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Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara

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Join siblings Sam and Sara on an exhilarating safari adventure through the stunning landscapes of Kenya! In 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara,' young readers will discover the wonders of African wildlife as they journey through lush savannas, majestic national parks, and encounter fascinating animals like elephants, giraffes, and lions. With captivating and vibrant illustrations, this book is not just a thrilling safari tale but also an educational exploration of Kenya's rich biodiversity and the importance of wildlife conservation. Perfect for curious minds and budding nature enthusiasts, 'Safari Adventures with Sam and Sara' promises an unforgettable safari experience from the comfort of your home.


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(MAP OF) Nairobi National Park

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The map of Nairobi National Park is a quick guide to enhance the experience of visitors during game drives in Nairobi National Park. It clearly shows all roads, signage and it is also a guide to animal identification. Easy to use by people of all ages.

Grasses of East Africa by Dino J Martins

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Grasses of East Africa describes 100 species of common, ecologically important or remarkable grasses found in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Grasses comprise one of the largest plant families on Earth, but are possibly the most overlooked. Yet it is these ubiquitous and important plants that have the greatest impact on our daily lives – providing a wide range of staple foods for humans globally, a fundamental source of grazing for livestock, and food and shelter for an infinite variety of wildlife. This book includes: Clearly laid out and easy-to-use species descriptions; beautiful line and water colour illustrations with labels highlighting notable features; full-colour photographs; a concise introduction covering the economic significance of grasses, their ecology, habitats and conservation. Grasses of East Africa will prove invaluable to students, scientists, travellers and nature lovers as it aids identification while also highlighting the functions of these important and often beautiful plants.

Killing for Conservation: Wildlife Po...

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Is African wildlife threatened by the economic practices of Africans? Should trade in ivory and rhino horn be banned altogether? The issue of wildlife conservation in Africa has captured the public imagination in the industrialized world, where the prevailing view is that wildlife must be saved and preserved at all costs in the interests of global environmental good. However, casting wildlife conservation as a politically neutral issue masks the complex economic, political, and social realities of African communities. In Killing for Conservation, Rosaleen Duffy presents the search for a solution to the human versus wildlife conflict in Zimbabwe as a case study of wider issues in the realm of global environmental politics. What are the economic consequences of a strict preservationist policy for local economies versus a more balanced approach to sustainable utilization? Should the international community deprive developing countries of the right to use their natural resources for the economic benefit of their populations? How can community development and wildlife preservation be welded together to serve the needs of both? Duffy’s keen analysis underlines the essentially political nature of conservation amid international rhetoric that presents it as an apolitical matter of saving animals.

African Wildlife and Livelihoods: The...

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Brief Summary Recent conservation policies in Africa have followed three main principles: 1) that conservation should be community-based; 2) that things conserved should be managed to achieve both development and conservation goals; 3) that markets should play a role in shaping the incentives for conservation. The editors and contributors of this volume examine the success or otherwise of these practices in a number of different contexts across the continent.

Wildlife of East Africa A photographi...

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This photographic guide to the wildlife of East Africa is an accessible introduction to the region’s more conspicuous and interesting mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects, flowers and trees. A colour photograph accompanies each account, which describes the species’ appearance, size, and habits, and gives information on their conservation status, habitat and the best viewing localities. This book is an invaluable guide for visitors to national parks and other wildlife-rich places in East Africa and is a handy size for travel.

A Field Guide to the Tracks and Signs...

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Brief Summary A Field Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Southern, Central & East African Wildlife Originally published in 1994, A Field Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Southern and East African Wildlife quickly became the standard reference to the subject in the region, reprinting many times. This new edition provides the most detailed coverage of tracks, droppings, bird pellets, nests and shelters and feeding signs, not only for mammals, but also for birds, reptiles, insects and other invertebrates. Greatly expanded, this extensive update now features: full color throughout; many more examples of all tracks and signs; photographs of animal species to supplement the numerous examples of tracks and signs; coverage of central African species; additional quick reference keys. The new edition retains the unique approach that made the first edition so popular, allowing readers to navigate quickly, by means of keys, to the pertinent information. Keys on the inside covers help readers access information even faster.

The Lunatic Express by Charles Miller

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The Lunatic Express: An Entertainment in Imperialism. The Lunatic Express is the saga of the turbulent international race for the mastery and development of an immense region of East Africa that all but visionaries thought worthless. It is the narrative of the building of the Mombasa-Nairobi-Lake Victoria Railway itself - the colossal six-year enterprise that was to cost #5,000,000 and countless lives, from derailments, collisions, disease, tribal raids and the assaults of wild animals. It is a diorama of an earlier Africa of slave and ivory empires, of sultans and tribal monarchs and the vast lands that they ruled. Above all, it is the story of the white intruders whose combination of avarice, honour and tenacious courage made them a breed apart.