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I Am Her: Tales about life, love and ...

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I am Her is a fictional journey through the lives of three women who are so different, yet the same at their core. They share about their lives, loves and legacy. There are different mothers and mothers-to-be who will pick this up and see themselves in the stories of Azalea, Hazel and Rose. There are many other people, women or men, who will see themselves in the stories of their families, friends and colleagues.

BEST WIFE IN LIFE by Kevin Wanyonyi

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A woman Will remain a woman

Promised Land: The Encoding by Katib ...

In a not so distant and very near dystopian future, three friends, Abeni, Ida, and Soweto, unknowingly embark on an Afro-surreal journey over the summer that will change not only their lives, but the lives of all whom they share so much with. What begins as a vacation forces them to become familiar with their past in order to have a direct influence on the future. Under the guidance of an unforeseen force, strange things begin to happen that bring them closer to uncovering truths and taking them to a place that they and others never thought they would see.

Lead Outwardly Loud by Nancy A. Loncle

Lead Outwardly Loud is for you, if you operate in High Pressure Ultra Competitive Jobs and have attached your value to performance, keeping you in debilitating anxiety over constant competition. You are in/or aspiring to take up a leadership role. It takes you through a 5-step process called the W.A.F.E.R. Challenge, by the end of which you will be able to clearly define Purpose in your career, Highlight and Refine your People Skills so you can position yourself among the best in your field and serve from a place of ABUNDANCE, without depleting your energy levels.

Prayer Journal by Eunice Karanja

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Embrace the spirit of the Proverbs 31 woman with our prayer journal, designed to help you cultivate virtue and wisdom. This journal offers guided reflections, prayer prompts, scripture verses, and ample journaling space, all inspired by the qualities of a strong, virtuous, and wise woman. As you use this journal, you'll be reminded of the timeless wisdom found in Proverbs and find guidance on your own journey toward becoming a woman of faith and character. Immerse yourself in daily prayer, reflection, and self-discovery with the grace and elegance of the Proverbs 31 woman as your inspiration.

The Flow of Life by Abby Chebet

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The book talks about Menstrual health, hereby referred to as The Flow of Life. It's a documentation of the struggles of women and girls in accessing SRHR in Rural Kenya.

No Tears for the Cherished: A Memoir

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No Tears for the Cherished is the heart-wrenching story of Dr. Nyaboke Nduati’s small town childhood in Eastern Africa. Surrounded, and silenced, by devastating domestic abuse, family dysfunction and illness, witchcraft, patriarchal oppression, physical and sexual abuse, female circumcision, and the early deaths of both of her parents, she protected herself by going into survival mode; a state of numbness that was her shield against the realities of her troubled life. Through a deeply and vividly honest letter to her dead mother, Dr. Nyaboke Nduati explores the events of her life before and after becoming an AIDS orphan. Her experiences of a childhood in distress, and a teenagehood of trying to put the pieces of her life back together, are all too relatable. She writes boldly, yet delicately, about the realities of an orphaned childhood, when no one comes to the rescue.

My Journey With Joanna by Gathoni wa ...

This is a compelling account of the author's relationship with Joanna. Both women are Kenyan, both migrated to Denmark, both married Danes - but there the similarities end. Gathoni, the author is thriving, while Joanna – a victim of abuse – finds herself in a women’s shelter, has lost access to her children, and faces jail time and possible deportation. Gathoni details their relationship as she learns of Joanna’s history with an abusive and manipulative husband, and its dire consequences for Joanna and her children. We follow the process as Joanna navigates the Danish social and legal system – and the efforts of Gathoni and a few others, who assist Joanna in her struggle to be acquitted of the crimes she has been unjustly accused of. It’s a story of friendship and compassion between two women of similar background, but very different circumstances. 'My Journey with Joanna' is a prequel of the next book in the series: ‘My Journey with Joanna Continues’ detailing the relationship between the two women. Joanna has verified all the information in the book as true to her experiences.

My Journey With Joanna Continues by G...

Joanna is on her way to prison. She does not know whether she will ever see her children again. Will she keep the custody of her baby whom she hasn’t seen in almost a year, or live with her elder son, currently living with a foster family? This is the sequel to the book ‘My Journey with Joanna’, which entails Joanna’s abusive marriage and how the system that was meant to protect her failed. In this book, Gathoni details her experience with Joanna during Joanna’s imprisonment in several Danish prisons, while fighting for her freedom and for the right to have access to her two children. In this memoir, we follow Gathoni’s relationship with Joanna, as she and a few other people attempts to help Joanna in her struggle to be acquitted of the crimes she had been unjustly accused of – and the insufferable consequences, if she is not.

Damn, Girl! Stop That : How women sho...

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Sometimes the world is conspiring against the woman. Sometimes though, even though she should know better, the woman gets in her own way. This book is about these times.

Confessions of Nairobi Women: Book Tw...

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For many people, telling their stories is confronting all the versions of themselves that have existed.

Everything I Know About Life by Joan ...

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Everything I know about life is a coming-of-age book It begins with a heart-wrenching story. In it, Joan Thatiah candidly explores what life has taught her so far about being a woman, energy, and men. She writes in her usual fearless style with steadfast conviction.

I’m Too Pretty To Be Broke and ...

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I'm Too Pretty To Be Broke explores some of the lies women tell themselves and each other which get in the way of greatness.

Demystifying Endometriosis by Doris M...

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The book aims to demystify endometriosis, by tackling common myths and misconceptions associated with the disease that can dissuade young girls from obtaining an early diagnosis. This booklet strategically talks of the various misconceptions and myths associated with endometriosis from the perspective of some of the endo warriors. By discussing some of these misconceptions & myths in this booklet, I aim to enlighten everyone reading this book about endometriosis. Consequently, I hope to inspire improved societal acceptance and reduced stigma for the 200 million women who are globally impacted by endometriosis.

Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women T...

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Today’s feminist movement has a glaring blind spot, and paradoxically, it is women. Mainstream feminists rarely talk about meeting basic

SheLeads: Lessons from Women Leaders ...

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The inclusion of Women in Leadership has proven to be of immense value in the overall Growth and Development agenda across different sectors. In order to enjoy the benefits of Women’s Leadership, we must acknowledge its Power, Uniqueness, and Contribution. We must also Embrace it, Support it, and put up Strategic Measures to Build it and Use it to Complement and Strengthen the overall Leadership Agenda until we fully realize Holistic and Inclusive Leadership and its Maximum Impact. We must rally behind and support Women Leaders as a strategic move toward stirring development and raising our competitiveness. We must look at women leaders as a strategic resource that can power and contribute to growth across all sectors. Going by the numerous reports on the value of gender inclusivity, it is clear that embracing women’s leadership is not only the right thing to do but a powerful growth and development strategy. This book is a collection of reflections, insights, and lessons from women leaders from diverse backgrounds written to demonstrate the value of the inclusion of women in leadership. The book also serves as a platform to amplify the voices of African Women Leaders as well as showcase their exceptional impact in the different spaces they serve in. The book also captures the experiences and insights of women from other parts of the world who have had an opportunity to exercise leadership in Africa. Through the insights shared herein, the authors seek to highlight the dynamics, power, uniqueness, contribution, opportunities, challenges, and need for active participation of women in a way that can be used to strengthen women’s leadership. The Women Leaders Featured in this Volume include: CHRP Elizabeth N. Chege Eunice Maina Evelyn Kitsao Sharon Cheramboss Katherine Silva Edith Wangare Njage Grace Wangeci Winnie Osulah Kawsar Koodaruth Zippy Chege Marianne Nyangi MaryAnne Karanja Decimar Ogutu Nancy Kemuma Mary Ogola Dr. Njeri Kamere Dr. Edna Orina Edinah Kangwana MBS, MHC.

The Men Do Not Eat Wings – A No...

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Set in Kenya and spanning almost three centuries from the pre-colonial 1700s to the turbulent 1990s, The Men Do Not Eat Wings tells the intertwined stories of eight men from five generations of a Luo family: Nwanji, Oweh, Osewe, Ang’awa, Luka, Boro, Okello, and Sakawa. In 1999, one of them, Luka, a successful farmer and businessman in western Kenya, is brutally murdered. A poor squatter on Luka’s farm is arrested and charged with committing the crime. But at Luka’s funeral, why does his widow seem to suggest that Luka might have done something that contributed to his death? The answer lies partly in Luka’s recent business dealings and the complicated relationships that underpinned them. The answer also lies in Luka’s entanglement in sinister tribalistic political schemes that soon draw in his son, Sakawa, and his brother, Okello. But most of all, the answer lies in Luka’s family history and Luo culture – both of which are marked by male dominance, bravery, violence, ambition, and love.

The Sun and Her Rising: Illustrated p...

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In this poetry book, Eshe Benson aka Kangai Benson mixes up illustrated poems of different themes to give you, her reader, a rich and fun-filled reading experience. She hopes you enjoy!

Thorns in Her Flesh: Illustrated poet...

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Thorns in Her Flesh is a revision of Eshe Benson’s first book, The Sun and Her Rising. The book is an illustrated collection of poems by a black woman on love that is often like a rose flower; magnificent in its beauty but burdened with pricking thorns. It is also about the realities of family relationships and the socio-cultural, spiritual, economic, and political complexities of life in the African context.