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Input-output by Jo Boddam-Whetham

Jo Boddam-Whetham has written this book to get you into another book - the Bible. She aims to challenge and equip you to develop a regular, individual time of reading God's Word and praying. When you let God in his Word and his wisdom steer you in the right direction and help you to make the right choices. Reading God's Word and praying to him are an essential part of receiving God's input and ensuring the right output from your life. To know that God loves you and that there is nothing more that you can do to make him love you more than he does already - that's great. Reading the Bible and praying is not about making God love you more - it's about feeding and watering your soul so that your love for God grows and spills over, impacting your life and your world.

Grow up 1 by Collins Tebaliah (CT Lel)

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This book is a blueprint for living a growth lifestyle, which means that you can turn away from childish ideas and actions to embrace maturity in all aspects of life.

You can grow up from violating the 3D existential laws; logical, natural and spiritual laws. Some things will become obvious that you are violating one of these laws, whenever you make a childish decision. You now regularize it, before you take a wrong action in your business, career or relationships. The book covers the most common immaturity issues that people suffer in different aspects of life. Get this book now, and GROW UP in a manner you won't believe. The results will speak for themselves.

Mungai Cleans Nairobi River

In Nairobi, Kenya, 12-year-old Mungai takes a stand against the pollution suffocating the Nairobi River. Rallying residents of all ages, Mungai's grassroots movement gains momentum, catching the attention of even the Governor of Nairobi. Together, they lead the charge in cleaning the river, in unity of purpose to protect the environment. In the end, the river shines anew, a testimony of Mungai's unwavering dedication and the power of community action.

What Jesus Does

Have you ever felt disappointed? We’ve all felt the sadness of promises broken and dreams shattered. But here’s the good news: Jesus keeps His promises, and He doesn’t disappoint. He is with us every day. In this book by my friend Dr. Ferguson, you will learn to hope in the God who never disappoints or breaks His promises. This book reminds us that He is a God worthy of our love, and His people will go on loving Him forever.

Food in the Bible

Join Chef Ethan on an exciting journey through the Bible in "Food in the Bible"! Each part of the story is filled with delicious discoveries, just like going on a tasty adventure. While you learn about the different kinds of food and how they can benefit your body, you will also uncover important truths from the Bible to nourish your spirit. So not only do you get to enjoy yummy food facts, but you also gain valuable lessons to help you grow in God. It's a double win! Because you will be feeding both your body and your spirit!

What Jesus Did

In this devotional book for children, Sinclair Ferguson helps our children to know what Jesus has done for them. He traces the life of Jesus from womb to tomb, from cradle to throne. By the end, every child will know what it really means to sing, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” A great source for children, parents, and pastors!

Mdadisi Wants to Know About His Family

Join a curious young fox named Mdadisi as he embarks on a journey through Light Forest to uncover the mysteries of his family's history. Alongside his loyal friend Waida, and the guidance of Ezer, Mdadisi explores the forest, encountering a diverse array of foxes and learning about their different roles in the community. Guided by the teachings of Alpha, the Creator of all foxes, Mdadisi gains a deeper understanding of his heritage and the bonds that connect him to foxes far and wide. Through friendship, courage, and the pursuit of knowledge, Mdadisi discovers the true meaning of family in this heartwarming tale of adventure and identity.

How Jesus Loves

Like the Savior, Sinclair clearly loved the children he pastored and pastored the children he loved. The questions and illustrations and historical anecdotes will pique the interest of parent and child alike. Another great book to help our children spend time thinking about how Jesus loves them.

Meet Jesus

Perhaps you are asking a question many others have asked, "How can I become a follower of Jesus?" Here is the answer: "Put your trust wholeheartedly in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." (Acts 16. The Bible) To acknowledge Jesus as Christ means that you recognise Jesus is the promised Saviour. To trust Him wholeheartedly means you believe that when Jesus died on the cross and came back to life, He made the way to God. To follow Jesus means that you turn away from your own ideas about life and follow His way. Open your heart and talk to God in your own words. He has promised to hear and answer you. To be saved means that God will take you from darkness to light, into His forgiveness and into His family made up of Christians worldwide. Why not find a church where Christians want to read and share the Bible with you?

The Life of a Missionary by Dr. Mutho...

Discover the joy of helping others and spreading kindness wherever you go. With stick illustrations that bring out the message in simplicity and engaging language, "The Life of a Missionary" is the perfect story to introduce little ones to the beauty of empathy, compassion, and the wonderful diversity of our world.

Commercial Mushroom Farming by Mwanch...

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Learn about cultivation of indigenous vegetables and more. Mwancha Okioma is an expert in Agricultural Research, Production and Marketing.

What They don’t Teach you befor...

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Learn about cultivation of indigenous vegetables and more. Mwancha Okioma is an expert in Agricultural Research, Production and Marketing.

Commercially improved Kienyeji Chicke...

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Learn about cultivation of indigenous vegetables and more. Mwancha Okioma is an expert in Agricultural Research, Production and Marketing.

What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral...

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What Money Can’t Buy is the Top Ten Sunday Times Bestseller from ‘the superstar philosopher’, Michael Sandel Should we financially

Justice: What’s the Right Thing...

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In his acclaimed book―based on his legendary Harvard course―Sandel offers a rare education in thinking through the complicated issues and

The Doctrine of Entrepreneurship by D...

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The Doctrine of Entrepreneurship by Edward O. Odundo

The Doctrine of Strategic Planning by...

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Strategic Planning has increasingly been recognized as an important aspect of Corporate Management globally. In this book, I examine what Strategic Planning really is, the challenges its implementation faces in the public sector and why Corporate Managers have no choice but to adopt it as a key pillar of Management in State Corporations.


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This book is helps the reader work through healing, handling traumas and finding balance through the soul awakening.

LIBERATION By Grace Muroki

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This book provides the reader with tools to become an-rounded person by developing problem-solving and decision-making skills through self-awareness!