Drug Index by Kimotho 17th Edition


Drug Index by Kimotho 17th Edition

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The results of a recent study has proven that Glucosamine combined with Omega-3 significantly slows or may even prevent total joint replacement for patients with knee osteoarthritis. Supplementation with Hyaluronic Acid is crucial for joint Health due to decreased synthesis or recompartmentalization of Hyaluronic Acid that occurs with aging.’

Hyaluronic Acid is essential for the health of the synovial fluid which supports bones and joints and provides cushioning to protect the joints. It also helps carry nutrients to nourish and replenish cartilage.

Seven Seas Joint Care is a range of products designed to meet everybody’s joint care needs. the range is based around three substances vital for joint health that are found naturally in joints: Glucosamine: Chondroilin; and Omega-3 Fatty Acids plus additional supporting vitamins and minerals such as Hyaluronic Acid found in Seven Seas Projoint formula.

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