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The Extinction of Menai: A Novel (Mod...

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In the early 1980s, a pharmaceutical company administers an unethical drug trial to residents of the Niger Delta village of Kreektown. When children die as a result of the trial, the dominoes of language extinction and cultural collapse begin to topple. Decades later the end looms for the Menai people. Continents-apart twin brothers separated at birth, an excommunicated daughter living an urbane life with her doctor husband, and an infamous vigilante are among the indelible characters whose lives are shaped by this collective tragedy. Not least of these is the spiritual leader Mata Nimito, who retraces his people’s ancient migration on his quest to preserve the soul of the Menai and resolve the consequences of a centuries-old betrayal. In The Extinction of Menai, Chuma Nwokolo moves across time and continents to deliver a story that speaks to urgent contemporary concerns. He confronts power relations between large corporations and small communities, corporate lobbies and governments, and big pharma and consumers, all expressed through the competing narratives that record the life and death of a civilization.In a novel of stunning scope, Chuma Nwokolo moves across time and place to deliver a story that speaks to urgent contemporary concerns. His characters’ indelible voices offer perspectives that are simultaneously global, political, and intimately human.


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Nyandarua Folklore represents stories as told in the Gĩkũyũ community. The narration is comprehensive and tells of things of the past, but very relevant to current existence.

Echoes of Valor by Dennis Mukolwe

"Explore the heart of the battlefield with 'Echoes of Valor,' where tales of bravery and sacrifice intertwine to showcase unparalleled heroism. Through gripping accounts of soldiers confronting danger and triumphing, the book captures raw emotions and indomitable spirit. These narratives go beyond war, delving into resilience, determination, and the pursuit of freedom and justice. Despite harsh realities like human trafficking and terrorism, hope emerges for a peaceful future. Readers are urged to find their inner hero and inspire change. Together, let's embrace a new era of unity and resilience."

The History of a Difficult Child: A N...

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A breathtaking, tragicomic debut novel about the indomitable child of a scorned, formerly land-owning family who must grow up in

Rootless: The page-turning literary d...

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Efe and Sam have been best friends since before they were married. To an outside eye, they have a relationship


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Nimerose Shobow from Wajir County through my PINK SAMPHIRE narrates about the beauty, sacrifice and intelligence of a mother. It's a book well written that praises the mother and encourages positive motherhood.

LET MY PEOPLE GO by Bramwel Epiche

Jesus died to set the captives free; but He delights in using men to do this work. Moses was used by God in the Old Testament for a similar assignment; To let the children of Israel free from Egyptian captivity. This task given to Moses provides us with incredible leadership and ministry lessons for every ordinary believer. This book seeks to transform you from being a nominal believer to being an active influencer who not only leads people to Christ but walks with them through discipleship in the most holy faith. The aim of this book is to get you out of the church pews into the arena of souls winning. You too must go to Pharaoh and tell him to let God's people go so that they worship Him.


If the church was a boat and if the world was a sea, then this is indeed a stormy sea. Crossing over the turbulence will need a good understanding of the principles of navigation. We must anchor ourselves on the Rock in order to remain fruitful. In this life if you are not getting out of a storm, then you are probably getting into one. Or maybe you are right in the middle of it. The believer must be submitted to the leadership of the Lord for him/her to take charge and master the opposition of the turbulence. This book offers invaluable lessons on how to sing the Lord’s song in turbulence. This is the secret that turns storms into blessings in disguise. Storms can thrust you into rulership and make you better rather than bitter. This brings you to a place of understanding that there is life beyond the turbulence.

Here in the Waiting Gems Mined in the...

Waiting. Stuck in the holding room. Such a space of limitation, frustration, pain and darkness. Enough to eclipse the warming rays of a promised sunrise, when all is said and done. Unbeknownst to the cocooned caterpillar, there is no better phase of life than this because it is right in this lull that beautiful wings are developed and it's just a matter of time before it can fly without limits!

City Murders by Ndũcũ wa Ngũgĩ

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City Murders by Ndũcũ wa Ngũgĩ


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When an Indian businessman, Vishal Mehta, is found murdered inside his garage in Tigoni, Limuru, Jack Chidi, an investigative reporter

Wanga Odyssey by Dennis Mukolwe

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The Wanga Odyssey beckons readers to delve into our shared history, weaving together myths, legends, and cultures. Through meticulous research and respect for oral traditions, the author unveils a journey driven by a passion for history and adventure. Each chapter reveals a new facet of our past, highlighting the resilience and spirit of the Luhya Nation, with a focus on the Wanga people. Portraying the Wanga clan's migration as an epic journey filled with hope and resilience, this book bridges past and present, inviting readers to honor our ancestors' legacy and embrace the cultural heritage of the Luhya people. As we traverse the corridors of time, we pay homage to the enduring fortitude of the Wanga lineage and celebrate the vibrant mosaic of our cultural heritage. The book emphasizes that embracing traditional cultures is not just about preserving the past, but also about celebrating our identity and shaping our future with wisdom and pride. Through The Wanga Odyssey, the echoes of our past resonate with the promise of our future, revealing that understanding our history is crucial for gaining insight into our identity and destiny. Join us on this journey to unravel the mysteries of our heritage and discover the untold stories that shape our existence. The book also explores Luhya culture, folklore, traditions, myths, and transitional ceremonies, providing a comprehensive view of the rich cultural tapestry of the Wanga people.

Tales from Heaven by Dennis Mukolwe

"Tales from Heaven" introduces a collection of spiritually enriching narratives inspired by sacred texts. Through intimate exchanges between biblical figures and the Divine, it explores the enduring connection between humanity and God. Each story unfolds themes of hope, grace, and supernatural intervention, offering solace and assurance that God hears our prayers and responds with compassion, even in our darkest moments. These stories serve as guiding beacons amidst despair, reminding us of God's constant presence and His unwavering response to our pleas for help. Dive into these divine encounters and let them inspire you on your journey towards a deeper understanding of the Divine.

Demystifying Youth and Relationships ...

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Demystifying Youth & Relationships is a finely crafted masterpiece addressing challenges faced by the young generation in the contemporary society we are living in. The author, Dominic Musomba is an accomplished Youth Mentor and Conference Speaker. He blends real life situations with a Biblical touch to debark issues of healthy relationships, toxic relationships, behavior change as a result of peer pressure, sexual sins including LGBTQIA, handling rejection and recommends ways to overcome relationship challenges among the young people. The book is conceived with the idea of tackling the recent wave of unprecedented bizarre killings of young people in institutions of higher learning resulting from love gone sour and gullibility from love predators wooing our young girls into AIRBnB's and other secluded establishments only to hear of ransom demands and brutal murders. It is not in the interest of the author to allay any blame to the youth for messing up relationally, but to encourage them that it's possible to triumph over relationship challenges. The book is a useful resource tool for young people, parents, teachers, youth leaders, clergy and other stakeholders who bear the load of directing the young generation as they transition into adulthood.

A better how: notes on developmental ...

This volume on developmental meta-research contains twenty contributions that turn meta-research’s behaviorally-informed critical lens toward topics that have traditionally been the focus of global development practitioners. It explores intersections between development practitioners and meta-researchers and mobilizes a new community around the question of how we can improve the ways in which research is done in development.

Nothing but the Truth by Peter Keitany

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The main purpose of this book is to equip all the believers (saints) to do the will of God on earth. It is to help believers teach sound doctrine and lead transformed lives ,showing true agape love, practicing true worship in giving in the church, leading fruitful lives, serving as per the grace and calling, using wisdom from above, living and walking by faith as empowered by the Holy Spirit, making disciples for Christ, dying to self, fighting and winning their spiritual warfare and embracing spiritual maturity. It also seeks to revive the sleeping church and inculcate biblical values in church leadership, family and parenting in the lord. These truths may be very controversial in some religious cycles yet it is the bitter truth. These radical teachings have the potential to stir and cause revival in the church and set the standards of the vibrant and spiritually fiery early church which Jesus left.

The Marriage Capsules by Julius Chinamo

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Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a culturally and often legally recognized union between people called spouses. It establishes rights and obligations between them, as well as between them and their children (if any), and between them and their in-laws. Learning to accept each other's flaws and living with them, forgiving one another, and sharing and growing the love, is what make marriage so special. This is a book to showcase the beauty of marriage to everyone and it will teach them how to handle the challenges and problems which might come along the way.

Overcoming Addiction By Julius Chinamo

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In a world grappling with the complexities of human existence, few issues resonate as profoundly as the challenges posed by drug and substance abuse. This pervasive concern transcends geographical boundaries, affecting individuals, families, and communities worldwide. In this book, we embark on a journey to understand the intricate web of factors contributing to substance abuse, explore its far-reaching consequences, and seek pathways toward prevention and recovery. Navigating through the shadows of addiction requires collective awareness, empathy, and a commitment to unravel the threads that bind us to this pressing societal issue. Together, let us embark on a quest for knowledge and solutions, fostering a shared understanding that empowers us to confront the realities of drug and substance abuse with compassion and resilience.

The horror of Indoctrination by Juliu...

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In the remote village of Kiambutu, Central Kenya, Wanja's peaceful family is torn apart when her husband, Kamau, falls under the spell of the Heavenly Gates Church – a strange group obsessed with 'rebirth' and mysteries of the spiritual realm. But when Sheri, their oldest daughter, becomes possessed by an evil force, their world begins to crumble. Now, Mumbi, Sheri's younger sister, must race against time to save her family from the cult and the terrifying secrets it holds. Facing dangers her teenage mind can barely comprehend, Mumbi embarks on a desperate quest to uncover the truth. In this intense story of family and unseen forces, Mumbi battles to rescue her loved ones before it's too late. Can she figure out the secrets of the Heavenly Gates Church in time to save them all?


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Love in My Veins is a captivating novel that explores the journey of love, depicting its growth and evolution through various stages. At its core, the novel delves deep into the complexities of human emotions and relationships, unraveling the intertwined lives of its characters as they navigate the twists and turns of love. The story follows the lives of two lovers, Priscilla and Carlton whose paths intersected since they were in primary school. As the narrative unfolds, readers witness the blossoming of their love from tentative beginnings to profound depths. Each chapter unfolds a new stage in their relationship, showcasing the myriad emotions and challenges they encounter along the way.