense of one of life’s most important matters.

Way of the Turtle The Secret Methods ...

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Brief Summary Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders "We're going to raise traders just like they raise turtles in Singapore.” So trading guru Richard Dennis reportedly said to his long-time friend William Eckhardt nearly 25 years ago. What started as a bet about whether great traders were born or made became a legendary trading experiment that, until now, has never been told in its entirety. Way of the Turtle reveals, for the first time, the reasons for the success of the secretive trading system used by the group known as the "Turtles.” Top-earning Turtle Curtis Faith lays bare the entire experiment, explaining how it was possible for Dennis and Eckhardt to recruit 23 ordinary people from all walks of life and train them to be extraordinary traders in just two weeks. Only nineteen years old at the time-the youngest Turtle by far-Faith traded the largest account, making more than $30 million in just over four years. He takes you behind the scenes of the Turtle selection process and behind closed doors where the Turtles learned the lucrative trading strategies that enabled them to earn an average return of over 80 percent per year and profits of more than $100 million. You'll discover • How the Turtles made money-the principles that guided their trading and the step-by-step methods they followed • Why, even though they used the same approach, some Turtles were more successful than others • How to look beyond the rules as the Turtles implemented them to find core strategies that work for any tradable market • How to apply the Turtle Way to your own trades-and in your own life • Ways to diversify your trading and limit your exposure to risk Offering his unique perspective on the experience, Faith explains why the Turtle Way works in modern markets, and shares hard-earned wisdom on taking risks, choosing your own path, and learning from your mistakes.