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My Personalized Financial Planner by ...

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Use this exciting resource to create a Personal Money Diary to help you track your savings,  see how you spend and how often you spend on the same items. It is an amazing work book, inspiring, challenging, informative and it keeps you accountable daily.


Women of the Light by Mugoiri Old Gir...

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Women of the Light is an anthology made up of inspiring stories told by Alumnae of Mugoiri Girls High School, a national school in Muranga. This book, published by the Mugoiri Old Girls Association (MOGA) is just but a snippet of how life after high school unfolded for a few of the alumnae; the seas they have swum through, mountains climbed and a few valleys traversed too. They tell us how they have continued to emerge victorious through it all from the plains of Samburu, to the hills of Muranga, the law courts of Nairobi and treacherous Garissa, to Mount St. Scholastica in Kansas and the suburbs in Alpharetta, Georgia. Journey with them as they share nuggets of wisdom and resilience in each of the stories. This, here below isn't just a book. It is stories from the hearts of 14 of our Alumnae. How their resilience helped them to overcome obstacles.
  • To encourage the young ones behind us. That the sun may set, but it sure does rise again.
  • To claim their space in this twisted wide wild world.
  • To claim to be heard.
  • To claim to be different.
  • To claim to bring change.
  • To truly pursue their dreams with the knowledge and confidence that are unlimited!
All proceeds from this book go towards the MOGA bursary fund to educate students in need at the school.

The World Is Ours by Lucie Chihandae

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The World is Ours is an exciting romance adventure with multiple settings within Africa and the United States.

Its Not About the Burqa by Mariam Kha...

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When was the last time you heard a Muslim woman speak for herself without a filter? In 2016, Mariam Khan read that David Cameron had linked the radicalization of Muslim men to the ‘traditional submissiveness’ of Muslim women. Mariam felt pretty sure she didn’t know a single Muslim woman who would describe herself that way. Why was she hearing about Muslim women from people who were neither Muslim, nor female? Years later the state of the national discourse has deteriorated even further, and Muslim women’s voices are still pushed to the fringes – the figures leading the discussion are white and male. Taking one of the most politicized and misused words associated with Muslim women and Islamophobia, It’s Not About the Burqa is poised to change all that. Here are voices you won’t see represented in the national news headlines: seventeen Muslim women speaking frankly about the hijab and wavering faith, about love and divorce, about feminism, queer identity, sex, and the twin threats of a disapproving community and a racist country. Funny, warm, sometimes sad, and often angry, each of these essays is a passionate declaration, and each essay is calling time on the oppression, the lazy stereotyping, the misogyny and the Islamophobia. What does it mean, exactly, to be a Muslim woman in the West today? According to the media, it’s all about the burqa. Here’s what it’s really about.

Still Single? Mistakes You’re M...

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Your dating compass that will guide you on how to move from a confused single to happily married. It shares the lessons learned from varied dating experiences and shows you how to sieve out bad dates and spend time with quality dates thereby making dating NOT an experience to be dreaded but one to be enjoyed.

Woman Fire Grace by Rebecca Makyeli

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‘Woman Fire Grace’ chronicles the author, Rebecca Makyeli’s journey to redemption from the clutches of fifteen years of alcohol abuse, depression and homelessness right into God’s divine plan and purpose. A deeply moving memoir, with its share of humor and vividly colorful figures, ‘Woman Fire Grace’ is a true story of beauty from ashes and is appropriate for anyone who has given up, been given up on - to show how God can restore anyone from anything that life throws their way.

What Girls Need: How to Raise Bold, C...

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The key ingredient to success for girls isn’t confidence or resilience, education or courage. What matters most is how all these elements work together in the boldest way possible. This is What Girls Need, now and for the future. Based on ground-breaking work at the all-girls Baldwin School, renowned for helping girls thrive personally and professionally, and using lessons from the author’s own stellar career path in typically male-dominated environments - she has a BA from Harvard in Geophysics, flown jets for the US Navy and been a counter-terrorism expert in Afghanistan and the White House - this is an essential hand-book for all parents of girls - and anyone who cares about girls and what happens to them. It will empower you to help her close the confidence gap with boys, find her voice, nurture her competitive spirit, turn her audacity into persuasion, learn the art and skill of networking, and find role models – all the things that will help her succeed as an adult woman – whatever field they enter, whatever challenge they face.

Dr. John Lees Hormone Balance Made Si...

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Are my symptoms caused by a hormonal imbalance? Which hormones do I need to regain hormone balance? How do I use hormones for optimal health and balance? Plus, learn how and when to use estrogen, testosterone and progesterone cream, in simple, effective language. If you want the ABCs of using natural hormones, this book is for you.

Motherhood Your Way by Hollie de Cruz

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Learn to embrace your instincts and approach motherhood with confidence, because there is no 'right way', only what's right for you and your baby. Following on from the success of Your Baby, Your Birth, renowned birth and parenting coach Hollie de Cruz applies her much-loved approach to the first year of motherhood. This empowering and thought-provoking book will guide you through the ever-changing landscape of your baby's first year, month by month, and will help you feel assured that you know your baby best. Filled with mindfulness techniques, MP3 tracks to download, Hollie's award-winning yesmum affirmations, and game-changing exercises to help you feel more capable and relaxed, Motherhood Your Way shows you how to: Understand your baby and respond to their needs Develop your maternal instincts and turn down the noise of outside opinions Build resilience and avoid comparisons Find time for self-care and create a nurturing support network Motherhood is full of ups and downs, but with this book as your companion, you'll soon realise that you are everything your baby needs and more.

I Wish I Knew This Earlier: Lessons o...

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We’ve all been on promising dates that left us feeling worse in the long run, suffered from breakups we might have mishandled, or stayed in relationships which should have worked but didn’t. So what are we missing? Don’t panic! Toni Tone is here to give the big sister advice we all need: discovering what we want from a connection, flourishing through heartbreak, and learning the vital importance of difficult conversations for growth and self-respect. Speaking from a place of experience and empathy, she talks through the value of intuition, asking questions, and taking responsibility for the choices we make, offering practical, simple advice to improve any relationship, and insight into our own behaviours. From comfort zones and goal setting to healthy boundaries and keeping yourself centred, Toni offers the loving, healing and authentic common sense lessons that aren’t so common. It may just change your life.

Becoming Michelle Obama by Michelle O...

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An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States. In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America—the first African-American to serve in that role—she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history, while also establishing herself as a powerful advocate for women and girls in the U.S. and around the world, dramatically changing the ways that families pursue healthier and more active lives, and standing with her husband as he led America through some of its most harrowing moments. Along the way, she showed us a few dance moves, crushed Carpool Karaoke, and raised two down-to-earth daughters under an unforgiving media glare. In her memoir, a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling, Michelle Obama invites readers into her world, chronicling the experiences that have shaped her—from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago to her years as an executive balancing the demands of motherhood and work, to her time spent at the world’s most famous address. With unerring honesty and lively wit, she describes her triumphs and her disappointments, both public and private, telling her full story as she has lived it—in her own words and on her own terms. Warm, wise, and revelatory, Becoming is the deeply personal reckoning of a woman of soul and substance who has steadily defied expectations—and whose story inspires us to do the same.

Heart Whispers by Brenda S. Wanjira

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An explosion of inner thoughts, intimate feelings, and raging desires. Whispers of the heart.

The Power of Women: A Doctors Journey...

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Dr. Mukwege’s dramatic personal story is interwoven throughout as he explores the bigger issues that have become a focus of his advocacy. He will seek to explain why sexual violence is so often overlooked during war, and how governments need to recognize and compensate victims. He will also stress the importance of breaking down the taboos surrounding assault, and the necessity of building a system that supports women who come forward. His words advocate for saying ‘no’ to indifference and he asks readers to reckon with the West’s involvement in perpetuating sexual violence in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to confront the abuse taking place in their own communities. Sexual violence does not occur in a vacuum. The conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has raged for over 20 years and has claimed an estimated 5 million lives, is inseparable from Western patriarchy and economic colonization. And this cycle of violence and spoils is not limited to Congo. Dr. Mukwege’s work has led him to South Korea, Latin America, the Middle East, and elsewhere in Africa, where he has found striking similarities in women’s testimonies. The truth is, through the intricate ties of the global economy, we are all implicated in violence against women – whether it occurs amidst the fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo or on college campuses in the West. And Dr. Mukwege’s writing will address men as well, encouraging and guiding them to become allies in the fight against sexual abuse, in war and in peace. Building more inclusive, gender-balanced societies will require developing what he calls “positive masculinity” – a systemic change in male behavior and attitudes towards women. Dr. Mukwege hopes to inspire other men to speak out and join the struggle, rather than leaving women to fight the battle alone. He will also make the case, drawing from his experience and a wealth of research on the topic, that when women are involved as economic and political decision makers, all of society benefits. The Power of Women will illuminate the enduring strength of women in the face of violence and trauma, and give hope for the potential of individuals to turn the tide.

Conversations with Friends by Sally ...

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A sharply intelligent novel about two college students and the strange, unexpected connection they forge with a married couple. Frances is twenty-one years old, cool-headed, and darkly observant. A college student and aspiring writer, she devotes herself to a life of the mind--and to the beautiful and endlessly self-possessed Bobbi, her best friend and comrade-in-arms. Lovers at school, the two young women now perform spoken-word poetry together in Dublin, where a journalist named Melissa spots their potential. Drawn into Melissa's orbit, Frances is reluctantly impressed by the older woman's sophisticated home and tall, handsome husband. Private property, Frances believes, is a cultural evil--and Nick, a bored actor who never quite lived up to his potential, looks like patriarchy made flesh. But however amusing their flirtation seems at first, it gives way to a strange intimacy neither of them expect. As Frances tries to keep her life in check, her relationships increasingly resist her control: with Nick, with her difficult and unhappy father, and finally even with Bobbi. Desperate to reconcile herself to the desires and vulnerabilities of her body, Frances's intellectual certainties begin to yield to something new: a painful and disorienting way of living from moment to moment.

101 Essays That Will Change The Way Y...

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In her second compilation of published writing, Brianna Wiest explores pursuing purpose over passion, embracing negative thinking, seeing the wisdom in daily routine, and becoming aware of the cognitive biases that are creating the way you see your life. This book contains never before seen pieces as well as some of Brianna's most popular essays, all of which just might leave you thinking: this idea changed my life.

More Than a Woman by Caitlin Moran

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A decade ago, Caitlin Moran burst onto the scene with her instant bestseller, How to Be a Woman, a hilarious and resonant take on feminism, the patriarchy, and all things womanhood. Moran’s seminal book followed her from her terrible 13th birthday through adolescence, the workplace, strip-clubs, love, and beyond—and is considered the inaugural work of the irreverent confessional feminist memoir genre that continues to occupy a major place in the cultural landscape. Since that publication, it’s been a glorious ten years for young women: Barack Obama loves Fleabag, and Dior make “FEMINIST” t-shirts. However, middle-aged women still have some nagging, unanswered questions: Can feminists have Botox? Why isn’t there such a thing as “Mum Bod”? Why do hangovers suddenly hurt so much? Is the camel-toe the new erogenous zone? Why do all your clothes suddenly hate you? Has feminism gone too far? Will your To Do List ever end? And WHO’S LOOKING AFTER THE CHILDREN? As timely as it is hysterically funny, this memoir/manifesto will have readers laughing out loud, blinking back tears, and redefining their views on feminism and the patriarchy. More Than a Woman is a brutally honest, scathingly funny, and absolutely necessary take on the life of the modern woman—and one that only Caitlin Moran can provide.

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by F...

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WOMEN DON'T OWE YOU PRETTY will tell you to... love sex, hate sexism, protect your goddamn energy, life is short, dump them, And that you owe men nothing, least of all pretty. Florence's debut book will explore all progressive corners of the feminist conversation; from insecurity projection and refusing to find comfort in other women's flaws, to deciding whether to date or dump them, all the way through to unpacking the male gaze and how it shapes our identity. WOMEN DON'T OWE YOU PRETTY is an accessible leap into feminism, for people at all stages of their journey who are seeking to reshape and transform the way they view themselves. In a world that tells women we're either not enough or too much, it's time we stop directing our anger and insecurities onto ourselves, and start fighting back to re-shape the toxic structures of our patriarchal society. Florence's book will help you to tackle and challenge the limiting narrative you have been bombarded with your whole life, and determine feminism on your own terms. After all, you are the love of your own life.

A Despite Everything: A memoir on Fam...

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As a mother of three, a wife, and a career woman, pursuing a PhD initially seemed like the hardest thing to do. In this book, Diana delves into her emotional yet fulfilling journey to attaining her PhD on government scholarship in Hungary. She details the pains and joys of leaving her young family in Kenya to focus on her studies abroad. Her experiences highlight the struggles women go through to realize their professional dreams amidst the busy and complex world. What would we need to create a supportive world for women to help them achieve their professional goals in the face of the demands of family? This book endeavors to shed light on what a supportive world for women can look like and how everyone can be involved. From Diana’s experiences, you are guaranteed to find a balance and join the movement to create a world that facilitates women to achieve their dreams, Despite Everything!

It Is Possible: An African Womans Ref...

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For Phoebe Muga Asiyo, witnessing and participating in the birth of Kenya as a newly independent country in 1963 highlighted the importance and value of women participating in decision making. She dreams of a world where elected officials act with integrity to create a Kenya where all Kenyans are given fair access to opportunity. It is Possible traces Phoebe's life from her rural home Karachuonyo to the city of Nairobi where she recounts her experiences as a twenty-year-old social worker in the African reserves during the 1952 State of Emergency. As the first African President of Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organization (MYWO), Phoebe learned that women united can reshape the narrative and change the direction of a country into a more inclusive society. For more than 70 years, MYWO has remained a constant source of encouragement and support for Phoebe. Knowing that MYWO was always close by allowed her to expand the horizon of 'possible'. Phoebe documents the challenges she faced and the reforms she initiated to provide basic necessities for women in prison. This book narrates Phoebe's challenges as a woman elected to male-dominated Parliament in a strongly patriarchal society; her work with international agencies, most notably the UN and finally her work to get more women into elected office. It articulates issues affecting women in development and asserts that policy initiatives for improvement must include women at all levels. It encourages women to aspire for political office to firm up the gains for women and everyone else. She encourages youth to fight against perceived and real challenges in the journey to become dependable leaders. The biography captures her institutional memory of the country's struggles on gender equality, political reforms and activism. It is a story of the hope and determination of a woman whose firm steps helped usher in freedoms for everyone, especially the youth, girls, and women. The book is a historical reference for policy-makers, universities, and scholars in gender and development studies.


She grows up a strong willed happy go lucky girl. The world is her oyster. Then something happens and she starts doubting herself; her looks, her poise and purpose. In a quagmire of insecurities and unsurity, her life falls apart. Walk with her as she journeys to find her path and reason for living. As the drums of doubt roll and cease. As God reminds her who she really is.