A POWERFUL MIND that Leads To Success


A POWERFUL MIND that Leads To Success

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Our potential to utilize minds is within us but not tapped, we need a positive mental attitude by using a growth mindset. You will have self-esteem, self-reliance, believe in the power of now, get to know true love, financial freedom, wise sayings, productivity, excel academically and ill-health remedies all in “A POWERFUL MIND that leads to success”

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It’s our mindset, the picture we start drawing, always like a dream, the imagination. Even a big house starts with a plan but everything is set up in the mind until the reality is seen and touched hence the saying “most of the best things in life are not seen or touched” The picture of how much money, love, academic excellence, relating with kinship (family), leadership roles, weight, and spiritual growth all must start in your mind. Alan Lake in says;” Failing to plan is planning to fail, that is just sailing with winds without a plan in life, we cannot change the beginning but the ending’’ As Confucius also quotes that “The universe is a blank page and you are the writer, get out of where you’re and begin to write what you want in” so 3

categories of people exist:

Those that create things

Those who watch things happen and

Those who wonder what happened.

Like any building we start with a sketch or plan before it’s construction, even when we mature in our life we need to use our minds to imagine what we need to be start building thought and imaginations of the life we want to live. POWERFUL MIND THAT LEADS TO SUCCESS; It helps you maneuver life challenges and stay focused to succeed here and after death. The book insights are ; With God everything is possible knowing that prayers alone without good character and positive mental attitude cannot promote success. Being positive doesn’t mean you never have negative thoughts, it just means you don’t let them control your life.

 Your mind is a gun and thoughts your bullets so use a great power of imagination since everything starts in the mind even your wealth blueprint. Non-verbal communication like; eye contact, posture, dressing code, face positions, and appearance is strong at revealing one’s character. Knowledge not put to action is a waste, the richest wealth is wisdom, the strongest weapon is patience, the best security is faith and the most effective tonic is laughter. True love vs fake love. Love is nothing without action, trust is nothing without proof, and sorry is nothing without a change. The rules of success from Antony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, President Obama, Oprah Winfred, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hil, Nelson Mandela and many others. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Failing to plan is

planning to fail. Have financial intelligence , get net worth from Assets minus liabilities. If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it, choose passion that will bring enthusiasm, creativity and enjoy what you are doing, money comes naturally, do something to make a world a better place for all, be a solution to this disturbing world, do something differently to make life easy, money only follows contributions towards society, just make sure what you do benefits the community. If you chase money you will run forever but choose to chase passion of your heart, money will come to you. Focus on passive income like real estates ,oil trade, rentals, on line trade, so that money works for you than working for it.

 The book also at the end gives you the 221 wise sayings and the 21 quick remedies for our ill-health problems like Flu, Malaria, Candida, Wounds, ED, Eyes and many others.







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