27 Powers of Persuasion Simple Strategies to Seduce Audiences and Win Allies


27 Powers of Persuasion Simple Strategies to Seduce Audiences and Win Allies

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Politicians know: You can change a conversation by touching the other person’s arm.
Lawyers know: You don’t ask a question unless you already have the answer.
Marketers know: It’s easiest to convince people of what they already believe.
Reporters know: People hate silence. They fill it with stuff you can use.
You may love them or hate them, but there is no denying that politicians, lawyers, marketers, and reporters are masters of persuasion. In 27 Powers of Persuasion, Chris St. Hilaire distills their knowledge into 27 tools that will empower you to persuade anyone of just about anything. As a message strategist for some of the most famous names in America, Chris St. Hilaire has taught politicians how to persuade voters, attorneys how to persuade juries, and executives how to persuade CEOs.
27 Powers of Persuasion provides practical strategies that have helped St. Hilaire’s clients win multimillion-dollar court cases and major political campaigns for the past eighteen years. You’ll learn how to:
• Persuade people without browbeating them.
• Unite with your audience, not conquer them.
• Use language that lets people agree with you on their terms.
• Get people to see things your way and feel good about it.
With provocative excerpts from courtroom testimony, behind-the- scenes insights from some of the nation’s canniest political operatives, and stories pulled from headlines and corporate hush files, 27 Powers of Persuasion delivers tactics you can start using the moment you close the book.


Author:Chris St Hilaire

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